Review/Article: KFC Finger Lickin’ Good Sauce and other KFC Thoughts

Kentucky Fried Chicken has a new dipping sauce called “Finger Lickin’ Good Sauce.”  It is also called “FLG Sauce” on some of KFC’s material.  KFC is a Fewd Snobs favorite, and we have yet to review something because KFC doesn’t do a lot of temporary and new menu items.  FLG Sauce gave us a good excuse.

This also gives us an excuse for our first article on the site.  We have been thinking about covering some of the other stuff going on at Kentucky Fried Chicken.  So now, we will blend it all together.  Kinda like a KFC Bowl.  Hahahaha, we’re so funny!

First, the Finger Lickin’ Good sauce…

IMG_20150625_121234885This massive sign was in the window at our local KFC.  Obviously, KFC is taking this seriously.

We are pretty sure that you could put the sauce on any KFC item, but it is clear that the main item to dip are the chicken tenders.  They are shown in big poster above, and we soon discovered that the FLG sauce comes with the $5 Fill Up Three-Piece Tenders meal.  So we went with that.

IMG_20150625_122823895The Fewd Snobs love Kentucky Fried Chicken, period.  And we all know what the chicken tastes like.  The tenders are good.  The biscuits and mashed potatoes and gravy rock.  This isn’t about the chicken, so we will just talk about the sauce.

IMG_20150625_122912257This stuff is interesting.  Our first impression was that the sauce looks like gravy!  It has a thick consistency.  You can see spices in it.  It honestly looks like gravy!

Herman saw a sign in the store that says the sauce is made with the original 11 herbs and spices!  You can see the ingredients in the picture above.  Some of the most interesting ingredients are pickle juice and white wine!  The main ingredients indicate that the sauce is a mayonnaise variant.

The flavor of the sauce is pretty sweet.  The sweet reminds us of a honey mustard.  The spices give a good mix of flavor that hits after the sweet.  The spices balance out the sweet, so it isn’t overly spicy, nor is it overly sweet.  Overall, the mix is somewhere between a mayonnaise and honey mustard.  Denny and Herman agree that this sauce is VERY unique; it doesn’t really taste like anything we’ve had before.  And we think the main reason for this is that the famous 11 herbs and spices are included.  This really sets the sauce apart from anything else out there.

We like it.  It is perfect for dipping the tenders in.  The sauce would be good for dipping the popcorn chicken in, too.  KFC doesn’t do a lot of new stuff very often.  This is one to get in on.  Nothing indicates that this is a limited time offering.  We hope that KFC keeps it for the long haul.

We need to take a second to talk about the value here.  We tested the sauce, as we mentioned, with the $5 Fill Up.  This includes three chicken tenders, mashed potatoes and gravy, a biscuit, chocolate chip cookie, and a medium drink.  Two FLG sauces come with the box.  That is pretty sweet, because most fast food places don’t give enough sauce.  Two is plenty for the three strips!  Herman and Denny both got a Fill Up for lunch, and were both full when done.  The value here absolutely cannot be beat.  There is a LOT of food in the box for 5 bucks.  And this is a complete meal here…you are getting chicken, potatoes, biscuits, cookies, and a drink.  In contrast, 5 bucks won’t even buy a HALF SANDWICH at Subway anymore!  No, Subway’s claim to fame now is the bullshit “Simple 6” menu.  OK, a HALF cold sandwich, a small bag of chips, and a drink is six bucks.  Or, you can get KFC’s actual HOT MEAL for five.  This is a tough one.

Now, on to some other Kentucky Fried Chicken thoughts…

Unless you live under a rock, you have surely seen that KFC has brought the Colonel back in ads.  In case you are one of these rock-dwellers, check out the video below…

There has been some controversy with this new campaign.  Many people are pissed off because they think that these ads are making fun of Colonel Sanders.  Included in the group of pissed off cry-babies is John Y. Brown, Jr.   You know, the same John Y. Brown, Jr. who bought Kentucky Fried Chicken from the Colonel for a measly $2 million bucks and then opened a bunch of stores and made shit-tons more money that the Colonel ever saw??!!  Swell guy.  But don’t worry, he is upset because people are making fun of the Colonel.  OK, guy.  Just shut up.  And all this is public knowledge.  Look it up, kids.

The Fewd Snobs don’t see this campaign as making fun of the Colonel.  At all.  Colonel Sanders was 90 years old when he left us in 1980.  He has been gone for 35 years.  A whole generation of people don’t know who he is.  They only know him as the guy in the picture on the KFC sign.  If anything, these ads may INTRODUCE the Colonel to the younger idiots that don’t know him.  Maybe these people will find out about the REAL Colonel.  This is bad?

But more than anything, these ads are SUPPOSED TO BE LIGHT!  They are supposed to be FUNNY!  It isn’t about “making fun” of the Colonel!  If anything, it is just a light and funny caricature of the Colonel!  It is well-known that SNL alumn Darrell Hammond is playing the Colonel.  LIGHTEN UP, YOU PEOPLE!  It is SUPPOSED TO BE FUNNY!  UGH!  Everyone is offended by EVERYTHING today.  Give it a rest, already!  Unbunch your panties!  Laugh a little!

OK.  Deep breath.  Having said all that, we were surprised at one thing…

After getting our food, we realized there are quotes on the drink cups, the box of food, and even the sign in the picture above.

IMG_20150625_125328064IMG_20150625_125408494These quotes are actually in quotation marks, and have the Colonel’s name below them.

We SERIOUSLY doubt that the Colonel ever said, “Carbonation is the greatest invention since gravy.”

To be sure, we did the research, and we cannot find any evidence that the Colonel ever said any of this stuff.  We friggin’ KNOW he didn’t say to try his new FLG sauce (see the poster pic above again!)

Now look, we aren’t easily offended.  And we just got done telling people to quit taking everything so seriously.  But this strikes us as a little different.  It is one thing to embellish upon the Colonel’s likeness; it is another to put words in his mouth, so to speak.  He did not say what is being portrayed as direct quotes.  This strikes us as a little distasteful.  Maybe we need to lighten up, too.  But it’s just not the same as the silly, funny ads.

Go out and try the new Finger Lickin’ Good sauce.  It is really good stuff.  And watch the ad above again because it is funny.  Kentucky Fried Chicken is good.  That is all.


  1. Brian P

    To start off… – I’m a fan of yours, and a fan of KFC, so first off…JYB – chill out and have a sense of humor!! Secondly, with all of the cardboard tasting hamburger joints out there (granted, there are a few that are the exception, but VERY few), KFC is a nice break from the norm which is not only quality food, but tastes good and is actually (and I know this sounds crazy) but is actually good tasting food that won’t break the bank. And again, people please chill, and don’t take things so seriously, and have a sense of humor because the actors portraying the Colonel are some of the funniest guys in Hollywood!

    1. Fewd Snobs (Post author)

      We agree, Brian. KFC smokes most burger joints. And we also agree that the guys playing the Colonel are the best! Thanks for the comments.

      1. Davehat

        The REAL Colonel Sanders was a lot like Gordon Ramsay: Lots of swearing and quick to anger. Example: “This fastfood gravy tastes like shit. Like fucking wallpaper paste. And I know paste. Nowhere as delicious as MY original gravy. At my original restaurants customers would throw-away the chicken and just eat the Gravy, because it was so damn good.”)

  2. Anonymous Coward757

    First time ever at your site because I was actually trying to find insight as to exactly WHAT FLG sauce is. Bottom line: it doesn’t matter! It’s the best dipping sauce out in all of foodcourtia!
    The zesty, savory balance of sweet, tangy and spicy is like no other! I buy extra and use it on fresh chicken at home too!
    Also great as a dip for raw veggies, and even fries and home fries! Like you, I hope this is a long haul addition to the KFC family!

  3. JCH85

    KFC’s FLG Sauce very much reminds of Mississippi Comeback Sauce, but just a variant using their own spices…

  4. MGMCC

    If anyone knows of a bottled sauce similar to FLG, I’d be super grateful to hear about it! Unless KFC sells bottles?

    1. Fewd Snobs (Post author)

      It doesn’t seem that KFC is selling bottles of the FLG Sauce. That’s a good idea, though! We would buy it!

  5. Meadow

    Thanks for the review. You’re the top google hit for FLG sauce. We think the name “fewd snobs” is hilarious too.

    1. Fewd Snobs (Post author)

      Glad you like it!

  6. Beth

    Love the sauce got the 5 dollar fill up popcorn box, and fell in love! I hope they keep it!

  7. The Colonel

    I’m going to marry this sauce!! They gave me two with my go cup (two tenders and potato wedges for less than three bucks!), and one was plenty. I saved the other and used the it to dip just some plain grilled chicken, and it was as good as the tenders. a little goes a long way.

  8. Marlene

    I tried this sauce and wanted more. I went back and was told the sauce was such hit they were out of sauce. WHAT?? NO SAUCE?? So the hunt started. I looked for any recipe that looked close to FLG sauce.
    There are some sauce recipes out there, but none were quit right. So I came up with this recipe.

    1 cup mayo ( I use light )
    2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar or pickle juice
    1 teaspoon Weber Smokin’ Mesquite Grill Spice Blend
    2 tablespoons sugar OR 4 packs no calorie sweetener
    a pinch of red pepper ( Optional )

    Mix and chill 1 hour or longer. The flavors get stronger the longer it sits.

    1. Fewd Snobs (Post author)

      Thanks for sharing your recipe, Marlene! That’s awesome! We will try it!

  9. Larry Arone

    Unbelievable best taste i have had in years WOW !!!

  10. Trent Brown

    Easy everybody, I too was looking for more info. on the sauce because I like it. I don’t like that they charge me 50 cents per sauce when I order 50 hot wings!!! Throw some in for God’s sake! I have also learned that ingredients at restaurants varies depending upon franchise owners. In Appleton, WI the food is less than good at both locations. The BEST I have had was in Iron River, MI where not only was the food exceptional, but the service was top notch. I often said if I could only eat one food forever it would be KFC Hotwings, but the quality has tanked in recent years and it makes me very sad.

  11. Harold

    I would buy bottles of FLG Sauce too if they offered it! Heck, I’d be willing to get it by the gallon if I had to… Here in central Indiana the sauces are pretty much offered complimentarily. I got the Tenders Go Cup today. Asked for and received 3 FLGs with presentation of order then got 2 more to finish off Cup (I like food with my Sauce.)

    TIP FOR HOME: The empty Go Cup is great for holding a small batch of paint for touchups or small jobs. The little wall inside makes it easy to get excess paint off the brush.

  12. Marla

    First of all I just want to say that your grilled chicken is very good and I like the finger licking good sauce but today (09/25/2017) when I got it I noticed that the packaging year was 2015. I now notice in the picture you have posted, it is also 2015. Is this product even safe to eat?

  13. Susan

    Try the FLG sauce with the KFC potato wedges. I sometimes just get that. Wow.

  14. Janice Doan

    I know that everyone here loves there FLG but I love there Honey Mustard. KFC ask them to bottle both and make fortune. I know I am not the only one that loves it. It is all so good on potato wedges.


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