Review: YETI Colster Koozie

Before we get started, we need to take a second to welcome Herman back.  He crawled his way out of the alley he had been hiding in, and has returned.

As he came out of his stupor, he brought back with him the single greatest invention since the beer fridge.  The YETI Colster koozie.

Herman was traversing the backwoods of Texas, and he learned of this mystical device.  It came to him in a vision.  The trees parted, the wind blew up, and a light appeared.  OK, he imagined that part (beer is a bitch, people!)  In any case, he learned of the Colster, and picked some up at an Ace Hardware, of all places.  He brought one back for Denny, too.

Herman is convinced that the Colster is driven by witchcraft, or sorcery of some kind.  Denny thinks there is a little demon in the koozie with an AC unit.  But, we digress…

Forget everything you know about koozies.  Regular koozies are awesome, but even they struggle sometimes to keep a beer cold all the way through.  This is certainly true in heat and sun.  The YETI Colster completely eliminates this problem.

Rather than us explain all the features, take a look at the label that is on this magical device for the best possible introduction:

IMG_20150720_110644991IMG_20150720_110655775_HDRThe label explains it all.  This thing must have taken a team of engineers, because we’ve never seen anything like it.

The Colster comes with a sample can.  In the can, there is literature on it.  There is also a cool sticker.  Use it.  Show everyone how cool you are.  Just do it.

IMG_20150720_104859304_HDRMost cans and bottles will fit in the Colster.  Not many koozies for cans will work well with bottles.  Usually, you need the kind made for bottles that zip up.  Somehow, this monster will work with both.

The koozie has a top that unscrews.  After you take off the top, you put a can or a bottle in the base.  Then you screw back on the top (HO HO!), and you are good to go.  This couldn’t be easier to use.  You will notice that with a Coors Light can, however, because the can is taller and a slightly different size than a regular can, you will have to kind of push down harder on the top piece.  But there is a flexibility to the top, so it will fit fine.

canlineupWe have never seen anything like this before.  The Colster truly keeps beer cold until the last drop.  Herman tested the Colster in direct sunlight with both cans and bottles in 95 degree heat.  The beer was cold all the way until the end.  It is truly amazing, and you would never believe it until you try it.

So we did a scientific experiment (as scientific as we get, anyway).  We put a beer in the Colster, and let it sit for over an hour.  In fact, we forgot about it.  When we went back, the friggin’ beer was still ice cold.  What the hell?  We have no idea, but you need one of these.

One other thing to note…be careful.  This thing is heavy.  Because of that, it can be a little deceptive as to how much beer is left in your can.  You will drink more than you realize.  We don’t see this as a bad thing, but for you lightweights, you have been warned.

The Colster costs $30.  This could be the best 30 bucks you spend in addition to the cost of a beer fridge.  The Colster can be ordered from the YETI website, along with other YETI products.  Order one here.

While you are there, check out the other stuff YETI sells.  They have a line of coolers that keep beer cold longer than any cooler you have ever used before.  Plus, YETI prides itself on the fact that its coolers cannot be destroyed by bears…

So, the next time you are out drinking with bears, don’t worry, because your beer will be safe.  And cold.

IMG_20150720_105131120So remember, kids, a cold beer is a happy beer!


  1. True Religion Outlet

    You know I love your blog!!!

  2. Rodney Hall

    Fantastic review, guys. For as big of a Yeti fan I am, I hadn’t seen the Colster Koozie, yet. Thanks for pointing it out for me. I plan to pick one up tonight.

  3. Bened

    WRONG!! Bottles don’t stay cooler, until you drink it down below the screw on top. If you have a beer bottle in the Yeti and another you are drinking. Within the 15-25 minutes it takes to drink the uncovered beer your Yeti protected beer will get hot on top and mix with cooler beer on bottom. At $30 supply a taller ring for bottles and teeners. Then you have the spectrum covered and versatility for those of us who drink what someone else supplies.

    1. Todd Crocitto

      If it takes you 15-25 minutes to drink the uncovered beer in your Yeti, You should switch to wine…

  4. Chad

    Will the Colster fit stubby bottles like a Red Stripe or Coors Banquet?

    1. Fewd Snobs (Post author)

      I’m afraid not. You won’t be able to fit anything wider than a Heineken for bottles and regular sized cans.

  5. Chad

    I just wanted to update everyone on here. I received my Colster today and it will absolutely fit stubby bottles just fine. Very happy with the purchase. [URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL]

    1. Fewd Snobs (Post author)

      That’s awesome. I would have thought they’d be too wide, but I hadn’t actually tried one. Good to know. Cheers!

    2. Steve

      Have you tried Modelo bottle with it?

  6. J

    Your suppose to use that fake can for bottles and slim cans…. I might have missed that on your post but dont want anyone to throw those away

  7. Fewd Snobs (Post author)

    You’re kidding! I would have never thought to do that, and I didn’t see anything about it on the fake can. Luckily I still have them. Thanks for the tip!

    1. DebbieJ

      I used my coaster with a bottle and not using the fake can and it was cold from beginning to end

  8. A

    So, will the colster hold the skinny cans such as Michelob Ultra and Bud Light Lime?

    1. Fewd Snobs (Post author)

      We don’t know. We don’t drink those beers. Nor should anyone, ever! OK, just kidding! But, seriously, we don’t know.

    2. Stephen

      They don’t 🙁

  9. Stephen

    These won’t fit Mic Ultra cans, fyi

    1. Tiffany Christmas

      They do that’s what the fake can is for 🙂

    2. Kelsey Schuette just put a regular colster inside the yeti and mic ultras fit perfect

  10. Jill

    Why does the bottle seem to come out when you pick it up from the neck when it’s in the colster. And why is it hard to screw the gasket on and off the bottle each time?

  11. Mary Ambrosino

    Will this work for a plastic bottle of water?

  12. Megan

    Does the colster float?

  13. Jean

    Mine didn’t come with the fake can, can I get one?

  14. Lori

    Does anyone know if a red stripe bottle will fit in the Yeti Colster? Thank you!


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