Announcement/Review: The McDonald’s McRib Is Back!

The McRib.  The Great McRib.  It is back! First of all, we need to get this out of the way.  Is the McRib healthy?  No.  Is McDonald’s healthy?  No.  Is any of this supposed to be healthy??  NO!!!  It is awesomely good, though.  McRibs are great.  McDonald’s is great.  If you don’t think so, you are in the wrong place!  Go away, haters.  Fewd Snobs know what’s up! OK!  Rant over! The McRib pops up occasionally.  How often exactly?  We can’t say.  We can’t get a fast, clear answer.  We aren’t researchers.  That would take time away from our beers! …
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Happy Labor Day!!

Happy Labor Day to all of our friends!  We hope that you are getting to enjoy the holiday LABOR FREE!! To all police, firemen (and women!), soldiers, nurses, retail workers, and everyone who isn’t getting to be labor free today, we hope you somehow get to enjoy your holiday despite having to work today.  We thank you for your service and sacrifice, despite the name of the holiday today. Happy Labor Day from the Fewd Snobs!

Announcing The Denny and Herman Show!

We have been mentioning that an announcement was coming, and it is finally here!! New from the Land of the Fewd Snobs…as if reading what we have to say wasn’t enough…now you can LISTEN to us too! Introducing The Denny and Herman Show! Our show is technically a podcast.  But we don’t think of it like a podcast.  It is essentially a radio show.  It’s designed to sound like a morning or afternoon drive show.  Call it whatever you want.  We don’t mind.  Just listen! The Denny and Herman Show is a variety show.  You never know what you will…
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Fewd Snobs News!

Hello, fellow Fewd Snobs! It is a new week, and we are back at it! For those of you that have been visiting regularly, thank you.  We are in the early stages of the site, and are working on generating readership.  If you like what you see, please follow us on Twitter and feel free to retweet us!  Like us on Facebook, too!  Getting the word out will be the key. We would also like to hear from you!  Leave comments on the articles.  And by all means, contact us.  We want to hear what you like, what you don’t…
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Introducing: The Fewd Snobs!

Fewd Snobs is more than just a review site. It’s a place to go to read about real freaking food! There will be articles. There will be reviews. There will ALSO be rants, opinions, and good old fashioned drunk food! What you won’t find here is a “five star rating” to a fancy place. You won’t see glowing reviews for food that actually sucks. You will NEVER see the words “gluten free,” “organic,” “GMOs,” or “delish.” Us “snobs” are obsessed with “fewd.”  REAL food. Meaning anything from a hot dog to a ribeye. “Fewd” is NOT Coq au Vin or…
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