Review: Taco Bell Boss Nachos (New)

Taco Bell.  Two words that cause love or complete hatred.  It seems to us like there is no in between.  You either love it or you hate it.

In our case, we love it.  Both of us Snobs have been fans of Taco Bell forever.

Denny was watching football, and a commercial came on for the new Boss Nachos.  Denny told Herman.  You see where this is going…

We don’t know if these are limited time only.  The Taco Bell website doesn’t say.  They also are similar to other nacho platters that Taco Bell has had over the years under different names.

Since we are bosses, we had to get some Boss Nachos.  Makes sense, right?  Are we drunk yet??


The Boss Nachos come with the following:  steak (this is default.  Other options are chicken and ground beef), nacho cheese sauce, 3 cheese blend, beans, guacamole, pico de gallo (yes, Denny HATES this term!), and sour cream.

We are going to start with the size, because size is what matters they say.  Get your minds out of the gutter, people!

On the commercial, the box of nachos doesn’t look that big.  Even in the pics on Taco Bell’s website, it doesn’t seem that big.

We placed our order, and out comes this massive box in a massive bag.  Seriously, people, the bag was HUGE.  We were both blown away.  Unfortunately, the picture above may not quite give you the perspective needed.  The plate of nachos is massive.

Check it out.  This is what we saw when we opened the box.

IMG_20151214_140108771_HDRTake another look, you people!

IMG_20151214_140117448_HDRThere’s a LOT of stuff on these nachos.

We have seen people bitching on the internet that EVERY chip should be covered.  To this, we say good luck.  It is impossible to cover every chip because of how the chips are stacked.  Maybe, MAYBE if you do it yourself you could cover every chip.  That isn’t gonna happen anywhere, let alone Taco Bell.  What the hell do you expect?  People like to bitch about everything.  We only bitch when something needs to be bitched about.  We were satisfied with the toppings.

We should point out that the toppings are kind of put into sections on the platter.  First of all, that is how it is portrayed on Taco Bell’s website.  Next, this is very common with Mexican food in regular sit-down Mexican restaurants.  The idea is that you mix it up yourself the way YOU want it.  There are plenty of toppings to mix up here, people.  So quit bitching.

IMG_20151214_140142663_HDRThere’s the baby poo…um…guacamole!

IMG_20151214_140153555_HDRPico de gallo.  DENNY NOTE:  AHHH!!  I hate that term!!  It is SALSA!!!!  AHHHHH!!!!!!

IMG_20151214_140208408_HDRSteak.  With melted cheese.  Have we died and gone to Heaven??

OK.  We already told you we think the platter is huge.  So let’s get to the meat and potatoes of the review.  Or the steak and cheese.  More beer, please…

Let’s start with the steak.  We think the steak is good.  Yes, we said we LIKED steak from Taco Bell.  It is very tender.  We figure this is from the marinade that Taco Bell uses.  We aren’t saying this is prime, USDA Grade A super certified perfect cuts of steak.  Again, it is Taco Bell!  But that said, it is GOOD!  There is a decent amount of steak too, especially for the price (more on that later).  It is well-seasoned.  It is NOT chewy or filled with gristle.  This is good stuff, people.

The cheese is cool, too.  Or we guess it is hot.  We are full of bad jokes today.  There are two different kinds of cheese here.  There is a cheese sauce, but there is also a shredded three cheese blend that is sprinkled onto the platter.  It was melty.  We figure that the platter must be warmed somehow in order for it to melt.  Microwaved?  Maybe.  Whatever.  It was good.  That’s all that matters.  It’s cool that Taco Bell puts both kinds of cheese on the nachos.  Because both are good stuff.  Enough said.

There are a couple of piles of refried beans.  They were good.  They are refried beans.  What can be said?

Guacamole is next.  Herman thought the guac was fine.  Denny does NOT like guac.  Incredibly, he liked this guac.  It isn’t very chunky; it is pretty smooth.  It has a good flavor, amazingly.  It is certainly better than those fake dips that you buy at the grocery store.  And also cool is that they don’t charge extra, like SOME places do. Good enough for us.

Finally, pico de gallo.  Again, Denny HATES this term.  Regardless, the pico was good!  WTF?  It has a nice, even flavor.  Herman suspects that they don’t make it fresh, but he doesn’t mind that.  He says if it isn’t made fresh, it has more time for the flavors to mellow and blend together.  Denny says whatever.  He liked it, and is just pretending it isn’t called pico de gallo.

SOUR CREAM NOTE:  There is sour cream on here too, which Herman typically doesn’t like.  He actually didn’t mind it on here, though.  He liked how it was on a small part, so he could have a little or avoid it.

IMG_20151214_142528680_HDRAbove is a pic after we did a good taste test.  Essentially, what we have here is what you have left after eating the whole chips.  There are some bits at the bottom, but that is to be expected.  Get a fork, mix the rest up, and eat it!  In fact, Herman ate the leftovers later on the night we taste tested it!  TACO BELL LEFTOVERS, PEOPLE!  That MUST mean this stuff is good!

One more closeup…

IMG_20151214_142538752The cost for this massive plate of fewd is $5.99.  The default meat, and the one that Taco Bell is showing in ads is with steak.  You can also get chicken for $5.99.  Finally, ground beef is an option.  The cost of the ground beef is $4.99.  The Boss Nachos are a great value.  Let us tell you, if you eat this entire platter, you WILL be full.  In fact, this may almost be too much for one person for lunch.  We think it is a great deal for the price.

Overall, we think these Boss Nachos are great.  Both Snobs enjoyed the hell out of them.  We would absolutely get them again, and we hope these make the permanent menu.  Grab some of these for football, and enjoy!

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