R.I.P. Beer Fridge (Update)

Article has been updated.  See updates at end.

The Fewd Snobs are mourning the loss of a close friend.  Our beer fridge.

You will recall that we did a review on our Danby Beer Fridge a while back.  Check it out here.

This thing was one of our most prized possessions.  Why?  It kept our beer cold!  In fact, it kept it MUCH colder than a regular fridge could.  It was a joy.  Then suddenly, one day we go for a beer.  It was piss warm.  The fridge was dead.

We have to say, we are VERY disappointed.  We gave this thing a positive review.  It did a great job.  But it just didn’t last.

We had the Danby Fridge for about 2 years.  We have not beaten it up.  We haven’t moved it around.  It just sits and keeps beer cold, like a beer fridge should!

We paid about $200 for this fridge.

Something doesn’t add up here.  200 bucks for a fridge that lasts 2 years??  We are MOST displeased.  There is NO WAY this thing should last only 2 years.

To add insult to injury, the little sucker has a warranty of 1 year.  2 years is unacceptable for a product like this.

Finally, we looked into repairing it.  The cost for a compressor (if that is what is wrong) is about the same as buying a new fridge.  Sigh.

Danby, if you see this, how about making good on this product?  Contact us.  We would love to be able to report that you made this right.

If any of our readers have a suggestion as to a better beer fridge, please let us know in the comments below.  We need a new one, fast.  Our beer is warm.  The regular fridge isn’t cutting it.  And icing a cooler sucks balls.  It takes too much time away from drinking beer!

On the plus side, we now have a place to store Bud Light!

R.I.P. beer fridge.  We will miss you.

fridgeUPDATE – 11/16/2015:  We sent a tweet to Danby after we wrote this article:

tweetf1Danby replied to us:

tweetf2So, we sent an email to Danby.  We will keep you updated on what we hear back with!!

UPDATE – 11/18/2015:  Danby replied to our email.  The rep said our site was entertaining!  We know this, but we will take the compliment just the same!  Anyway…the rep said, “I am going to look into this for you and let you know if there is anything I can do.”  So, we will keep you updated!

UPDATE – 1/21/2016:  We never heard anything back from Danby, and quite frankly, we are pissed off.  This thing shouldn’t have broken in the time we had it.  And if the company is going to reply to tweets and make it sound like it is going to actually do something, then do it.  We are going to tweet the bastards again.


  1. Dr. Craig Cannon

    I do not approve of the atrocities you put the Bud Light through!!!

    1. Fewd Snobs (Post author)

      Dr. Cannon, thew Fewd Snobs love ya, but Bud Light sucks! Know this! We can’t give it away to anyone we know except you!

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