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What Herman Made: Homemade Chipotleez!

Hello Snobs! Time for the latest installment of What Herman Made, Homemade Chipotleez! I know what you’re thinking. What the hell is Homemade Chipotleez? Well I’ll tell you, but a little back story first. As you may have guessed, Denny and I are not big fans of Chipotle, the uppity restaurant chain famous for their organic, GMO-free, all-rice, no meat, overpriced, sorry excuse for burritos. That is if you are even halfway normal and still order a burrito over the trendy burrito bowl. The idea behind this eludes me. I paid for a tortilla! Give me a damn tortilla! And…
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What Herman Made: Aged Eggnog (Updated)

This article has been updated with Herman’s thoughts after letting the eggnog age for 3 weeks. See the additional notes at the end. Hello, Snobs. Herman here. With Thanksgiving wrapping up I thought it would be a good time to start thinking about Christmas and the fewd and booze related to such. In fact, I have a perfect recipe for What Herman Made, and since it takes a couple weeks to sit, the first week or two of December is just right to make it. Aged Eggnog. Personally I had never heard of “aged” eggnog before and was definitely intrigued….
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Miss Terri’s Christmas Cookies! (Updated with Miss Terri’s Thoughts!)

This article was updated on December 22 with Miss Terri’s Christmas Cookies story.  Check it out at the end of the article! It’s Christmas time once again, Snobs!  For Christmas, we have a very special treat…Miss Terri’s Christmas Cookies! Miss Terri is Denny’s girlfriend.  She is also known as “The Only One” (if you listen to “The Denny and Herman Show” you already know!).  Miss Terri is an excellent cook, and it is a good thing since Denny can’t even make a sandwich!  In fact, in the new year we will be introducing a new feature called “Terri’s Tips!” Miss…
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A Fewd Snobs’ Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving.  A day of the year to give thanks for all that we hold dear, including the harvest.  It is the beginning of the holiday season. Enough.  What is Thanksgiving really for?  It is for eating food, watching football, and drinking beer!  So naturally, it’s the Fewd Snobs’ favorite holiday!!  Our football turkey above agrees!  The only thing he is missing is his beer! Yes, Denny and Herman both enjoy the holiday more than any other.  If there was a holiday designed for Fewd Snobs, this is it.  No gifts.  No worries.  Just food and beer and football.  Perfect. So,…
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What Herman Made: Ham Salad

If you are a listener of “The Denny and Herman Show,” you are already familiar with our “What Herman Made” segment.  If you are NOT a listener of our podcast/radio show, shame on you.  Bad.  Go catch up on the show’s page, or listen on iTunes. “What Herman Made,” as the name suggests, is a feature where we talk about Herman’s latest creations.  For a while now, we have talked about adding “What Herman Made” articles to Fewd Snobs as a tie-in to the show.  Well, today is the day. We spent some time trying to find something to review…
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Happy Labor Day!!

Happy Labor Day to all of our friends!  We hope that you are getting to enjoy the holiday LABOR FREE!! To all police, firemen (and women!), soldiers, nurses, retail workers, and everyone who isn’t getting to be labor free today, we hope you somehow get to enjoy your holiday despite having to work today.  We thank you for your service and sacrifice, despite the name of the holiday today. Happy Labor Day from the Fewd Snobs!

Announcing The Denny and Herman Show!

We have been mentioning that an announcement was coming, and it is finally here!! New from the Land of the Fewd Snobs…as if reading what we have to say wasn’t enough…now you can LISTEN to us too! Introducing The Denny and Herman Show! Our show is technically a podcast.  But we don’t think of it like a podcast.  It is essentially a radio show.  It’s designed to sound like a morning or afternoon drive show.  Call it whatever you want.  We don’t mind.  Just listen! The Denny and Herman Show is a variety show.  You never know what you will…
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