Review: Dunkin’ Donuts Tailgater Breakfast Sandwich (New/Limited Time Only)

Dunkin’ Donuts has really changed its image over the years.  What once was a place for donuts (it IS in the name, after all) is now a place for much more.  Dunkin’ has put a MAJOR focus on coffee over the more recent times.  And for good reason.  Dunkin’s coffee is the best coffee in existence.  Remember our first review?  It was Dunkin’ Donuts coffee.

For a while now, Dunkin’s focus has shifted to its food menu.  Dunkin’ has a variety of breakfast sandwiches, as well as regular sandwiches.  The breakfast menu is served all day.  See McDonald’s, it CAN be done!

All of this brings us to Dunkin’s newest sandwich, the Tailgater Breakfast Sandwich.

Dunkin’ Donuts describes that sandwich like this:  “Enjoy the flavors of tailgating with juicy Smoked Sausage, Peppers and Onions, and Ancho Chipotle Sauce.”  Check it out here.

Denny Note:  I don’t get what about this sandwich makes it a “tailgater” sandwich.  I know that if I am out tailgating, I don’t really think of an egg sandwich with sausage.  But ok.  Sure.  I love Dunkin’, so moving on…

We knew trying this one was a given.  So let’s see what we got, shall we?

IMG_20150903_141019237First of all, the presentation is pretty good on this sandwich.  We all know that the food you actually get never looks like the professional pictures, but this isn’t too bad.  The sandwich is not crushed.  The egg and sausage is visible.  Good start.

IMG_20150903_141058929Above, you can see the top of the sandwich.  Yummy.  Did we just say the word “yummy”?????  WTF?

IMG_20150903_141133347You can see the egg covers the sandwich pretty well.  There is plenty of sausage.  Pretty good.

IMG_20150903_141145397We have the EXTREME CLOSEUP version above for your viewing pleasure.

So, now that we have gotten all of that out of the way…

We dug in to this sandwich, and we were impressed.  In fact, we weren’t expecting it to be as good as it was.  It was so good, where do we start??  Why are we asking you?  This is OUR JOB!!

Let’s start with the sausage (HO HO!).  The sausage is smoked sausage, not pork sausage which is usually associated with breakfast.  This gives it a cool twist.  The sausage is NOT like a hot dog.  It is real smoked sausage.  And there is plenty of it.  It is grilled nicely.  The outside is browned, and it has some snap when biting into it.  The sausage was quality.  It didn’t taste like the garbage cheap smoked sausages that suck.  This stuff is really good all the way around.

Now, we will get the egg out of the way.  The egg had NO grease at all.  It was a REAL, cooked egg.  It was cooked over-hard.  The yolk had a good flavor.  It stood out from the egg white.  The egg is a REAL egg.  What else can we say?  This is a whole lot better than almost any fast food place offers.

The toppings were good, too.  Herman says the sandwich could use a little more cheese.  Denny thought it was fine.  There wasn’t a TON of peppers and onions, but there were enough that the flavor was there.  And the flavor was good.  The flavors of everything mixed together VERY well.

We did not read the full description on the website before trying the sandwich.  After reading the description, as we noted above, Dunkin’ says there is an Ancho Chipotle Sauce on the sandwich.  We didn’t detect it at all.  It was probably there, but we couldn’t pick it out.  We aren’t sure this is a flaw, though.  The flavors of everything mixed so well that we don’t care that we couldn’t detect the sauce.  In fact, it probably wouldn’t be as good if it were drenched in it.  The sandwich was NOT dry.  So if it was the sauce, the peppers, the cheese, or whatever, it all was good to us!

Finally, we have the bread.  This might be our favorite part.  In fact, it blew us away.  The roll tasted like it was freshly baked.  This was like something you would get at a bakery, not a fast food place.  The top of the roll was nice and crusty.  We absolutely cannot say enough good things about it.

Both Denny and Herman think this tasted like something you could make at home.  It did NOT taste like fast food.  How much better can it get than that?

The sandwich set us back $4.29.  Just for the sandwich.  Yes, you read that right.  No coffee.  No fried taters.  Just the sandwich.  For over four bucks.  But that said, the sandwich was SO GOOD, we don’t care about the price.  We would even say it is worth the cost.  This isn’t a cheap, reheated breakfast sandwich.  This is the real deal.

Overall, we love this sandwich.  Dunkin’ Donuts has succeeded at getting us to spend all our money there again!  Go get one right now.  We will.