Fewd Bites

Fewd Bite: Crystal Pepsi Returns! Oh My!

From the land of “Why?,” PepsiCo is bringing back Crystal Pepsi! You remember Crystal Pepsi, right? Back in the early ’90s, Crystal Pepsi was introduced. It was basically just regular Pepsi, but clear in color. Fascinating! It lasted for less than two years. Nobody cared. Why? Because, why?? What’s the point of drinking clear Pepsi? Essentially, it was a marketing ploy to appeal to stupid young people (aren’t most marketing ploys like this??). The young people of the early ’90s said, “Like, wouldn’t it be, like, so totally cool if, like, we had some clear Pepsi?” Pepsi answered the question….
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Fewd Bite: Arby’s Buffalo Chicken Slider (New/Limited Time Only)

Seems like it has been a while since we did a Fewd Bite. What are those? We don’t remember either. Too much alcohol over the last year… Arby’s has added a new Slider to the menu. If you recall (assuming you aren’t a drunk like us!), Arby’s introduced its Sliders last year. We did a review on all of them. Refresh yourself here. The new addition is the Buffalo Chicken Slider. How original! The new sandwich has been added to the menu for a limited time only. This, despite the other Sliders being regularly available. Interesting move, considering the fact…
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Fewd Bite: Burger King Grilled Dogs Coming Soon

Burger King has had some interesting menu items lately.  First we have Chicken Fries.  Then we have Chicken Burgers.  Now, BK is introducing Grilled Dogs!  Yes, hot dogs at BK! Isn’t this place called Burger King??? It seems that Burger King wants to do something to set itself apart from the competition.  Indeed, according to the press release, Burger King “…will serve hot dogs in more restaurants than any other restaurant chain in the U.S.” Interesting concept, anyway. Burger King is going to have two types of dogs offered.  The Classic Grilled Dog with ketchup, mustard, onions, and relish.  The…
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Fewd Bite: Claussen Hearty Garlic Sandwich Pickles

For our first article of 2016, we bring you PICKLES! Way to start the new year off with a bang, eh?? Let’s get this out of the way.  Yes, we are going to be constantly referring to pickles.  Yes, we are immature and see the humor.  So once and for all…PICKLES (HO HO!).  There, now we can be civilized humans for the rest of the article. What can we say?  We like pickles.  And a Fewd Bite seemed like a good way to ease into the new year, so… Herman found these while browsing through the grocery store.  He does…
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Fewd Bite: McDonald’s All Day Breakfast Menu Is Here!

The day has finally arrived! Starting today, McDonald’s is serving breakfast all day! Yes, the Fewd Snobs are happy!  No, the Fewd Snobs don’t care that McDonald’s breakfast isn’t healthy! We get to have McDonald’s breakfast all day, and that is all we DO care about! It seems that for ages, fans of McDonald’s breakfast wanted to be able to have it at any time, all day.  McDonald’s claimed that it couldn’t be done.  Something about grill space, evidently.  Finally, they found a way.  Egg McMuffin fans rejoice! We should note to you, however, that the All Day Breakfast menu…
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Fewd Bite: Fast Food Chili – We Need Your Input, Snobs!

On Monday, we tweeted this: Fellow Fewd Snob Ryan replied to us with this: We thought this sounded like a pretty good idea! BUT, we have decided that we need your help! Tell us in the comments section below what your favorite fast food chili is, and/or tell us what chili we should review.  We will then go out and do a custom review based on what our readers suggest! This is YOUR review, Snobs!  Leave a comment, and let’s get the chili season kicked off right!!

Fewd Bite: McDonald’s Serving Breakfast All Day!

McDonald’s has announced that starting on October 6, 2015, it will be serving breakfast all day! Finally. This is something that people have wanted for about 200 years, we figure.  It has always amazed us that local chains all over the country somehow manage to serve breakfast all day, but McDonald’s never could.  The excuse has always been that there isn’t enough room to cook both breakfast and the regular menu all day. Now, magically, McDonald’s has found a way. We suspect this has more to do with the company struggling lately than anything.  Either way, we can now FINALLY…
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