Review: Arby’s Sliders (New)

The Fewd Snobs were trying to decide what to review today when we discovered Arby’s new Sliders on the Arby’s website.  We are fans of Arby’s, so what to review today was instantly decided.

Arby’s is offering 5 new sliders.  Check out Arby’s website to see them all.  And now, a list…

  • Chicken ‘N Cheese – Features a chicken tender.
  • Corned Beef ‘N Cheese – Thinly-sliced corned beef slices.
  • Jalepeno Roast Beef – Arby’s regular roast beef with roasted jalepenos.
  • Roast Beef ‘N Cheese – Arby’s regular roast beef.
  • Ham ‘N Cheese – Ham.  That is all.

Each slider comes with cheese.  It is kind of an “American Swiss,” if you will.  It is processed cheese like American, but tastes kind of like Swiss.

Being that we are broke writers (advertisers, feel free to advertise please!!!), we were a little concerned about the price.  The site didn’t say the price, of course.  We rolled to our local Arby’s, and instantly saw the sign:

IMG_20150820_131305040Whew!  At $1.29, we could afford to try all 5!!  And that’s good, because the cash flow is gone, people (again, we are accepting donations, tips, handouts, canned goods, coats, hats, whatever!!)

The sandwiches come in boxes (see the first image again).  Cute.  Kinda White Castle style here, people.  Cuz they are sliders, get it??  HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!  Neato.  Ok, back to it…

IMG_20150820_133008707Le’s start with the bread.  The rolls are soft.  You can see quite a bit of flour on the tops (which Denny despises).  Yet, you don’t taste the flour.  Which is cool.  Despite the rolls being soft, they are actually very good.  We are fans.

Each sandwich had plenty of meat (with the exception of one).  And there isn’t anything fancy about these.  There is meat and there is cheese.  That’s it.  It makes it pretty easy to review, though.  They will be either good or not good.  And that is all.

Now, we will look at each sammich individually.  We are NOT going in order with the list above.  Why?  Because this is our site, and we do what we want!!  Why so aggressive??!??!??!?!?!?  Why am I answering myself????!?!?!?  Must have beer…

Roast Beef ‘N Cheese Slider:

IMG_20150820_133144496There really aren’t any surprises here.  The meat is Arby’s regular roast beef.  We all know what Arby’s beef is.  You either like it, or you don’t.  We don’t think anybody is in between on Arby’s beef.  It is processed.  But it is that unique Arby’s processed stuff.  And it is good.  We like this slider.  Because it is good.  Easy enough.

Jalepeno Roast Beef Slider:

IMG_20150820_133126086This is pretty much the same as the roast beef version, but with jalapenos.  Big surprise, eh??  Denny was afraid to try it (his guts are torn up from the stress of being a broke writer!), but Herman gave it a go (HO HO!)  First of all, notice that Arby’s is fire-roasting the jalapenos.  This makes them different than most sandwiches with jalapenos that use the regular pickled kind.  Herman says that these have a fresh jalapeno flavor to them.  He says there is a decent amount of heat to the sandwich.  Overall, he says it all blends well.  Finally, he says because of the third ingredient, it really stood out from the others.  Good sandwich.

Ham ‘N Cheese Slider:

IMG_20150820_133111461If you have had the Ham Melt at Arby’s before, then you pretty much have already tried this slider.  It is Arby’s processed (but good!) ham, cheese, and that’s it.  We like the Ham Melt, so we like this.

Chicken ‘N Cheese Slider:

IMG_20150820_133223330And now we come to the biggest disappointment of the 5.  In fact, it really is the only disappointment of the 5.  Take a good look at the pic.  Looks ok, right??  Now look at it cut in half:

IMG_20150820_133351850What the HELL is going on here??  Take a minute to scroll to the top of the page to look at the poster again.  See how it looks in the professionally shot poster?  See how the chicken is overlapping the bun??  Now, look at the pic directly above again.

Look, we don’t expect the real food to look like the pics.  But seriously, Arby’s.  WTF?

Yes, it is a chicken tender.  But you can see that most of the sandwich is nothing but bread.  There is barely any chicken on it!  If this is how it is gonna be, at least put two tenders!

The saddest part of this one is that the chicken was actually good!  It is good, white meat.  The breading is crunchy and has a good flavor.  But there just isn’t enough of it.  It’s kind of a joke.  Finally, the sandwich is a little dry.  Well, it is more than a little dry.  It is kinda like eating sandpaper while eating about 10 saltine crackers at the same time.  In the desert.  Skip this one.  For real.

Corned Beef ‘N Cheese:

IMG_20150820_133208206This one is probably our favorite of the bunch.  The corned beef is GOOD.  And it isn’t processed.  This is real corned beef, kids.  It blends perfectly with the cheese.  There is plenty of meat on it (HO HO!)  It is pretty juicy, too (HO HO!)  And because there isn’t anything else on the sandwich, the corned beef flavor really comes through.  We highly recommend this one.

This is the part where we talk about the value.  Each slider, as mentioned, is $1.29.  A little steep?  Maybe.  But this is Arby’s, after all.  Nothing is cheap.  Despite the cost, we think it is worth it.  But not the chicken.  That one is CERTAINLY NOT worth the money.  The others are, though.  You could get 5 of these, add fries and a drink, and the total would be about 10 bucks.  That would be a FULL meal, and typical Arby’s prices.

Overall, we are fans of the new Arby’s Sliders.  We think of Arby’s as a notch above your typical fast food joint.  These sliders don’t disappoint.  There was no indication that these are limited time only.  We hope they are truly a permanent menu item.  We will get these again.  Arby’s, please sponsor us so we can keep affording you fewd!!!


  1. DZNR

    Wish I had read your review before wasting my money. I had the chicken tender (not slider)… and it was pretty much exactly as you described it. DRY, DRY DRY and no chicken (?) to even speak of. Since this was the first slider I had tried and it was soooo bad….I won’t even be tempted to try any of the others. Arby’s should definetly delete these from their menu.

  2. pharmakos

    the Arby’s near me does a Happy Hour from 2-5PM where sliders and drinks are $1. makes it even more worth it.

    my chicken slider had more meat than that, i think you just got unlucky. ask for a (free) BBQ sauce packet to pur on top of it and its a pretty good $1 sandwich.

    the other sliders also benefit from sauce dipping. i’ve only tried Arby’s sauce with the other ones, but honey mustard or something might work pretty well too.

  3. Terry Ault

    We like the sliders also but we are trying to fund out what kind the bread is. We are at Arbys right now and we ask them the cashier the manager and even the cook could not tell us maybe you can thank you in advance

    1. Fewd Snobs (Post author)

      I took a look at the website again. Honestly, it appears to be a plain white bread bun. The only real description is that they call it a “Mini Bun.”

  4. Dennis Smith

    I did not like the Buns on the sliders I would much rather go back to the other kind of buns did not like the sandwich

  5. Dale Larsen

    I bought 1 each of the sliders when they came out. The pictures looked awesome. HUGE Disappointment! Rip Off! As usual the product does not match the marketing.

  6. bonnie

    Worst sandwhich I’ve had in a long time. I had the roast beef slider. It’s a tiny pile of roast big, covered with a glob of tasteless white cheese on what looks and tastes like a half baked dinner roll. Horrible.

  7. Bob Sayler Eubanks

    I thought the corned beef slider is great, where other fast food restaurant are you going to get corned beef that is not processed. Like they said this is real corned beef. Every time I order one I ask for extra meat which your first order of extra meat is free, most people don’t know that.

  8. Mike Hammer

    I really like the ham and cheese. It reminds me of the original Yumbo from Burger King in the early 70s (of which child me was a huge fan!) Bob Sayler Eubanks, I did not know that about the extra meat, I will have to try it. (At Subway I will usually order a 6″ sub with extra meat rather than a 12″. Rather enjoy the taste of the meat than fill up on bread.)

  9. BP

    I just ordered a turkey slider and it’s awful. Had to go to McDonald’s to get a burger instead. I won’t do that again.

  10. Gladys

    I thin they are delicios Congratulation tu Arby,s we visited evry day

  11. Gladys

    I thin de new small bites big flavor from Arby’s is delicioso i visit evry day

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