Review: Honey Nut/Coffee Nut/Chili Nut M&M’s (New)

For all of our reviews, we haven’t done much candy. We don’t know why. Candy is perfect for Fewd Snobs. It is loaded with sugar, unhealthy, and tastes good drunk.

So, when we discovered the new Honey Nut, Coffee Nut, and Chili Nut M&M’s, we realized we had a perfect opportunity to review candy. Nice.

Yes, three new flavors of M&M’s have been introduced. But there is more to it than that. M&M’s is tying the new flavors into a contest of sorts. The idea is to try all three flavors, and then vote for the one you like best at Voting also gives you the chance to win $100K and the title of “Official M&M’s Taste Tester!” OH MY!

The flavor that wins will be permanently available, and the losers will be gone.

Miss Terri (The Only One) saw a commercial for these, and alerted us. We were intrigued by the new flavors. Especially the Chili Nut ones. Chili and M&M’s, eh? We didn’t know what to think.

So, we will review all three. We’ll give you our winner at the end. Fascinating, no?

Note that the base for all of the new flavors is peanut M&M’s. Notice too, as we go along, that each new flavor has custom colors. Spectacular!

IMG_20160407_144558796We will start with the Honey Nut flavor.

Right off, you will notice that these are VERY similar to regular peanut M&M’s, but sweeter. Much sweeter. The honey flavor hits right away. It balances well with the chocolate and peanut, though. In other words, it tastes like honey but it isn’t too strong. It is a light honey flavor. It is not as if you stuck your hand in Winnie The Pooh’s honey pot. And if you do that, you’ve got problems. But that isn’t what we are talking about here.

We like this flavor. It is a nice twist on a regular peanut M&M. Winning.

IMG_20160407_144659338Next we have Coffee Nut.

Here again, the taste of a regular peanut M&M hits first. Very soon after, the coffee kicks in. The coffee flavor is excellent. It is instantly recognizable as coffee. But unlike many coffee-favored things, it isn’t too strong. There is no bitterness at all. It isn’t espresso flavored. It isn’t strong like chocolate covered coffee beans. This is just regular coffee flavor. It reminds us of coffee with cream and sugar. That would stand to reason, since the coffee flavor is mixed with milk chocolate.

We really like this flavor, too. Winning again. The voting could be tough here, people.

IMG_20160407_144757402Finally, on to the Chili Nut flavor.

This one is interesting.

We didn’t know what to make of this after seeing the commercial. Was this going to taste like a bowl of chili? Or is it supposed to be like a chili pepper?

After seeing the package, we realized chili peppers is what M&M’s are going for. See the little M&M guy holding the chili pepper? OK, then.

Admittedly, we were very skeptical of this flavor to start. Honey Nut and Coffee Nut seems reasonable. But then, Chili Nut? What the hell? It doesn’t fit with the others at all. And frankly, who really wants to mix chili peppers and chocolate? Herman informed Denny that chili and chocolate is a thing right now with foodies. Fancy candy makers have been doing it for a while. Nothing like this has ever hit the mainstream, though.

Each of us tried one, and at first, we both didn’t think there was any chili flavor at all. We discovered there is a 10 second delay. By the time we popped the second one, we both could taste the chili flavor from the first one. By the end of the second, our mouths were on fire. The heat and spice of the chili pepper hits, and it hits pretty hard. It won’t send you to the emergency room, but it is a strong chili pepper taste. Herman says that the flavor is close to cayenne pepper.

The heat is there, but there is still a balance between it and the chocolate and peanut tastes. It is a pretty even blend. There’s just quite a bit of kick at the end.

It isn’t our favorite of the three. But if you like some kick with your candy, it is good stuff.

Overall, all of the flavors hit the mark. There is nothing half-assed going on here. All three flavors don’t taste fake; each one is a good representation of the intended flavor. All of the flavors blend well. And all three are good. Honestly. We were surprised. There are no losers here, people.

Fewd Snobs’ Vote: Coffee Nut.

We agree on this one. All of the flavors were good. We really like the Coffee Nut and the Honey Nut. The Coffee Nut wins for us by just a little bit. The biggest reason is that the flavor is so unique. There isn’t much like it available. And when coffee is represented in candy, it is often way too strong. In this case, it is perfect. Coffee wins!