Fewd Bite: KFC’s New New Colonel

Yes, you read the title of this post correctly.  KFC has a new new Colonel.

You may recall that we recently reviewed Kentucky Fried Chicken’s FLG Sauce.  We also discussed the new Colonel Sanders ads.  Check it out here.

Now, KFC is running a new set of ads with a DIFFERENT new Colonel!  The original ads featured Darrell Hammond from Saturday Night Live.  The “new Colonel” is being played by Norm Macdonald, also from SNL.

So, there are now three Colonels, total.  The real one.  The new one.  And the new new one.

Check out the new new Colonel below:

In case you missed it, here is our favorite ad of the Darrell Hammond version:

This is probably genius marketing on Kentucky Fried Chicken’s part.  We don’t know what agency created these (we could look it up, but meh.  Too much work).  This agency is probably making tons of cash though, and for good reason.  We hold to it that we think these are damn funny.

As to which Colonel is better, you decide.  We are going to keep our thoughts on this one quiet.  We love both Darrell and Norm, so we can’t pick.  We will never forget “Chicken in the bucket, chicken in the beans…” though.  It is our favorite ad.  But we like both Colonels.

One thing we will say is that we hope they alternate between the two Colonels.  This could make some funny ads with the two Colonels fighting over which is the real one, especially since neither is the real one.

Which is your favorite?  Leave a comment below, and let’s get the debate going!