Announcing The Denny and Herman Show!

We have been mentioning that an announcement was coming, and it is finally here!!

New from the Land of the Fewd Snobs…as if reading what we have to say wasn’t enough…now you can LISTEN to us too!

Introducing The Denny and Herman Show!

Our show is technically a podcast.  But we don’t think of it like a podcast.  It is essentially a radio show.  It’s designed to sound like a morning or afternoon drive show.  Call it whatever you want.  We don’t mind.  Just listen!

The Denny and Herman Show is a variety show.  You never know what you will hear!  We will be talking about current events, music, sports, trending Twitter stuff, and pretty much anything that we can think of.

How does this tie in to Fewd Snobs, you ask??  Think of The Denny and Herman Show as an extension of Fewd Snobs.  We will be featuring Fewd Snobs segments on the show where we will discuss some of our current reviews, and other random fewd thoughts.  Plus, we will often be featuring one of our favorite segments called, “What Herman Made.”  Trust us, you WILL enjoy it.

In addition to Denny and Herman, the show features The Crew.  Interesting name, considering The Crew consists of one person!  Yes, people, we have a one man crew!  The Crew consists of The Cody.  He adds just enough insanity that the show needs!

We will also be featuring guests from time to time.

You can listen to the show using the player above.  You can also download it to listen offline.  Plus, we will soon be adding the show to iTunes so you can subscribe and get notified when we add new shows.  Finally, we will be adding the show to YouTube soon (audio only).  Be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook.  We will always post the new show announcements there.

We are looking for your feedback.  We ask for it on the show, too.  Hit us up on your thoughts about what we are talking about on the Contact Us page on Fewd Snobs, on Twitter, on Facebook, or leave comments below.  We will discuss your comments and thoughts on future shows.  Think of it like calling in to a radio show.

As of right now, expect a new show about once a week.  The show will be around an hour, give or take.  It really depends on how much beer we are drinking!

Last thing…the show pretty much follows the style of our website.  There is some biting commentary.  Although the language is similar to a FM radio show, some of the content may not be safe for work.  So if you are sitting in your cube listening to us (which we recommend…the hell with your boss!), you might want to use headphones.

The Denny and Herman Show is the next step to entertaining you, our beloved readers.  And hopefully listeners, too!


  1. Popageorgio

    I like the show boys!!!!

    1. Fewd Snobs (Post author)

      Thanks, Popageorgio! Stay tuned for more soon.

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