Review: Beer Fridge!


The epitome of the Fewd Snob.  The ultimate necessity.  The crown jewel.  The Beer Fridge.

And not just any beer fridge.  This baby holds a whopping 120 (12 oz.) cans when packed full.  We are very proud to own such a masterful device.  This particular model is an 18″ stainless trimmed, clear glass door “beverage cooler” made by Danby.IMG_20150427_214800892

It actually resides at Herman’s house, but Denny has purchased real estate on the second shelf.  As you can see, we keep a specific layout for the contents of the beer fridge.  This is due to the different sizes of Miller and Coors Light cans.  This particular arrangement works out perfectly as we are both able to fit an entire 30 pack each of our beer of choice, as well as a few straglers.  Notice the Coors Light Radler is still there (we can’t seem to give the stuff away.)  And that poor Milwaukee’s Best Light.  Surely it is doomed to sit on the bottom shelf for all eternity.

Of course, the best part about a beer fridge is the fact that you can keep it damn cold!  Since beer has a bit of alcohol in it, the temperature can actually be slightly below freezing.  The Fewd Snobs agree, in order to have good beer, it has to be cold beer. So unless you want a sugary explosion, keep the soda in kitchen with the Old Lady’s wine coolers, HO HO!

This model of “beverage cooler” set us back a little over 200 bucks, and it’s worth every penny in our honest opinion. We got ours at Home Depot if you’re interested.  ALL HAIL the Beer Fridge!

Herman’s Thoughts:  Since the beer fridge resides in my house, I have gotten to know it pretty well.  It can be a little temperamental once in a while, but all-in-all, I am very satisfied with this purchase.  The beer is cold 99% of the time. About the only time I have had issues with it is if it gets left open (I had to train Denny on this).  It’s not completely his fault as the door sometimes swings back if you shut it too hard. I’ve found that a couple of well placed shims on the bottom will usually cause the door to shut under its own weight.  Other than that, it only really struggles if you overload it with beer that isn’t cold yet.  Then it just needs a little time to cool down.  I suppose I can be patient, sometimes…

Denny’s Thoughts:  I actually did buy a shelf in Herman’s beer fridge.  Our jobs sucked so much that we pretty much had to drink when we weren’t at work, and I’d much rather make a mess and cause shit at his house than mine.  So when I found out about this beer fridge idea, I decided to be the good friend that I am and actually BUY some space!  Imagine that!  I keep a regular supply in it, and it really does the job.  The beer is MUCH colder than if you use your normal fridge.  EVERY Fewd Snob that enjoys partaking should get one of these.  And yes, it is true that Herman had to “train” me on shutting the door.  But that’s because I shut the damn thing like a man!  And if you do that, it sometimes might bounce back open just a little.  Drink fast enough and you won’t notice.  Let it sit overnight and it will freeze up a little.  But the little bastard has recovered, and is doing a great job.  Must buy now, you people.

MORE Herman’s Thoughts:  Shut the door like a man, huh?  At least I can drink whiskey without waking up standing in my own piss!

MORE Denny’s Thoughts:  Well played, sir.  Well played.


  1. Nico


    I, like any full blooded roman also enjoy wine when I’m not drinking beer or whiskey. Now this fridge you have reviewed, will it take a few wine bottles on one of the shelves if I felt so inclined? Also, is the lighting strictly white, or is a colored option available? I’m looking to light up my at home bar (mostly in blue), and want something that can fit in without having to be modded.

    Thank you,

    1. Fewd Snobs (Post author)

      Herman’s Reply: Good questions, Nico! Yes you will be able to fit wine bottles in the beer fridge. It is deep enough to accommodate.

      As for the light color, I don’t believe this model comes in different colors. One thing though. The light is only on when it is open. If you are still interested however, I know this model uses an incandescent bulb. I’ve seen color tinted bulbs before. So that may be an option. Also, I have seen beverage coolers with LED lights, which tend to be kind of blueish.

      Hope that helps. Enjoy!

      Denny’s Reply: Thank you for the “clinical” reply, Herman. Nico, I appreciate your thoughts, but…wine?! WINE??! Save that for the wine fridge! This fridge is for beer! Wine is fine, but not if it takes up space in mah beer fridge! Now, grab a cold one and enjoy!

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