The Denny and Herman Show – October 26, 2015

After a two week break, “The Denny and Herman Show” is back!

In our latest show, we talk about traveling methods (trust us, just listen!), road trips, sports (go Kansas City Royals!), our new studio fish, and we dedicate a big portion of the show to Fewd Snobs with a new “What Herman Made” segment, plus an on air taste test of Armour Chili!

As always, you can listen in the player above.  You can also listen via iTunes.

Leave us comments below, people!  Enjoy!


  1. Dr. Craig Cannon

    Another hilarious show guys. Thanks for the love! Hope you are feeling better Herman! I do recommend a lot of o’ange juice for that Vitamin C. Cody, I would recommend not rubbing your Dorsal fin so hard and let it get some rest.

    1. Fewd Snobs (Post author)

      Thanks, Dr. Cannon! You’re the best!

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