Review: Folgers Coffee Singles

Fewd Snobs love coffee.  It is what starts us up each day.  It gets us through the 2PM slump.  And it’s great after dinner.  Best of all, it cures our hangovers!

There are several ways to brew a good cup of coffee.  Brewing a whole pot is great if you have the time, and if you want that much.  But sometimes you just want one cup.

We all know that Keurig pretty much has the market on single-serve coffee.  K-cups were really the answer to terrible instant coffee.  We don’t know how anybody can drink instant coffee.  It doesn’t taste or resemble real coffee at all.  K-cups are great, and they have fallen into a price range where normal people can drink them.  But there really hasn’t been a viable alternative to Keurig for single-serve that doesn’t completely suck.

Enter Folgers Coffee Singles.

Herman discovered these at the grocery store.  He started drinking them at work.  This got Denny drinking them, too.

Folgers Coffee Singles are sold in packages ranging from 12-38 bags.  They are individually wrapped.  The coffee is essentially in a tea bag.IMG_20150423_180720631To brew, you use a cup of hot water and drunk the bag in the cup for about one minute.  Adjust the length according to the strength you want.  You can drink with the bag in the cup, or just throw it away.

These are incredibly convenient, especially if you are in an office that has a hot water tap.  Another option would be nuking a mug of water.  if you have a Keurig machine and want to save some cash, use it to make the hot water and dunk one of these suckers.  This leads to the price.  These are much less expensive than K-cups.  They are about .25 cents per bag.  Even with the reduction in K-cups’ prices, this still makes a difference.

At this price, you would probably expect it to taste like instant coffee.  In reality, this coffee tastes just like regular brewed coffee.  You would be hard-pressed to tell the difference.  The package says that these are Folgers Classic Roast.  We both agree that this tastes the same as regular Folgers Classic Roast.  The flavor is a standard medium roast.  It isn’t too strong, but it’s not light like a breakfast blend.  It absolutely does not have any kind of instant coffee flavor.  Instant coffee almost has a chemical flavor, and there is none of that here.

One of the only indicators that you aren’t drinking a regular brewed cup is at the very bottom of the cup, there is a slight grainy residue left in the cup.  The substance is much like you would get by using a French press, or if you brew coffee using a reusable basket screen filter.  So it isn’t a problem at all.  And it would not tip someone off that this was a single-serve brew, like instant coffee would.

Herman’s Thoughts:  So for these, I think Folgers should change their slogan to, “The best part of waking up, is not having to hassle with brewing a whole pot of coffee.”  I know.  Too wordy.  But still, it’s the best feature.  If you want one, two, three, or forty cups of coffee, just add water!  They take seconds to make instead of having to wait what seems like hours for a pot to brew.  For a long time, I actually drank these exclusively over brewing a pot of coffee.  The flavor is great, and you just can’t beat the convenience.  And for the price, it’s the perfect combination.

Denny’s Thoughts:  I have been drinking these since Herman introduced me to them, and I really love them.  I can’t really tell the difference between these and a regular cup that is brewed in a machine.  In fact, in some ways, I think these taste better than regular Folgers.  Regular Folgers doesn’t do much for me.  These have a nice full flavor, but don’t overpower like some coffees do.  I think these are great even at home.  Sometimes, I just want the flavor of one of these and don’t want to mess with anything else.  Folgers is really on to something here.  I realize they aren’t as popular as K-cups, but they are a very viable option on the single-serve market.  These are also great for traveling, as long as you can get some hot water.IMG_20150423_182139528


  1. Janis Devincenzo

    Great Product!!!
    I just discovered these a couple of months ago. For those who only drink 1 or 2 cups a day, this is great. The coffee is good and what could be easier; pour water into mug, microwave a couple of minutes and there you have a cup of good coffee. Beats Keurig single pods. Less work, i.e. keeping water filled, cleaning as needed and cheaper in the long run than the pods.
    Don’t ever stop making this product and
    Keep the quality up!!!

  2. Roy Brown

    Folgers singles have been on the market since 1990. They were made in Sherman, Texas till 2011.

  3. Heather S.

    I am a coffee lover! So much so that I have decorated my kitchen with coffee decor! I love having Folgers singles for an afternoon “pick me up” before my children get home from school. I just really wish they had flavored coffee singles (no sugar) as well. I just love Folgers hazelnut coffee!

    1. Angela Sampson

      I love it, perfect cup of coffee. I put it in my cold brew, I have my ice coffee.

  4. Andrea

    Been drinking these for a couple of years!! Love love them!! I don’t have a keurig or coffe pot! I just heat up my water on the stove since I love my coffee hot and the machines just can’t do that. I but the decaffeinated ones too for in the evening. Thanks for making this product! Makes my life easier!!

  5. John T. Souther

    I have been in South America for 5 years. I used to really enjoy the Folgers Coffee Singles. The Folgers Coffee Single packets have lost their smooth, brown coffee taste, now have a bitter bite, not the pleasant coffee taste of several years ago. They are not worth buying, or drinking. I do not enjoy the present Folgers singles and will not drink those horrible “cup things”. Good by Coffee.

  6. Mela

    I purchased these because of the convenience and they are great for one person households. I was pleasantly surprised to find they are pretty good.
    Nice smooth coffee taste and not at all like an instant.

  7. Bill M

    I’ve been using these for years. I first started using them as a way to make a cup of coffee at work. Later I started to use them for back packing. No more hassle to make good coffee on the trail. Later I packed them in my disaster response bag for hurricane preparedness. I first used Folger”s singles instant, but instant coffee is instant coffee. These bags are real coffee and taste much better than instant. The sealed packs make storage easy and they can be stored years without using flavor. I recently used some I stored in my response and emergency food supply over 5 years ago.

  8. Sydney Jenkins

    Has anyone compared these to the “Steeped coffee bags” which come in several strengths but are much more expensive?

    1. Barbara Evans

      I love the Steeped Coffee so much better!!!! Better taste all the way around and well worth every penny!!! I really love that Steeped has no additives, solubles, crystals or freeze drying and the filter bag is non-GMO. I really love that this company is committed to using renewable and compostable materials and that it is made in the USA. I enjoy several cups every day!!!

  9. Jim

    Having trouble recently finding these. Meijers, Jewel, Dollar General, Walgreens. None of those stores have them.

  10. Anonymous

    The taste is weak & they are too expensive for the amount you get. I do like the idea of a single serve without having to use machinery that breaks & ends up in the landfill. Hopefully they can strengthen the recipe & lower the price.

    1. Strange taste

      Yes. I think that the taste is strange and weak too. Not even a coffee. Also at a very higher price

  11. Tony V

    They’re ok. A little too weak. I even brewed two bags to make it taste stronger and better, still was kinda weak. Now, I brew one bag and add a pack of tasters choice instant coffee and that seems to make it more drinkable. If course, this is the option I do at work because no coffee maker.

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