Review: Pizza Hut Bacon Stuffed Crust Pizza (New/Limited Time Only)

It seems like every new thing at Pizza Hut these days is a gimmick. Recall our reviews of the Twisted Crust Pizza or (gasp!) the Hot Dog Bites Pizza.

Yes, instead of focusing on making the regular pizzas better, Pizza Hut just throws new stuff out there to get people in the door. Then, it drops the item from the menu once the novelty wears off.

We used to like Pizza Hut once upon a time. These days, we aren’t so enthralled. It could have to do with being served one too many shit pizzas. We could go on and on with examples, but you get the point. These days, Denny and The Only One have become major Papa John’s fans. Herman has moved on to Marco’s (a regional chain).

While our love for Pizza Hut has waned over the years, we still order it from time to time for drunk fewd. And we are always willing to take a hit for you, our dear readers.

So when we learned of the new Bacon Stuffed Crust pie, we knew what we had to do.

Pizza Hut offered a similar stuffed crust pizza with bacon a couple of years ago. This incarnation is a return of sorts. The new selling point here is that the pie has applewood smoked bacon instead of regular bacon. Well smack us on the ass and call us Charlie! That applewood makes all the difference!

So this is the standard stuffed crust pizza with bacon in the stuffed crust cheese. Pizza Hut is offering the pizza as a large one topping for $12.99.

We ordered our test pizza with pepperoni, since pepperoni is always the topping shown in the ads and signs. Also worth noting is that the promo pics show some kind of crust flavoring. When we went to order, the default was no crust flavor. We don’t like the crust flavorings anyway, so we skipped that.

We ordered online, and 15 minutes later we had our pizza.

IMG_20160526_135745You’re welcome!

IMG_20160526_135857Yep, looks like a stuffed crust Pizza Hut pizza to us!

The pizza is the same as the regular stuffed crust one, in fact. The pizza itself is thinner than the regular hand tossed crust, but thicker than the thin crust pizza.

IMG_20160526_135918The pizza is nice and greasy, as a pepperoni pie should be! The crust has an interesting shape. The crust was cooked to a nice golden.

IMG_20160526_140011Oh look! A slice of pizza!

IMG_20160526_140110There is plenty of cheese in the crust. It was melty, and pulled apart nicely (we think we should be laughing at this phrase!). You can clearly see the bacon in the cheese. But not regular bacon! No! This is applewood smoked bacon!

IMG_20160526_140307Above, you get an idea of the cheese amount. There is actually more than it looks like there is.  Just trust us, people. We’re the experts, remember?

We are not going to waste a lot of time on the pizza itself. It is standard pizza hut pizza. You either like it, or you don’t. The crust is actually pretty damn good. It was cooked nicely, giving it a nice amount of “crunch,” so to speak.

If you have ever had the regular stuffed crust pizza, this is it with one major difference.


Surprised? Neither are we. We really need to drink more (or less!) when writing these reviews!

The real point is the bacon, so let’s go there…

The flavor of the bacon hit us right away. But here is the thing…it DOESN’T TASTE LIKE BACON! The flavor that we both detected was Canadian bacon! Or ham! Which is basically Canadian bacon!

The bottom line is that there is a flavor all right, but it isn’t bacon!

We both took whole bites of the stuffed crust where we didn’t detect any bacon/Canadian bacon/ham flavor at all. This is strange because we could SEE it, but couldn’t always TASTE it.

We don’t know what else to tell you, people. It doesn’t taste like bacon, let alone applewood smoked bacon. For what it is worth, we can’t tell the difference between applewood smoked and regular bacon anyway. We sure as hell aren’t going to detect the difference here, kids.

The funny thing is that we actually liked this pizza! This, despite not tasting the point of the pizza! The pie had a good flavor. There is LOTS of cheese in the crust. The flavor of the “bacon” isn’t bad. It is actually decent. But it just doesn’t taste like bacon!

As mentioned, this pizza cost us 13 bucks. A regular stuffed crust pie with one topping is 12 bucks. So it costs a buck more for the mystery bacon. The cost is reasonable, considering how much cheese is in the crust. We guess the value is ok.

Would we get it again? Nope.

There really is no point to ordering this pizza. It is a novelty, pure and simple. It isn’t a bad pizza. In fact, it is pretty good. But there is just no point. The “bacon” doesn’t offer enough to make it worth the effort. Bacon is popular. Pizza Hut is capitalizing on that. That is all.

Just stick with the regular stuffed crust pizza and save a buck. That’s the bottom line, people.

Or just stick with Papa John’s.