Review: Starbucks Affogato-style Frappuccino (New/Limited Time Only)

It’s hot as hell in Kansas. There’s a pretty good chance it’s hot as hell wherever you are right now. It is July, after all. And if we get through this, then we get to look forward to August! OH MY!

So what is an overheating Fewd Snob to do? Typically, we would reach for a beer. But, let’s be realistic for just one minute. Even a Fewd Snob can’t drink booze every minute of the day. Sometimes (not all the time) you have to take a break and dry out. Or, at least drive to the store to get more beer. So, what are ‘ya supposed to do to cool down??

Get an iced coffee drink, of course! You might have put that together by reading the headline of this article! If so, good for you. You are a detective!

Starbucks introduced a new variation on a classic drink today…the Affogato-style Frappuccino. It is described on Starbucks’ website as, “Rich Starbucks espresso is poured over any Frappuccino beverage for a new twist on a classic favorite.” Nifty.

There are probably a million different Frappuccino styles that you can get.  Check them all out here. The website and the store signage highlights the Caramel, Vanilla Bean, and Mocha Fraps. We went with the Mocha for our test. Because we like mocha. Are you with us so far?

If you aren’t familiar with what a Frappuccino is, it is a blended coffee drink that includes Starbucks’ Frappuccino roast coffee, milk, and ice. Whipped cream is then put on top. Schweet.

But what the hell is Affogato-style?? According to Wikipedia,  “An affogato is a coffee-based dessert. It usually takes the form of a scoop of vanilla gelato or ice cream topped with a shot of hot espresso. As the drink has evolved it is now perfectly acceptable to have multiple scoops of ice cream. Some variations also include a shot of amaretto, Bicerin or other liqueur. It is considered one drink, not a combination of coffee and ice cream.”

Affogato is an Italian word that means “drowned.” This sounds more like something Tony Soprano would have said rather than a dessert. But hey, fuggedaboutit!

What it all boils down to is that this is a Frappuccino with a shot of espresso poured over it. Sounds good.

We ordered up our drink, forked over our life savings, and…

IMG_20160707_220807486Looks like a Frappuccino with espresso on it! Amazing!

IMG_20160707_220931265Whipped cream with espresso on it. Nice.

IMG_20160707_220956639Here’s a shot from the other side. We’re photographers!

IMG_20160707_220709131The shot above shows a swirl of the blended drink. Pay no attention to the Teavana on the cup. Irrelevant. Not the point. Move along…

Let’s start with the Frappuccino itself, shall we?

A Frappuccino is hard to describe. It is almost like a cold coffee drink, but instead of being poured over ice, it is blended. It is kind of like a coffee milkshake. Or something. As we said earlier, there are tons of varieties. We both love mochas, so naturally the mocha is our go-to flavor.

The Frappuccino portion of the drink is very good. It is evenly balanced. You taste an even blend of coffee flavor and mocha. It is not too strong, unlike Starbuck’s regular coffee. It truly is refreshing, making it perfect for a summer drink when you want coffee but don’t want it hot. Frappuccinos are good stuff. Yes, sometimes Starbucks has good stuff.

In terms of the Affogato-style part, it is certainly interesting. The espresso can be hard to detect, since it is poured over the top and your straw goes to the bottom. Eventually, you will get a nice hit of the espresso. The espresso has a bold, strong flavor. But, it isn’t bitter or overwhelming. It is very good.

Interesting point here. Although the flavor is balanced, Herman would like a stronger coffee flavor in the cold drinks. Denny likes them the way they are. That said, we both like the extra kick of the espresso in this drink.

Herman’s Thoughts: What do ‘ya know?! Starbucks actually put coffee in a coffee drink!!

Denny’s Thoughts: I don’t like motor oil. I like coffee.

We recommend NOT mixing up the espresso into the drink yourself. The espresso may get lost in the mix. The layers of flavors that you get with this drink is interesting the way it is. The espresso certainly adds an element that the regular Frappuccino doesn’t have.

Overall, we are both fans of this drink. It has an excellent flavor. And it is perfect for summer.

We ordered a Grande size (in regular human terms, that would be a medium). It ran us about $5.50 before tax. As always, any specialty coffee drink (and we mean ALL of them EVERYWHERE, not just Starbucks) is very expensive. Only you can determine the value here.

If you like specialty drinks like this, you will find it worth the cost. We generally find coffee drinks that cost 5 bucks to be ridiculous. We typically spend all our money on beer! That said, drinks like this cost a lot. And that’s just how it is. We get that. We’re difficult, but not impossible. We think of this drink as a treat (because we are broke writers), and therefore it is worth the cost.

This sucker is the best Starbucks drink we have reviewed yet by far. We are fans. If you want to send us money so that we can buy some, feel free!

Good job, Starbucks.