Fewd Fight! Sriracha

In case you haven’t read the ‘About Us’ page yet, Fewd Fight! is a feature where the Fewd Snobs completely disagree on something.

For our first Fewd Fight!, we have chosen the trendy sauce, Sriracha.  We are talking about the Huy Fong Foods version, which is the most popular.

We COMPLETELY disagree on this one…

Herman’s Thoughts:  I LOVE Sriracha!  I have been on a binge lately with the stuff (two huge bottles in about 3 months).  I have been putting it on everything.  I also find that it is an awesome ingredient to cook with or just add to something rather than eating it straight up.  The heat you get from Sriracha is different than other sauces such as Tabasco.  It is more of a chili sauce than a hot sauce, meaning the flavor is primarily chili rather than just the heat.  I also like the kick of the added garlic.  I would say my favorite uses for Sriracha are adding to soups (mostly Ramen), hot dogs and corndogs, and mixing it with barbeque sauce for dipping things.  I can’t get enough of this stuff.

Denny’s Thoughts:  I absolutely cannot stand this stuff.  I think it is complete garbage.  I don’t begrudge someone if he or she actually enjoys something.  But I suspect that half the morons I see eating this stuff do so because it is trendy.  And trendy stuff is cool, right??!!  Let’s face it, the Huy Fong Foods brand of this is a status symbol at this point.  You know exactly what it is when you see the ugly clear bottle with bits of the sludge stuck to the sides, and the goofy looking green cap.  It looks like a big glue bottle.  And this crap would better be used as glue.  It’s not even that spicy.  It has a very strange after-taste that is completely disgusting.  But EVERYBODY says it is sooooo amazing!  Yeah, whatever guy.  People like this stuff because it is cool to like.  There may be some people who truly like it, but they aren’t the ones going around saying how good it is.  They quietly enjoy it, and that’s fine.  But the rest of the morons are not eating it for the flavor, because the flavor sucks.  Go get a bottle of Louisiana Hot Sauce.  Do yourself a favor.  Enough already.


  1. Bobbie Sabadin

    I couldn’t agree more Denny. Uk! You are spot on about the after taste as well. I made the mistake of putting it in a burrito without tasting it first because my nephew said how awesome it was. Ruined my eats.

    1. Denny B.

      Thanks, Bobbie! I win!!

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