Review: Baja Blast/Pitch Black Mountain Dew (Limited Time Only)

DEWcision 2016.

Nope, it’s not political. It’s a fight between two flavors of Mountain Dew.

Baja Blast has been sold exclusively in Taco Bells since 2004. It has had limited runs in stores, also.

Pitch Black was released in 2004 to tie in with Halloween. It was a limited time only deal. It has also hit shelves a time or two since then.

Now, Mountain Dew is taking a vote. The winner will end up on store shelves permanently. Some decisions are very important, you see. Or something.

The side of the bottles indicate to pick a flavor, hashtag your vote on Twitter using #VoteBajaBlast or #VotePitchBlack, and then follow the results on

You can also vote on the website, but like, you know, like, it’s waaaaaay kewler to vote, like, on Twitter!

Kill us.

Yes, there is a big social media push with this entire thing. Because millennials have nothing else to worry about besides voting for Dew. Actually, they probably don’t. Wow.

So get out your man buns, man purses, and fuzzy beards. Fire up Facebook and Twitter. Stop the press (what’s that, right millenials?!). Get ready! This is the most important vote for 2016!

OK. Enough. We’ll be good.

We are going to take a look at each one for you. Not that we would want to sway your vote or anything…

IMG_20160426_120118288As we said, Baja Blast has been available at Taco Bell for ages. Herman is a fan. He gets it when he orders his drunk Taco Bell.

The label says it is supposed to taste like “tropical lime.” Not regular lime. No! Tropical!

Neither one of us really thinks it tastes like lime! We think it is some kind of a melon flavor. Honeydew, maybe. Truthfully, we don’t know what the hell it is. There is a slight hint of regular Dew with the lime/melon/whatever flavor. And that’s the best we can say, people! So much for being professional food writers, able to articulate flavors into words. HA! Failing…

It tastes like tropical Starbursts or tropical Skittles. There ya go!

We read somewhere (not citing sources, so sue us) that it was formulated to taste good with Taco Bell food. Herman agrees.

We think of this stuff like we think of regular Mountain Dew. It is its own thing. Nothing else tastes like Mountain Dew. Just like nothing else tastes like Dr. Pepper. The competition is completely different. That is the case with Baja Blast.

Verdict: Herman is a fan. Denny will stick with regular Dew.

IMG_20160426_120132394The bottle for Pitch Black doesn’t give any hints as to the flavor. Evidently, it’s a mystery!

According to this, it is “DEW with a blast of Black Grape with other natural flavors.”

There is definitely grape flavor. It is dominant. Pitch Black has a more tart and less sweet flavor than regular grape soda. There is a bit of a bitter flavor that hits at the end. There is a hint of regular Dew in there, too.

It is basically a grape-infused Dew, but a tart grape instead of sweet.

And that’s it. That’s all there is to it, people.

Verdict: Denny likes it better than Baja Blast. By far. Herman doesn’t like it, and thinks it smells like farts!

Herman’s Vote: Baja Blast
Denny’s Vote: Pitch Black

And having said that, neither one of us would go out and buy either one of these! Herman will stick with Baja Blast at Taco Bell (assuming that Taco Bell keeps it available), and Denny will stick with regular Dew!

So go out and vote on Twitter with the hashtags, or vote here.

Just make sure you vote, people. You owe it to your country. Or something.