Introducing “Oh Hell No!”

The time has come for a new feature, people. “Oh Hell No!” is here.

“How did this come about, Fewd Snobs?” An excellent question!

We constantly search for new food to review. It’s our job. That said, we often find something new that causes us to say, “Oh hell no!” It is something so nasty or so vile that we can’t even bring ourselves to review it.

This has caused us many missed opportunities.

So, instead of letting these pass us by, this kind of stuff will fall into the new feature.

This way, we can tell you what it is and why we refuse to review it.

Everybody will win with this feature. Not only can we cover new stuff that sucks, but we don’t even have to review it! Yes, we don’t need to try to digest stuff that will destroy our guts, but you still get to read about it!


Stay tuned, kids!