Review: Art’s & Mary’s Herb Garlic Parmesan Chips

I am flying solo on this one.  My first review on my own.  Exciting, isn’t it?  Yes. A little history…I wasn’t familiar with Art’s & Mary’s chips until a while back.  Herman told me about them.  Art’s & Mary’s is a brand of kettle potato chips.  OK.  I kind of thought, “Big deal.  Another kettle chip.”  There are plenty of other brands available.  One of the most popular is Lay’s Kettle Cooked.  So how good could Art’s and Mary’s be? Plus, I thought that the whole kettle cooked chip deal might be overdone already.  Any self-respecting Fewd Snob likes regular…
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Review: Tombstone Original Supreme Pizza

Yes, you read right.  We are reviewing a frozen pizza.  Not only is it a frozen pizza, but it’s a $3 frozen pizza.  And it is petty damn good. Nobody expects pizzeria quality pizza when cooking a frozen pizza.  And yet, for something you can stick in the oven and have ready in about 20 minutes as opposed to calling for delivery, waiting for it while taking a nap, and then it’s cold when it arrives, frozen pizza is sometimes an essential.  Plus, a delivery pizza is gonna cost about five times as much.  And it also is pretty good…
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