Article: Bud Light Has A New Logo

Bud Light has a new logo.


We aren’t going to get in to the entire background on this. Google it if you must. There is a ton out there, some of it from Budweiser, regarding the change.

In fact, this ties in to the recent change in the regular Budweiser logo.

Bud Heavy went back to a more classic look, and now Bud Light is doing the same.

The redesign features the words “Bud Light” in a bolder font, similar to the font that used to be on the cans and bottles years ago. In addition, the Budweiser crest is featured. This is the same crest that is on Bud Heavy bottles and cans. But it is blue for Bud Light.


This is Bud Light’s first major redesign in 8 years, and it is much needed. The old cans look like they are leftovers from the ’00s. We can get behind this change.

But here’s where it gets disgusting.

According to Ad Age, The VP of Marketing for Bud Light says that Budweiser, “…tried to find inspiration in our roots…” And yet, he speaks of “modern” and “forward-looking.”

Basically, Budweiser is combining aspects of old and new. How innovative.

And here’s where it gets really disgusting.

The simple fact is, Budweiser is trying to attract millennials and craft beer drinkers. It is all over the internet. Again, Google it. We’re not going for a Pulitzer here, people.

We realize that craft beers are the in-thing right now. Yes, all the true snobs walk around with their man buns and fuzzy beards drinking craft beers. How quaint.

Blow us.

First of all, no craft beer snob snooty bastards are going to drink Bud Light because it looks like a craft beer. Second, have you seen the names of craft beers? We don’t think they can be mistaken for BUD LIGHT. It’s not gonna help, Budweiser! In fact, it is just stupid. Be proud of what you are! Be a man! Remember the Budweiser Super Bowl ad? Let us refresh you…

Here, Budweiser is proud of not being a fruity, craft beer. Yes, yes, we realize this was for regular Budweiser. Whatever. Why try to fool people with Bud Light? It isn’t going to work, dummies.

And further, why would you want to appeal to these snobs? Sure, sales are down. But we read that Bud still sells more beer than anyone else. Again, we’re not citing the source. This ain’t a research paper, you people.

That said, we like the new look. It is certainly classier than the old logo. And the crest is really cool. Keeping the blue is cool. But again, this isn’t just about the look from Budweiser’s perspective, is it?

Despite a nicer look, you won’t catch us dead drinking this trash. We love real American beers. Miller Lite for Denny, and Coors Light for Herman. Bud Light is horrible. Yuck. Gross.

Finally, Anheuser–Busch InBev can dress up this stuff all it wants. The bottom line is this…

Same shit, different can.

P.S. – Notice our expertly shot picture at the top. Our local liquor store doesn’t have the new cans or bottles yet. So, being the investigative journalists that we are, we discovered a banner in front of the store. Herman, being the photographer that he is, caught this pic despite 50mph winds. And the liquor store guy came out and bitched at us. Now we have crossed the line into being professionals, people!


  1. Dr. Craig Cannon

    Bud Light rules!! There’s a reason they sell the most! But you are right the change in label isn’t going to attract the younger generation.

    1. Fewd Snobs (Post author)

      Somehow we knew that you would comment on this one, Dr. Cannon! HA HA HA! Bud Light sucks! HA HA HO HO! Good to hear from you, friend!

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