Monthly Archive: June 2016

Fewd Bite: Crystal Pepsi Returns! Oh My!

From the land of “Why?,” PepsiCo is bringing back Crystal Pepsi! You remember Crystal Pepsi, right? Back in the early ’90s, Crystal Pepsi was introduced. It was basically just regular Pepsi, but clear in color. Fascinating! It lasted for less than two years. Nobody cared. Why? Because, why?? What’s the point of drinking clear Pepsi? Essentially, it was a marketing ploy to appeal to stupid young people (aren’t most marketing ploys like this??). The young people of the early ’90s said, “Like, wouldn’t it be, like, so totally cool if, like, we had some clear Pepsi?” Pepsi answered the question….
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Review: Tombstone Roadhouse Double Down Deluxe Pizza (New)

We like pizza.  A lot. But you already know that. Because you read our articles regularly. Right??! For a long time, Tombstone was our favorite frozen pizza. One of our earliest reviews was on Tombstone’s Supreme pie. We came across the new Tombstone Roadhouse pizzas at the store. They’ve been out for a short time, but we didn’t jump right on them. Why? We were too drunk, and were sleeping it off in an alley. Or something. There are reasons we hesitated, but more on that later. And nobody ever accused us of being on the cutting edge. We move…
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Review: Burger King Mac n’ Cheetos (New/Limited Time Only)

As you all know by now, we Fewd Snobs cover real food. You know, stuff that normal people eat. This, naturally, includes a variety of fast foods. And over the nearly year and a half we have been around, we have covered a variety of new food items. Some of these we thought would be big, and they were not. Others we thought would be small, and they were huge. But we have rarely seen a new food item with as much of a buzz around it as the new Mac n’ Cheetos from Burger King. It seems like everybody…
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Review: Subway Parmesan Garlic Roast Beef Sandwich (New/Limited Time Only)

It takes quite a bit to get us to eat at Subway these days. There isn’t much to get excited about, after all. Instead of making sandwiches that don’t suck, Subway has been focusing on chasing trends lately. Antibiotic-free meats, “carved” turkey, and bullcrap like that. Meh. Every time we think we have given up on Subway, they do something that actually sounds remotely interesting. And here we are. Again. Yay! We saw a commercial for the new, limited time only Parmesan Garlic Roast Beef sandwich. Then, we heard commercials on the radio. Swell. So, we go to look it…
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Review: Oscar Mayer Premium Spicy Monterey Jack Beef Franks (New)

There are a handful of foods that define a Fewd Snob, and hot dogs are one of them. Now, you may think that this entire article is going to be based around hot dog jokes. But no! Since these are premium dogs, we are going to step it up and actually try to be mature for once. Do you believe that? No? Neither do we! But seriously, people. Hot dogs are perfect for Fewd Snobs. There is nothing not to love about them. We love them grilled, broiled, or just nuked in the microwave. They make great drunk fewd, too….
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Review: Lay’s Creamy Bacon Potato Salad Chips (New)

Hmmm…what would make a good flavor for potato chips? We know! Potatoes! Yes, Lay’s has a new flavor. Creamy Bacon Potato Salad! Oh my! Actually, we don’t know if it is really new. The bag doesn’t say it is new. And it is not on Lay’s website. But, we are guessing it is new. Our grocery store has a giant end cap loaded with bags of these suckers. So they must be new. Or something. Time for more beer, as usual… Seriously, people. Maybe this flavored potato chip thing is getting out of hand. When potato chips have potato flavor,…
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Happy National Bourbon Day!!

Today is National Bourbon Day, Snobs! We don’t know the person that came up with this holiday, but to this person we raise a glass! We love bourbon. Big surprise, right? So what bourbon is our favorite? This is a tough one, right?? Jim Beam is our favorite. No small batch, single barrel, fancy stuff here. Just good old Beam. So pour a shot..hell…pour a glass, and enjoy National Bourbon Day! Screw it. Just drink the whole bottle!