DEWcision 2016 Winner Announced!

DEWcision 2016. The biggest, most important election of the year! Or something.

You may recall that Mountain Dew had been running an “election” to decide which of two temporary Mountain Dew flavors would be brought to store shelves permanently.

One candidate was Baja Blast. The other was Pitch Black. Recall that we reviewed both. Because we are all about democracy. More beer please…

Well, the people spoke. And there is a winner.

Pitch Black wins the election! Are you excited?! You know we aren’t!

IMG_20160426_120132394Frankly, we are kind of surprised that Pitch Black won. It is a glorified grape soda. On the other hand, Baja Blast isn’t that great, either. And it has been available at Taco Bell for a long time. If it will still be available at Taco Bell remains to be seen. We are at the edge of our seat. OK, probably not. But, you get the idea.

We would have thought the long-time Taco Bell following would have edged out Pitch Black. Nope. You lose, Baja Blast. Go home.

That said, Pitch Black didn’t win by much. According to this, it won by half a percent. It wasn’t a landslide. But a winner is a winner.

Since we had to vote in this super important election, Denny voted for Pitch Black and Herman voted for Baja Blast. Denny may have won, but he really doesn’t feel much victory. Both of us prefer regular Dew. We don’t think these are good enough to buy. And to top it all off, recall that Herman thought that the Pitch Black stuff smelled like farts. Classy, we ain’t.

This is important shit, people. Mountain Dew had an election. And a lot of people actually voted. Wow. We aren’t drunk enough for this, people!

Congratulation to the winner, we suppose. We won’t be buying any anytime soon. But if you actually voted for this stuff and wanted it, good for you. You win!


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  1. Kevin

    I was actually shocked by this. I actually like Pitch Black OK, my Kids (20 & 17) love the Blast stuff, an seems to be really popular at places like Taco Bell so figured it would win hands down.

    The 2008 Dewcision was more fun IMHO. We tried all 3 and actually liked Revolution the best but sadly it lost out to Voltage. I still think Revolution was superior, even more so over Pitch Black.

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