Review: Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar & Grill Fried Bologna Sandwich

I was in Bricktown in Oklahoma City over the 4th of July weekend.  It was a nice, relaxing trip.  For those of you not familiar, get familiar.  Go there.  It is a great place to visit and hang out.  Read about it here.

I will say that I went there with the intention of not reviewing anything.  I just wanted to “chillax.”  I didn’t want to review anything.  I didn’t want to work.

So we come across Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar & Grill.  Although my intention wasn’t to review anything, I took a picture of what I had to show it to Herman.  The more I thought about it, the more I wanted to review it.  So, this review won’t have as many pictures as normal because I wasn’t intending to review it.  Sorry.  You’ll still get the point.

There are quite a few locations of Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar & Grill around the country.  It has been in the news that some locations have been facing trouble lately, and closing down.  I should point out that this is due to the franchisees, not Toby himself.  I really hope that this trend doesn’t continue.  You’ll see why as you read on.

First, I should say that I am a fan of Toby Keith.  So, that made the place even more appealing.  There is Toby Keith stuff all over the place.  Pictures, gold and platinum album plaques (that look incredibly real, even if they are replicas), etc.  The decor is just interesting.  There are backs of Ford pick-ups with the door open placed around the place as chairs!  There is a stage where bands play live music on certain nights.  There is a VIP seating area upstairs with an always reserved table that Toby sits at when he visits.  The main bar is huge, and has tons of well-placed TVs for watching the game.  There are other bars throughout the place.  A giant patio is attached with yet another bar.  This place is great for eating, as well as just drinking and hanging out.

Now, to the food…

The menu is pretty big.  There are all kinds of choices.  It mainly consists of what you would expect to find at a bar and grill with Toby Keith’s name on it.  Check it out here.

My eyes were drawn to a menu item that said it was, “A Toby Favorite.”  The fried bologna sandwich.

tobyI am a big fan of fried bologna sandwiches.  I grew up with them.  This is an item you rarely see on a menu in a restaurant!  So I knew that this was my dinner!  I was interested in the fact that they put Jack and cheddar cheese on it, along with barbeque sauce.

I should also mention that Toby Keith’s has Lone Star beer.  To me, Lone Star is the perfect Texas beer.  It has been around forever, it is cheap, and it’ll get you drunk.  You can keep your fancy Shiner.  I’ll have me a Lone Star!

So I ordered up a fried bologna sandwich while happily sucking down a Lone Star and checking out the awesome surroundings.  I was one happy son of a bitch.

IMG_2555My food arrived and I was ready.  I ordered mine with the barbeque sauce on the side.

Let’s start with the accessories.  I am very picky about barbeque sauce.  I don’t like most restaurant sauces.  This stuff was actually good.  It has a slightly sweet flavor, and then a smoky tart flavor overtakes.  Good stuff.

The fries were great.  Nice potato flavor.  Not too thin, but not too thick.  Nice and crispy.  They were the perfect side.

The sandwich was perfect.

Check out the slice of bologna!  It was super-thick (HO HO!)  There was plenty of cheese oozing all over the bologna (HO HO!)  The toast was buttery and nicely grilled, but not burned at all.  I will say this though.  The menu said that the sandwich was made with Texas toast.  The bread was not Texas toast.  It wasn’t near thick enough.  This was like regular white bread.  But honestly, I really didn’t care.  The sandwich was so good, it didn’t matter to me.

The bologna had a nice, full flavor.  It was grilled nicely on the edges as you can see, but it was not burned.  The cheese flavors were distinctive, and blended perfectly with the entire sandwich.  The lettuce and tomato was a nice addition that I don’t put on my sandwiches at home.  It added just enough flavor without taking over.

I am telling you, this was a perfect sandwich.  And to get a great sandwich and fries in a restaurant for 9 bucks, to me, is a great deal.  It may not look that big in the picture, but I was more than full and content when I was done with this and my Lone Star.

I really hope that the rest of the remaining Toby Keith’s ILTB&G stay open.  I especially hope that the Bricktown location stays.  I want to go back.  I MUST go back!

Finally, a really cool thing about this place is that they offer a free cheeseburger with fries and a drink to members of the military that show an ID.

toby2That is beyond cool.  Not many places do something like that.  I think it is commendable, and a really cool thing.

Regardless of if you like Toby Keith, I would recommend checking his place in Bricktown out.  It has great food, a cool atmosphere, and is just an overall good time.  Perfect for fellow snobs!