Review: Luksusowa Potato Vodka

It is early in the week.  It is light outside.  What better way to start the week than with a booze review?!?  And best of all, the Fewd Snobs have an excuse for a little day drinking!

We have been neglecting booze reviews lately.  Enough with the burgers and pizza.  It’s time to review what matters…stuff that will get you drunk!

Denny happened across a bottle of Luksusowa Vodka while browsing through the liquor store one day.  This was shortly after Christmas, and all of the leftover gift sets were being sold off.  The store had a gift set with a 750ml bottle, and two Luksusowa shot glasses.  The price was ridiculously cheap.  Denny being the drunk that he is, and knowing what a vodka-loving drunk Herman is, picked up the set.

We were not familiar with the Vodka before that.  So naturally, we did a little research…

First of all, let’s get the pronunciation out of the way.  It is pronounced “LOOK-SOO-SOVAH.”  It says so right on the bottle!  Get it?  We aren’t 100% sure, either.  And our pronunciation changes the more we drink it, but we digress…

Luksusowa is a triple distilled Polish potato vodka.  The name means “luxurious.”  We know what you are thinking.  “That doesn’t sound like something for Fewd Snobs!”  Hang in there with us, kids.  Actually, the kids should stop reading.  This is about booze.  Meh.  Shots for everybody!

OK, enough advocating underage drinking.  Back to the point.  This stuff was created in Poland in 1928.  The bottle says, “28 international gold medals crown its quality.”

All this is well and good.  The Fewd Snobs were interested because the stuff was cheap and the shot glasses looked cool.

IMG_20150615_161000520See, aren’t the shot glasses cool?  The bottle in the pic obviously isn’t the 750ml.  It is the handle.  We’ve been through many of these since that first 750ml bottle!

We need to get this out of the way.  The Fewd Snobs don’t see vodka as being snobby.  And we drink martinis sometimes.  Not all the time.  Sometimes.  And we don’t see martinis as snobby, either.  Martinis get you drunk.  FAST.  Nothing snobby about that!  Plus, real snobs drink gin martinis.  They NEVER drink vodka martinis (right, Nico??!!)  Finally, we usually don’t even bother with vermouth.  Our version of a martini is basically a huge, straight up vodka shot!  We like them dirty, too!  True snobs don’t drink ’em dirty.  So now that we have gotten that out of the way…

The flavor of Luksusowa is very smooth.  It has no harsh taste; it has no bite.  Denny thinks that it is sweeter than vodkas in the price range.  Herman doesn’t sense the sweet flavor.  It is a potato vodka, but it isn’t as smooth as Chopin, for example.  Despite both being potato vodkas, there is a difference.

To those that say vodka has no flavor, we don’t agree.  Each vodka has a unique flavor.  It isn’t strong like gin, but there is definitely a taste.  Luksusowa is mild, light, and mixes well.  It is great for vodka tonics.  It is a perfect everyday vodka.

We don’t think it is great for martinis, though.  Denny thinks the flavor is too sweet for a martini.  By the end of the glass, he is blown away by the sweet taste and can’t slam down another.  Herman thinks that there is just too much flavor for martinis.  And no, we aren’t being snobby here, people.  We want to suck down as many martinis we can in a short amount of time!  We think that SOME of the higher end vodkas are better for that.  Not ALL of them, but that is for another day…

So what is the Fewd Snobs favorite drink to use Luksusowa in??  Behold…the Luksusowa Gatorade shot!!

IMG_20150615_161344645There is nothing snobby about this one, kids!  We use our super cool Luksusowa shot glasses, pour in half (and many times 3/4!!) of vodka, and top it off with some Fruit Punch flavor Gatorade!  Damn, it’s a great shot.  Everybody we’ve had try these shots loved them (including some actual true snobs!)  It accelerates the drunk.  We don’t have to have 15 beers to get there.  And it tastes good, too!  We prefer Luksusowa for these shots to any other vodka.  Denny likes it because he thinks the Gatorade mixes well with the sweeter flavor of the vodka.  Herman prefers it because the vodka mixes well, period.  The trick here too is that we keep the vodka in the freezer.  It makes the shot nice and ice cold.  We’re not saying we invented the vodka Gatorade shot, but we perfected it with Luksusowa.

The Luksusowa people probably wouldn’t be thrilled that we are saying it is great for Gatorade shots and not martinis, but meh.  We discovered the vodka on accident, found out it is damn good, and we now each keep a bottle in our freezers at all times.

This stuff needs to get bigger in the States, you people, because it is great.  We think the popularity is increasing since we have seen some price increases since last Christmas.

Luksusowa can be gotten in our area on sale for about 20 bucks a bottle.  At regular price, it is more like $30.  At the 30 bucks price point, we think that it is a little high for an everyday vodka.  As much as we love the stuff, we can get a bottle of Absolut on sale for $33!  But at $20 a bottle, we’ll take it.  Lots of it.  And we have.

And you should too.


  1. Zette

    I prefer mine around 2:00pm on a Friday in a Bloody Mary.

  2. JmrkK

    Hands down, the best value on the market. I used to get 1.75L for $19.99 at the local liquor store, but get this – they just reduced it to $14.99. I drink it on the rocks, in a bloody Mary or in a martini. I love the flavor of this vodka. While some can be so smooth, they have no taste (Grey Goose) and some taste like rubbing alcohol (Skyy), This one has a nice mild flavor and is enjoyable to drink it straight. Why you can’t find this in any bar or restaurant is beyond me, it’s baffling, simply baffling.

    1. Gary L Jeffers

      Having tried both Skyy vodka and rubbing alcohol (by mistake and trust me, it’s not pleasant) I’d go with the Skyy every time. C’mon, Skyy really isn’t that bad, especially after a couple shots! However, I’ll admit there are many better choices for only a few bucks more. Planning to pick up a 1.75 L of the Luksusowa this weekend and have to say I’m looking forward to it even more after having visited this site.

  3. bob

    Being Polish I was drawn to this vodka. Unlike the morons I work with I also realize most vodkas are NOT made with potato. The flavor is great. For the summer I prefer to mix with white cranberry juice. Great summer ade.

    1. Ginger

      Hey Bob, that’s the same reason I was drawn to it!
      And man I sure am happy about the fact they use potatoes!
      Can’t figure out why the Irish missed the boat on making great vodka out of potatoes?? Regardless, cheers to our ancestors!
      This is GREAT vodka!!

    2. Cliff

      Stuff is good when your on a budget my poison of choice is stoli vanilla with ginger ale but I can get a 750ml for under 18 so I drink this a little more often

    3. Bill English

      You actually admit to being Polish??? I’m assuming that the “Morons” you work with are Polish too? HAHAHAHA! How many of you does it take to screw in a light bulb??? HAHAHA!!!!

  4. Steve

    Loksusowa is the smoothest vodka I have ever tried and at a great price I get 1.75 liter for 24.00
    love it with cranberry juice keep it cold in the freezer

  5. Paul

    Not sure what you mean when you say this isn’t a great vodka for martinis… it is, though I like mine dry and not dirty. I drink this vodka warm and meat, on the rocks, in a martini or any mixer. I don’t care about the price ($16.99 a handle here) this is better vodka than Tito’s and most vodkas out there. I shouldn’t even be writing this as I hope this vodka stays unpopular and cheap, but, cheers!

  6. Nellie

    Hi I found this vodka by accident and I must say, YUMM. YUMM, smooth and then some. No after taste just smooth. Kept in fridge is great. I only buy this vodka nothing else

  7. Čika brada

    Well where I live this bottle sells for 6 dollars in 2019

  8. Rob

    I drink this on a regular basis it’s got a good flavor and smooth I prefer it over many other big name vodkas. That being said trying this straight and neat is the best way to drink this by itself. My favorite way to mix it is with pineapple and a touch of 7-up over crushed ice good for a summer drink.

  9. Bryan Vajda

    I bought as a cheap gag/Caesar kit vodka for my father outlaw and we LOVED it. In fact he prefers it to Grey Goose.

  10. Angus

    I’ve been drinking this vodka for about 20 years. It’s a quality product that I’ve turned many people on to.

  11. Anthony Dalimata

    I happened across this brand by chance.
    The little podunk store in a little podunk town had it on the shelf.
    “Hmmm potato? Check ! Polish ? Check!
    Cheap ?!? Double check !!!”
    Mixes very well with everything I’ve tried, can be mixed quite strong too without wrecking the overall drink.

  12. Me

    Ok. This is the ONLY liquor I can drink without getting a hangover. Period. I’m talking NEVER. Never been sick…no headache. Because it is gluten free and has no ‘sugar’ that you get from grain or corn. It pure and smooth and ALL natural. And made from potatoes like a good vodka should be.

    1. Tony

      Ohhh yeah!

  13. Bill Macdonald

    I went in search of non-grain vodka and found this. Really good stuff and no allergy reaction to the grain!

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