Introducing Fewd Snobs Recipes!

Fewd Snobs Recipes will be coming soon!

When we started this site, we always intended to have recipes. Why? Even we have to eat something besides fast food. Sometimes. And with our recently rolled out Instagram, this is the perfect time to bring you our soon to be famous recipes.

Now, remember this is Fewd Snobs. We aren’t going to be making Coq au Vin here, people. We make stuff that normal people eat. Well, that wasn’t very nice to you Coq au Vin eaters, was it?? You get the idea.

Let’s make this very clear. Denny won’t be giving any recipes. To Denny, boiling water is cooking. And it is too big of a pain in the ass to bother with. The recipes will be coming from Herman. And Denny’s girlfriend, The Only One.

We kind of had a feature like this in the past called “What Herman Made.” It tied in with our Podcast, “The Denny and Herman Show.” But nobody ever listened to the show. So there went that. That’s fine, people. That’s fine!

So, the new recipes feature is born. Check back for updates. This is stuff that everyday eaters will like. And it will give you a break from McDonald’s.

And maybe, just maybe, if this takes off we can write a book. And make some money! That would be nice. A Fewd Snobs book, and money for Denny and Herman!

Stay tuned, you people!