Article: We Got McScrewed on McDonald’s McPick Two Menu

Hello ladies and gentlemen, Denny here.  Although Herman got McScrewed too, I am writing this one.  Because I’m pissed off.  I’m usually pissed off.  But that’s not the point right now.

By now, you already know that McDonald’s has gotten rid of the regular “dollar menu,” and replaced it with the “$1 $2 $3 value menu.”  Part of the new menu includes the $2 McPick Two menu.  The way this new menu is supposed to work is that you pick two items from the list (McDouble, small fries, McChicken, 3 piece mozzarella sticks), and you pay two bucks.  Easy enough, right??

Herman and I were hungry recently.  And we are broke.  VERY, very broke.  So, we remembered the new cheap menu at McDonald’s.  Yes, we put down our beers for a minute and WALKED to McDonald’s!

I don’t understand this new menu.  Why not just make everything a buck each??  I guess this forces the purchase of two, and somehow that helps McDonald’s.  Whatever.

Further, the McDouble went up in price not that long ago.  This brings it back down to a buck.  Doesn’t make that much sense to me, or to Herman.

So, we go into McDonald’s and check out what we are going to get, and see this:

IMG_3824So, according to the posted menu at our McDonald’s, the price for the individual items is more than a buck each.  The McChicken is a buck, but the McDouble is $1.19, the mozz sticks are $1.19, and the small fries is $1.29.  OK.  Seems silly to me, but OK.

I ordered a McDouble and a McChicken.  This should have been part of the McPick Two.  I also ordered a cheeseburger and a large fries.  I was hungry.

Herman ordered a bunch of stuff including two small french fries which should have been part of the McPick Two menu.

Here is my receipt:

IMG_20151215_124607278And here is Herman’s receipt (Note the Big Mac.  That was for The Cody.  He is an aristocrat!):

IMG_20151215_124551773See the problem here, people??

I was charged $1.19 for my McDouble.  Should have been a buck, since I also got a McChicken.  Herman was charged $2.58 for two small french fries.  Should have been two bucks.  WTF?

Now, the key MAY have been that we didn’t EXPLICITLY mention the words “McPick Two” when ordering.  But that shouldn’t mater!  Shouldn’t the cash register thingy pick up on the fact that we ordered TWO, and adjust the price????

Or, if it MUST be manually entered, shouldn’t the cashier make this adjustment?? (HA HA HA!!  Yeah, right!)

If the customer MUST say the words “McPick Two,” then the customer should be notified as such.  Do something.  Because this is kinda bullshit.

Herman and I got to wondering if McDonald’s is doing this intentionally.  I really DOUBT that McDonald’s would stoop that low.  Either way, something is going on here and it sucks.

Look, I realize we aren’t talking a lot of money here.  But, if they are going to have what amounts to a 2 dollar menu, then dammit, the prices for two items from the menu should be two bucks.

For a second, we thought about saying something and getting our money back.  Believe me, I NEVER take shit from anybody.  That said, the thought of having to explain this to a McDonald’s worker, and then waiting while the McDonald’s worker tries to refund our credit cards didn’t really appeal.  No offense to ALL you McDonald’s workers.  I know some of you aren’t idiots.  But, a LOT of you are.  I once tried to order a value meal with a Big Mac, a large fries, but a small coke, and a McDonald’s employee AND THE MANAGER couldn’t figure out how to ring that up.  They didn’t even seem to understand what I was talking about.  Evidently, the ONLY way to order the meal is by size.  Usually, if you don’t want the large drink (because you are eating in and can just refill the small one), the place gives you a few cents back by ordering a smaller drink.  Not so at McDonald’s.  Kill me.

So, we didn’t even bother trying to get our money back.

We got McScrewed.  This is bullcrap.  McDonald’s needs to get this fixed.  Customers are being cheated, and that’s not cool.


  1. McDonald's sucks now

    damn your McDonald’s is cheaper. Here in northern ca it was 2 for 2.50…and the mini meals are $4. They just started doing the 2 for $5 here, doesn’t really seem like a good value for the money. You can’t go to mcdonalds and not get fries…and a large order of them here is about 2.50. Add a drink In and that’s $8.50 for a meal at McDonald’s. No thank you. If I want to spend that much I’ll go to Carl’s Jr.

  2. Jamed

    Yes McDonald’s does suck I don’t even see the pick 2 I’m done with them they totally screwed it up

  3. Mike

    Yes, as I see it, the menu at McDonalds has been getting more and more chaotic every year. I have been a Mickeys customer for a long time now and I am just about done being one. Every time I go there I end up leaving pissed off. Fer instance- go there the other night for a couple of the usual burgers…stare at the idiotic menu that keeps flashing here and there, trying to make sense of it. Never see most of what I was looking for. Do they no longer serve these items? Am I just stupid and can’t find these items? (As another “fer instance” there just was not a “McDouble” listed on the menu- anywhere) I even asked the poor kid trying to collect my cash if he could find it…after looking for quite a while he could not locate it either and mumbled something to the effect of “yeah, there’s a lot of people irritated by the menu lately, I guess you are just supposed to assume that the usual stuff is there” At any rate, with that great big techno-marvel of a menu glaring at me, I would think that they could at least list the product they are intending to sell instead of the continuous loop of advertising on about half of the techno-marvel menu.
    Another question: “Two for three” Are we as customers supposed to request a “2 for 3” deal? Once again, not like its a huge amount of cash but when the confusion strikes there ends up being no “deal”, just feel like the machine has once again stolen my money. Can’t they simply sell some particular items at a cheaper price if they intend to have a “sale” instead of trying to mask the truth with their little buzz word jingles? (I have asked the cashiers this one and invariably get different answers- which again is not their fault- I don’t see how anyone is supposed to interpret this mess)
    Just one other comment- I find it humorous that a sausage mcmuffin lists for about 1.49 whereas a sausage mcmuffin with egg lists for about 3.49. Talk about the golden egg. LOL

  4. Average dude

    We had this problem tonight and ended up not going bc it felt like we where doing homework when combining orders to get the “deal”.

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