Monthly Archive: September 2015

Review: Pizza Hut Twisted Crust Pizza (New/Limited Time Only)

Pizza is magical.  It can’t really be explained.  It is the perfect fewd.  It has everything you need:  bread, cheese, vegetables, meat, and sometimes more.  In fact, this site was essentially started around our love of pizza.  A main part of our site design is even pizza!  You get the idea. Our readers know that we like ALL kinds of pizza.  And we mean ALL kinds, people.  From $2 mini frozen pizzas all the way up to something homemade, we love it all. Our readers also know that we like Pizza Hut.  There have been some significant Pizza Hut missteps,…
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The Denny and Herman Show – September 24, 2015

Welcome, people, to the latest episode of “The Denny and Herman Show!” We discuss a variety of topics in this episode, including the latest injuries in sports, some current events, and some random stuff our show is known for.  We won’t give the rest away…you gotta listen! WARNING:  This episode is NOT safe for work.  Not really.  The subject matter of some of it may offend some people. If we offend you, sorry.  Well, actually, we aren’t.  HA HA HO HO!  It’s an entertainment show, people!  Lighten up! Listen to the show with the player above, or listen on iTunes….
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Fewd Bite: Fast Food Chili – We Need Your Input, Snobs!

On Monday, we tweeted this: Fellow Fewd Snob Ryan replied to us with this: We thought this sounded like a pretty good idea! BUT, we have decided that we need your help! Tell us in the comments section below what your favorite fast food chili is, and/or tell us what chili we should review.  We will then go out and do a custom review based on what our readers suggest! This is YOUR review, Snobs!  Leave a comment, and let’s get the chili season kicked off right!!

Review: Doritos Loaded Breaded Cheese Snacks (New)

Herman was wandering through Wal-Mart the other day, and he stumbled on the new Doritos Loaded packages on a freezer end cap.  It didn’t take long after telling Denny about them to realize that we had to go to the store and get these.  Doritos and frozen cheese bites put together.  Sounds like a place made for Fewd Snobs.  We sobered up, and off to Wal-Mart we went. The store in our area is carrying two kinds of the Doritos Loaded snacks.  There is Nacho Cheese, and there is Jalapeno & Cheese.  They are being featured as a new product…
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The Denny and Cody Show – Bonus Show!

Herman went M.I.A. temporarily, so Denny and The Cody decided to do a bonus show!  Ladies and gentlemen, it is The Denny and Cody Show! With no Herman, and nothing going on, this was an “interesting” show!  Stick with us, people! And yes, there was a technical glitch in the show that caused you, our listeners, to not hear a video we played.  Meh.  We left it.  This one was off the cuff!  This show was a “just for fun” show – a bonus show! We think you will still be entertained!

Review: Samuel Adams Octoberfest Beer

It is that time of year, again.  Fall is approaching, and it is already time for Oktoberfest stuff.  Somehow this is the case, despite it only being September.  This is kind of like Christmas stuff being out already.  In September.  Or something. Recall our review of the Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte.  Same thing here.  It is a little early.  Whatever. If you don’t know what Oktoberfest is, go here.  We are not giving history lessons, people.  If you would like to pay for one though, feel free to let us know in the comments below. Naturally, there are American versions…
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The Denny and Herman Show – September 16, 2015

The next episode of “The Denny and Herman Show” is here! In the show, we talk about the NFL football season starting, the latest on the Kansas City Royals, some current events, the Kardashians (just trust us, listen!), and of course some “fewd” topics! Check it out!  Leave comments here, and we will talk about them on the next show! You can also listen to the show via iTunes. Enjoy the show, people!