Review: Hot Diggity Dog Pringles (Limited Time Only)

Denny was at Walgreens recently buying drugs (don’t ask), and he came across Hot Diggity Dog Pringles.

The signage indicated that the Hot Diggity Dog flavor was exclusive to Walgreens.


Yes, hot dog flavored Pringles.  Exclusive to Walgreens.  Something seems off, doesn’t it?  It struck us strange.  Of all places to get an exclusive flavor, Walgreens wouldn’t be one that we would think of.  OK, then.

Either way, hot dog flavored Pringles sounded interesting.  Denny picked them up with his drugs, and here we are.

After some investigating, it looks like these were introduced in December of 2015.  Once again, we are all over the new stuff, eh?

In this case though, our delay in bringing this to you right away was probably a good thing.  And that leads us to the next question.

Why would Pringles introduce a hot dog flavored chip in December?  Hot dogs are a summer food, no?  Images of grills and ballparks pop into our heads when we think of hot dogs.  Not images of Santa and snow.

So, as frequently happens, we don’t know what the hell is going on here.  We like hot dogs though.  And we like Pringles.  So there you have it.

IMG_20160322_135925684The can shows a hot dog with mustard.  So this led to our next question?  Are the Pringles just supposed to taste like hot dogs, as the name implies?  Or are these supposed to taste like a hot dog with mustard?

A quick look at the ingredients revealed mustard powder.  Guess they are going for a hot dog with mustard.

Then we opened the can.

The chips smell like a hot dog with mustard.  The question is answered.  We don’t get why they don’t put mustard in the name, then.  Nothing is perfect, right?

IMG_20160322_140407160The chips have seasoning on them, but it isn’t caked on like some Pringles are.

Can’t see it?  Take a closer look…

IMG_20160322_140517917In the professional words of food critic Herman, “They taste good.”

In all seriousness, the flavor is very hard to break down into words (despite it being our jobs to do so).  The overall flavor actually does taste like hot dogs.  But there is a definite mustard flavor, too.  They both hit at about the same time, although we would say that the mustard flavor is stronger than the hot dog flavor.  We get that though.  A fake meat flavor probably wouldn’t be very good.  There is a reason Pringles decided to use the mustard flavor.

There is a slight sweetness.  It kind of reminds Herman of pretzels with mustard flavor.

There is also a hint of smokiness to the chips.  The ingredients show smoke flavor, so there you go.

The aftertaste is where you get the overall package (HO HO!).  The taste that lingers is pretty much the same as eating a hot dog with mustard on it.  Since this is what Pringles was going for, we would say that it succeeded.

Unlike many flavored chips, these suckers can actually be eaten with food because the flavor isn’t obnoxiously strong.  We recommend eating them with hot dogs.  Because hot dogs with hot dog chips would be cool.  Once again, we have had too much beer…

Many flavored chips are just doused in seasoning, and are too strong.  Not the case here.  The flavor is there, but isn’t overbearing.  We can see eating the entire can in one sitting.

The cost for a can is $1.99.  Reasonable for Pringles.  We can’t argue the price.

Overall, we are fans.  We hope that Pringles and Walgreens keeps these around for the actual hot dog season.

Go buy some, and let us know what you think in the comments!