National Hot Dog Day! Review: Ball Park Park’s Finest Signature Seasoned Dogs

Today is National Hot Dog Day!

To the Fewd Snobs, this is a perfect day.  Hot dogs are sacred fewd for us.  A day dedicated to the greatness that is hot dogs makes us think this should be a national holiday!

In honor of the day, the Fewd Snobs have decided to review Ball Park Park’s Finest Signature Seasoned hot dogs!

The Park’s Finest line has been out for a while now.  We haven’t reviewed them yet, and National Hot Dog Day gave us an excuse.

Now, we can hear somebody thinking, “But Fewd Snobs, these dogs are too snobby for you!”


Although these are a “higher-end” dog, what sets these apart is the quality.  They aren’t gimmicky.  They are still normal hot dogs.  So yes, they do fit what the Fewd Snobs see as fewd.

IMG_20150723_121017554So we will start with the concept of the Park’s Finest line.  Park’s Finest, as you can see in the pic, feature the fact that there are no preservatives, no nitrates or nitrites added (which is a good thing for people who get migraines!), they are uncured, and they are seasoned for bold flavor.  The back of the package says that no by-products are added, no MSG is added (also good for a variety of reasons!), and there are no artificial flavors, colors, or fillers.  We see all this as a good thing.  These are good, 100% beef dogs.  There isn’t any crap added that sucks.  To us, what could be better than that?!

As mentioned, these aren’t gimmicky.  They aren’t “angus” dogs.  What the hell is an “angus” dog, anyway??  This isn’t steak, you people!  It’s a friggin’ hot dog!  This is why we like Park’s Finest, despite it being higher-end, so to speak.  All they really are is good quality, straight up beef dogs.

Here’s the bottom line, kids…hot dogs usually have a bunch of shit in them.  While we don’t mind that, it’s even better having a hot dog without shit in them.  Done, yes done!

And Ball Park isn’t pushing these to the snobby, health crowd.  The company is simply saying that these are a better quality dog.  We love it.

There are several different flavors of the Park’s Finest to choose from.  Check them all out here.

Our test flavor, the Signature Seasoned dog, is kind of the main flavor of Park’s Finest.

IMG_20150723_121617357You can see the seasoning in the dogs.  The dogs are bun-length.  They aren’t very thick (HO HO!), but there is plenty to each dog.  We think you will be satisfied, and have no problem putting the hot dog in the bun (ok, ok, enough!).

The package gives directions for grilling, cooking on the stove, or microwaving.  We bypassed all of these.  A Fewd Snob favorite way of cooking dogs is to broil them.  This gives the grilled effect, but cooking time is less than 10 minutes.  And we don’t have to stand in 100 degree heat and sweat on our sausages (ok, I said enough already!)  Take from this what you will.  We recommend putting them on a sheet pan, broiling for a few minutes until they are sizzling, turn them for a few more minutes, and then you have this…

IMG_20150723_122604252Denny and Herman agree, the Signature Seasoned dogs are excellent.

First, you will notice some snap when biting into them (depending on how you cook them, of course).  Even though these don’t really have a casing, there is a little snap.  We think this is a great start.

Now, on to the flavor.  The main point.  There is a nice, full beef flavor.  The flavor isn’t overwhelming, but it doesn’t taste too light, either.  There is a perfect balance.  The taste is real beef, because it is.  There isn’t a fake smoke taste, like some dogs.

The seasoning is equally excellent.  There is nice, steady seasoning to the dog.  Again, it isn’t overpowering.  We won’t name names, but we have tested some hot dogs that were so heavily flavored that it tasted like you took a mouthful of seasoning from a jar.  They were so bad, we didn’t even review them.  That isn’t the case here.  The seasoning is balanced; it is there, but it isn’t strong.  It is truly just right.  This allows the flavor of the beef to come through, also.  Nothing overpowers the other.  Yet, they certainly don’t taste like a plain beef hot dog.  Balance is the key, and Ball Park nailed it.  These truly are high-quality, great tasting hot dogs.

Now, on to the price.  The dogs come in a package of 7.  The price in our area is about $4 for the package.  At first glance, this may seem expensive.  It isn’t really expensive.  This isn’t the $1 package of dogs, people.  The quality more than makes up for the price.  The ONE and ONLY thing we don’t get is that they come in a package of 7.  Buns come in packages of 8.  We can’t figure this one out.  Put one more dog in it!  Charge a little extra.  But meh.  These dogs are so good, that we don’t care.  4 bucks for 7 it is!

It is National Hot Dog Day, and we recommend you go out and get some of these.  Ball Park already makes great dogs, and these are even better.  They are a perfect way to honor the sacred holiday that is National Hot Dog Day!


  1. Beth

    I am totally enjoying your website. I have agreed with everything you have reviewed that I have tried! You guys are spot on ( and entertaining). Root beer beer is great for ice cream floats 🙂 Kosher hot dogs have become big sellers due to the content of the dog, great flavor, no crap…Hebrew National, etc. I have noticed that they come in packages of seven, this apparently is because the Jewish faith has something about the number 7 , I am not exactly sure what it is, you have to look it upbut I do know when inviting people to a Bar Mitzvah you have to invite a multiple of seven amount of people AND if giving the kid money IT ALSO has to be a multiple of seven. Hope my seemingly useless knowledge helps… Keep up the AWESOMENESS!!

    1. Fewd Snobs (Post author)

      Thank you for the very kind comments, Beth!! We appreciate your thoughts, and are glad you like the site! We did not know about the number 7 connection. Very interesting though, and your “seemingly useless knowledge,” as you put it, is great!! We will keep up the “awesomeness,” and hope you will keep visiting and enjoying the site!

  2. Paula

    I agree with Beth, I’ve enjoyed your blog and agree with most all your observations. I love your no nonsense, cut the crap attitude…get on with it alreadyness…lol Look forward to reading more. Bring it on!!

    1. Fewd Snobs (Post author)

      First of all, thank you for your continued kind words, Paula! We appreciate your thoughts and your positive comments about our site! We try to bring some entertainment to our reviews, and we definitely are rather “straightforward.” LOL! Thanks for enjoying the site! We will keep bringing it as long as you are reading it!

  3. Carley


    Just want to clarify the term Angus. Angus is a breed of cattle that is known to produce high quality meat. Angus is not referring to a certain cut of meat such as a steak. When something is labeled Angus it is being implied that the meat is higher quality. Not sure if you knew this already just wanted to throw it out there, if you did then carry on! I’ve really enjoyed your site!

    1. Fewd Snobs (Post author)

      Thanks for the explanation, Carley! Glad you are enjoying the site!

  4. Mike Levand

    Can I suggest that you compare these Park’s Finest Hot Dogs to the Boar’s Head with casing (snap) that is highly reviewed and recommended on the Web as well. I get my Boar’s Head dogs at Super-Dillons at Central and Rock. They also have great garlicky seasoning plus the desired ‘snap-casing’. I used to be a devotee of Nathan’s, but Boar’s Head blew then out of the water. Looking forward to trying the Parks product.

    1. Fewd Snobs (Post author)

      Thanks for the idea, Mike! We might look into it!

  5. Marsha

    Was actually looking to find some recipes for these dogs and found you! I have just recently started buying these dogs and they are fantastic! In fact I can’t get enough of them! The first time it was with Slawsa (you should check this stuff out if you haven’t already, best hot dog relish ever!!), the second time I cut some up in chili, tonight it will be wrapped in crescent rolls! Yummo!! Well, I am off to read some more of your reviews. 😉

  6. Speeda Hojanson

    Any food expert should know MSG doesn’t cause anything Poo culture says it does. It’s like vaccines causing autism. MSG is fine and is essential to umami flavor

  7. Kevin

    I bought a pack at Walmart…grilled 3 of them over charcoal. I cooked them thoroughly.

    I pitched them after the second bite.

    It was the taste of FISH!!! and not very fresh fish, either.

    Hey Ball Park! cows ain’t got scales….In my 60s…I KNOW what a good Hot Dog tastes like…and these ain’t.

    These are beyond bad…these are fuckin’ GROSS!

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