Fewd Bite: McDonald’s Serving Breakfast All Day!

McDonald’s has announced that starting on October 6, 2015, it will be serving breakfast all day!


This is something that people have wanted for about 200 years, we figure.  It has always amazed us that local chains all over the country somehow manage to serve breakfast all day, but McDonald’s never could.  The excuse has always been that there isn’t enough room to cook both breakfast and the regular menu all day.

Now, magically, McDonald’s has found a way.

We suspect this has more to do with the company struggling lately than anything.  Either way, we can now FINALLY get an Egg McMuffin for dinner.

A while back, most locations starting doing an “After Midnight” menu that featured SOME breakfast items.  The options varied depending on the part of the country.  Denny has had the Sausage McMuffins several times on the “After Midnight” menu, and has found it to be terrible.

Denny’s Thoughts:  The “After Midnight” menu was awful.  The Sausage McMuffins are ALWAYS COMPLETELY sogged out.  It is like they were leftovers from breakfast that were microwaved.  Terrible.

Here is to hoping that McDonald’s will figure out how to make fresh breakfast items all day.  If it can pull it off, this could be very lucrative.

We LOVE McDonald’s breakfast, so let’s hope it is good!  Start the countdown to October 6!!