Review: Burger King Whopper Dog (New)

Burger King introduced its new Grilled Dogs back in February. If you don’t remember, check out our review here.

Now, BK has introduced a new Grilled Dog to the lineup. The Whopper Dog has arrived.

This stands to reason. The Whopper is Burger King’s signature menu item. So, making a Whopper into a hot dog seems like a natural progression. We suppose.

But is it really a good idea? The Fewd Snobs take the hit for ‘ya here, people. Because we’re drunk…um…good guys.

BK describes the Whopper Dog as, “…flame-grilled hot dog made with 100% beef topped with lettuce, ketchup, mayo, chopped onions, and pickles and served on a fluffy baked bun.”

IMG_20160517_130937And there you have it. A hot dog with Whopper toppings. Oh my! You can clearly see them all there. Excited yet? You KNOW we aren’t.

First of all, we are not going to review the dog itself. We already did that. We will say that this dog looked pretty with the nice grill marks. Not all of the dogs look like this, though. More on that later. Anyway…if you want to know how the dogs are, read our original review.

This review is about the Whopper toppings. There are certainly enough of each Whopper topping on the dog. It’s all there, including the mayo. Yes…mayo on a hot dog.

IMG_20160517_130757Above, you can see the tomato that was hidden in the other pic. Look closely and you’ll see the mayo, too.

We would love to give you a fancy breakdown here, people. But we can’t. The bottom line is that the thing does kinda taste like a Whopper. But with a hot dog instead of a burger. Oh my! Monumental! Call the press!

Surprisingly, the Whopper toppings translate to the dog pretty well. We weren’t sure how lettuce and mayo would taste with a dog, but it’s pretty decent. The mayo actually doesn’t taste out of place with the dog. The lettuce helps to round out the Whopper flavor. Tomato and pickles are already common on dogs, so we can’t say much there (although we will say that the pickle flavor might be a little heavy on flavor, but this is mainly due to the proportion of pickles compared to the size of the dog). Ketchup and onions are also common. The main point here is that the Whopper concept is here, and actually goes with a dog pretty well.

The key with our test dog is that BK didn’t slop on tons of mayo like it does often on the Whopper burgers. With a moderate amount of each topping, the Whopper essence was captured.

The price for the Whopper Dog is $1.99. This is the same price as the Classic dog that BK offers. The price is within reason, so we can’t really bitch about the value.

Would we get it again? Nope. It is a novelty item. Surely, BK knows this. This thing is designed to get people in the door, like so much that BK offers these days. We think Burger King needs to focus on making the core items better, and stop dicking with novelty items that bring people in once and never again.

Is it bad? No. It is actually decent. But there just isn’t anything remarkable about it. The regular Whopper doesn’t excite us these days. Why should this?

Further, a constant bitch we have about all fast food is consistency. The test dog that you see above is the one that Herman tried. Denny had a second Whopper Dog that he ate. Here is his…

IMG_20160517_131004The look of Denny’s was pretty pathetic in comparison. The lettuce was pretty sad. The pickles were smaller. And the tomatoes were just meh.

But more than anything, take a look at the dog. It has NO grill marks like Herman’s had. It doesn’t look pretty at all. It is actually pretty shrivelled and pathetic looking. Sure, looks aren’t everything. The taste was okay, but still…

WHY, oh WHY can there be no consistency in fast food?!?? Every place is supposed to make everything the same! But it never happens! These dogs were ordered at the same time and on the same order. Why are they so different?! This is the main problem! It is one thing for the product to vary so much at different times on different days (although that is aggravating too!). There is no reason for this much variance on the same order!

OK. Now here is the part we have to get in to that doesn’t really have anything to do with the Whopper Dog. But it happened anyway, and it is worth mentioning.

Since we were going to Burger King to test the dogs, we decided to make a lunch out of it.

We had coupons (read coopins!). Herman got an order of the Chicken Fries with a large fries. Denny got 2 Whopper Jr.’s and 2 small fries.

This food SUCKED. Period.

Herman’s Chicken Fries were dried out and pathetic looking. They were basically hollow. There was hardly any meat. Plus, the meat had a freeze-dried texture to it. They didn’t even taste like chicken.

The fries tasted like old grease. What the hell, BK? Can’t change your grease more than twice a year? And make no mistake, we like the taste of grease. But not the taste of grease that has been frying BK’s trash for months. Terrible.

But then we get to the worst. Wait…Denny is hijacking the article…

Denny’s Thoughts: Never before have I been so pissed off with food I ordered in a fast food place. The Whopper Jr.’s were absolutely disgusting. Vile. Beyond awful. I was so pissed off, I took it to Twitter.

bktweet1Then, I hit them again…

bktweet2Take a good look, people. That “burger” is just gross. The picture doesn’t even show just how nasty it was. The meat had an odd color, and it smelled like it was spoiled. Herman agreed. I decided there was no way I was going to ingest this crap. Herman agreed that he wouldn’t eat it, either. I threw it away out of fear of getting food poisoning. I also tossed the fries. The taste of old grease made them inedible.

It is bad enough that fast food is no longer consistent, but this was just completely unacceptable. There are no other words, people.

We have already been on the fence with Burger King for a long time, but this trip has pretty much sealed the deal for us. While the Whopper Dog doesn’t necessary suck, Burger King does suck. We’re done.

We took the hit for you. Just drive on by the next time you think about stopping at Burger King.

You need help, BK. Bad.