Review: Triscuit Mediterranean Style Olive Crackers (New)

Herman was going to make a cheese ball (HO HO!), and so he was in the grocery store looking for crackers.  He came across these Mediterranean Style Olive Triscuits.  The box says they are new.  So naturally, he picked them up.

Crackers like Triscuits are great for drunk Fewd Snobs, you see.  And we have reviewed other flavors in the past, if you will recall.  So we figured we better review these, too.  Because that’s what we do.

The flavor certainly intrigued us.  What exactly is a “Mediterranean style” olive?  We figure Triscuit must be going after Kalamata olives.  How do we know?  Well, there is a picture of them on the box.  We are detectives!  Also, Kalamata olives are listed in the ingredients.  Although, they are listed WAY at the end of the ingredients.  Interesting.

Before we actually get into the review, you need to see some stuff on the box.  It is clear that Triscuit intends these to be served with other stuff.  Right on the front of the box is this…

IMG_20160314_152634631So, evidently, we should be topping the crackers with hummus, cucumbers, tomatoes, and feta.  OK, then.  We will get right on that.

In fact, the side of the box explains more…

IMG_20160314_152925045This is starting to sound a little pretentious for Fewd Snobs.  But we shall press on…

IMG_20160314_152559016There is a recipe on the back of the box, as you can see above.  And apparently, you can get more on Pinterest!  Oh my!!  What the hell is going on here?


We cracked open the box.  The smell hit us like a ton of bricks.  There is a STRONG olive smell.  Then again, what did we expect?  It was just VERY strong.

IMG_20160314_152814779Oh look!  Triscuits!

IMG_20160314_152846445There isn’t anything cryptic about the look.  Pretty standard Triscuits.  You can see seasoning specs on the cracker.

So, we tried them.

It was like getting punched in the face.

The olive flavor hits, and it hits hard.  Words cannot express the way this stuff hits you.  It’s like being punched in the mouth with a thousand olives.

Then, the flavor changes to a sour vinegary pickle mix.  Or something.

The point is that the flavor is terrible.  Yes, it tastes like olives.  But, it isn’t a good olive flavor.  It is just a strong olive flavor.

Imagine trying to eat 100 olives at once.  That might be how these crackers taste.  It is almost like a strong, fake flavor.  Yes, the box says there are real olives here.  But something just isn’t right.  It’s like Triscuit soaked each cracker in olive juice for days, dried them out, and put them in the box.  Yuck.  Gross.

Herman loves olives, and will eat them by themselves.  Denny has grown to like Kalamata olives, too.  But these crackers are essentially inedible.

In fact, we both ate half a cracker.  We had trouble choking down the other half.  Lots of funny faces were made while trying to choke down ONE friggin’ cracker!

So, we did the ultimate test.  The dog test!  Herman’s dog was hanging around.  This dog will eat just about everything, if you will recall from past reviews.

We gave her a cracker.  She kept spitting it out!  It took three tries before she finally choked it down.  The look on her face didn’t say anything good, either.  Even the dog doesn’t like these vile little things.

Again, from the look of the box, Triscuit is intending the crackers to be topped with a bunch of crap.  Yeah…no.  We think crackers should be edible as stand alone items.  Why else put flavoring in them?

The cost was the same as any other box of Triscuits, so we can’t bitch about value.  But really, save your money.  Because these suck.

Triscuit, you fail on this one.  Terribly.  DO NOT buy, people.  We warned you.


  1. Nancy

    Agree! This is one of the worst tasting foods I’ve eaten, EVER. With that flavor-punch-in-the-face, I instantly thought MSG, and sure enough, autolyzed yeast extract. Stick with the original Trisquit cracker.

  2. Bert Barrett

    Thsse are awful! We threw ours away after one bite. What were they thinking? They even smell bad! Ddo not buy!

  3. MaryJo

    Love them!

  4. Rea

    I was feeling better after I had a colonoscopy done tried this triscuits had violent stomach pains and spasms my acid reflex retriggered left me feeling awful it set me back from my recovery I would never eat these crackers again. Anyone with a sensitive stomach should never try these Mediterranean Truiscuits too strong of a flavor and way to acidic and spicy.

  5. Christine

    Completely agree! I love olives and triscuits but these are disgusting! No wonder they were on sale. Waste of money!

  6. Katy

    Only way I’ve been able to not let them go to waste is topping them with huge amounts of hummus… so close to finishing them and putting myself out of this triscuit misery.

  7. Casey

    Hahahaha I searched for a review on these after buying em today because I knew the strong flavor would bother a lot of people. I like them, but to each his or her own!! Haha!

  8. Tami Mathis

    I really love them. Guess I’m in the minority. It tastes like a pizza with lots of olives on it

    1. janelle

      Absolutely agree with you !!!

  9. janelle

    These are the BEST tasting triskets I’ve ever had. And 3 of my coworkers agree. Please do not stop making them Nabisco! They are awesome!

    1. Dee


  10. Dee

    I absolutely love this.. Also a great snack with Beer

  11. Ruth

    I am sensitive to MSG and these must be LOADED! All I could get down (due to flavor) was one cracker. Then, I got sick for 4 days (Menieres). Gotta look out for “natural flavor” as code for MSG. And, on the front of the pkg it says “Nutural flavor with other natural flavor” . Is that code for LOTS and LOTS of MSG???

  12. Renee Elbel

    absolutely love these, I eat them right out of the box or with dry salami! YUM

  13. Robin

    sounds like people who don’t like flavor should stick to soda crackers. I absolutely love these! They are awesome with our local grocery store’s Crab dip. I run in the store for Mediterranean style w/olive and grab a container of crab dip. Last night I stopped and I couldn’t find these crackers and that is why I’m on here making sure they don’t quit making them.

  14. Lydia Gullas

    OMG….these are my favorite Triscuits!!! I absolutely love them. CanNOT get enough of them. Thank you Nabisco!!!

  15. Robin

    I have been so bummed that I can’t find these crackers anymore, I actually went on a Google search for them. Coming across this review – I had to laugh. Guys – seriously – you think every cracker should be loved right out of the box? I can’t say that about any cracker at all – none. I refer you back to the pictures and directions on the box talking about all the yummy stuff you can put on these crackers. If you love Kalamatas like I do, and brie cheese, this combo is to die for. I’ve settled on Triscuits generally as my cracker of choice – tired of trying this an that, don’t like soggy crackers, don’t like boring crackers, or those with too many vegy’s in them. So to finally find the cracker I’ve been looking for my whole life – only to have them discontinued? Harumpf!

  16. Patty

    I absolutely love these olive Triscuits! They appeared at my supermarket in the winter and then quickly disappeared. I cannot find them in any store, but will try purchasing online if possible.


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