The Denny and Herman Show – October 8, 2015

Fortunately for you, our listeners, here we have the latest “The Denny and Herman Show!”

Denny, Herman, and The Crew, The Cody cover the latest in sports including the “no call” in the latest Monday Night Football game with the Seahawks and the Lions, the Royals in the ALDS, other sports, some current events, a little bit of politics, and a Fewd Snobs segment featuring the bad side-effect of Burger King’s Halloween Whopper, the new Bud Light beer fridge, and McDonald’s breakfast all day menu.

Listen on the player above, or listen in iTunes.

This show, like all of our shows, is all over the map, people!  Leave some comments below, and we will talk about them!

Give it a listen, and we hope you enjoy!