Oh Hell No! Burger King Angriest Whopper

For our first “Oh Hell No!,” we give you the Angriest Whopper from Burger King.

In case you missed our introductory post, “Oh Hell No!” features stuff that we won’t even try. We think this atrocity is a perfect start to our new feature.

Get this, directly from BK’s website: “The Angriest WHOPPER® sandwich consists of savory flame-grilled beef, piled high with thick-cut bacon, American cheese, iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, angry onion petals, jalapenos, creamy mayonnaise and spicy angry sauce all layered between a red bun that has hot sauced baked in.”

Did you read that? Did you actually process it?

This thing has “angry” onion petals (something about “angry” and “petals” together doesn’t make sense to us!), jalapenos, spicy sauce, and a BUN that has HOT SAUCE BAKED IN!!!

Yes, the bun is red. We seriously doubt that the bun is red just because of hot sauce. It is dyed red. If you will recall, BK did something similar with its Halloween Whopper. Do you remember what it does to you? Google it, because we aren’t even going there again.

All of this brings one question to mind. What could go wrong?!

We think you can see why we said, “Oh hell no!” Why would anyone eat this? Let’s be honest here. The only thing that is going to happen when eating this is nothing good. Your mouth will burn. Your stomach will set on fire. Your intestines will bleed. And we hate to imagine what happens the next day! No. We’ll pass.

As far as we are concerned, we would rather have a few shots of gasoline and eat a lit match. The end result is the same, but at least it will happen faster.

Just for the hell of it, check out BK’s video…

Very cute.

If Burger King put as much money into making its existing food NOT suck as it does into bullshit promotions and new items, people might actually eat there!

There you have it. Eat it at your own risk. Make sure to have a fire extinguisher available if you do. For both ends.

If you actually try it, let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Nece

    I’m eating this now and it’s hardly spicy at all. The bacon is a dream though.

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