All Things Fewd Snobs

Introducing Fewd Snobs Recipes!

Fewd Snobs Recipes will be coming soon! When we started this site, we always intended to have recipes. Why? Even we have to eat something besides fast food. Sometimes. And with our recently rolled out Instagram, this is the perfect time to bring you our soon to be famous recipes. Now, remember this is Fewd Snobs. We aren’t going to be making Coq au Vin here, people. We make stuff that normal people eat. Well, that wasn’t very nice to you Coq au Vin eaters, was it?? You get the idea. Let’s make this very clear. Denny won’t be giving…
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M&M’s Winner Announced!

A winner has been announced in the M&M’s contest! More candy! M&M’s had a contest going from March to the middle of June. Three new M&M’s flavors were introduced. Voters chose between Honey Nut, Coffee Nut, or Chili Nut. See our full review here. And the winner is… …Coffee Nut! We picked Coffee Nut as our vote. And we were right. Because we’re always right. Believe it. According to People Magazine, the new flavor will be available permanently in August. Who knew People Magazine was good for anything other than hot pics of Jennifer Aniston? Yes, yes, we know. We’re…
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DEWcision 2016 Winner Announced!

DEWcision 2016. The biggest, most important election of the year! Or something. You may recall that Mountain Dew had been running an “election” to decide which of two temporary Mountain Dew flavors would be brought to store shelves permanently. One candidate was Baja Blast. The other was Pitch Black. Recall that we reviewed both. Because we are all about democracy. More beer please… Well, the people spoke. And there is a winner. Pitch Black wins the election! Are you excited?! You know we aren’t! Frankly, we are kind of surprised that Pitch Black won. It is a glorified grape soda….
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National Hot Dog Day 2016!

Today is National Hot Dog Day! Yes, once again we all celebrate one of the best foods of all time. There is nothing to not love about hot dogs. From the cheapest $1 a pack dogs to all beef dogs (and everything in between), there is a hot dog out there for every type of Fewd Snob. We love all kinds of dogs here at Fewd Snobs. And we have reviewed quite a few since the beginning of our site. So, in honor of National Hot Dog Day, take a look back at some of our previous hot dog reviews!…
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Happy National Bourbon Day!!

Today is National Bourbon Day, Snobs! We don’t know the person that came up with this holiday, but to this person we raise a glass! We love bourbon. Big surprise, right? So what bourbon is our favorite? This is a tough one, right?? Jim Beam is our favorite. No small batch, single barrel, fancy stuff here. Just good old Beam. So pour a shot..hell…pour a glass, and enjoy National Bourbon Day! Screw it. Just drink the whole bottle!  

Introducing “Oh Hell No!”

The time has come for a new feature, people. “Oh Hell No!” is here. “How did this come about, Fewd Snobs?” An excellent question! We constantly search for new food to review. It’s our job. That said, we often find something new that causes us to say, “Oh hell no!” It is something so nasty or so vile that we can’t even bring ourselves to review it. This has caused us many missed opportunities. So, instead of letting these pass us by, this kind of stuff will fall into the new feature. This way, we can tell you what it…
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What Herman Made: Corned Beef and Cabbage

Happy St. Patrick’s Day Snobs! I have a special What Herman Made for just this occasion: Corned Beef and Cabbage. Also, the recipe is so simple you could probably still make it after sucking down 4 or 5 green beers. Winning! Corned beef and cabbage is a pretty traditional meal dating back a bunch of years. How many you ask? How the hell should I know. What do I look like, a historian? All I know is that I have some Irish lineage in my family and the stuff is pretty damn tasty. It is also considered peasant food, which means it…
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