Review: Subway Thick-Cut Carved Turkey & Bacon Sandwich (New/Limited Time Only)

Subway is at it again. It is trying to make sandwiches that don’t suck.

How enthralling.

Recall our earlier review on Subway’s Rotisserie-Style Chicken Sandwich. Subway seems to be trying to jump on the “healthy” (read trendy) craze by introducing antibiotic-free slop. And no artificial preservatives (in the case of this turkey). Swell. Because rotted turkey that has been sitting at Subway too long tastes better, evidently.

Now, Subway has introduced “carved” turkey.

This must be some kind of piss poor attempt at competing with the trendy places like Panera Bread. Oh my.

To us, this is basically acknowledging that Subway’s regular turkey sucks.

Think about it…Subway has had turkey since its inception. If it were any good, then why would new turkey need to exist at all? It doesn’t make sense! Turkey should be turkey! At the very least, drop the shit turkey and bring this on full time! Is Subway doing that? No! Instead, Subway is making this turkey available, and at a higher price!

You would think that in the time we have been reviewing food, we would no longer be surprised. Nope. We’re surprised.

And we’re pretty sure people will buy this up. Subway is advertising the hell out of it, and people are stupid. There you have it.

As is often the case, we decided to push our preconceived notions aside and go to Subway to buy one of these things. We have a duty to you, our readers. Thank us.

You’re welcome.

Off to Subway we went.

There are two new sandwiches available. There is the Carved Turkey, and the Carved Turkey & Bacon. The version with the bacon is the one that Subway is pimping in all the ads. So, we went with that one for the review.

The picture on the menu suggests to try the sandwich with American cheese, spinach, tomatoes, and mayo. Since that is what is in the ads and all the pictures, we went with that. We ordered a six inch on Italian. We did not toast it.

We actually like the fact that Subway is offering suggestions for the toppings and condiments. In the past, you couldn’t just order it how it looked in the picture. This used to piss off our friend Dr. Craig Cannon. Pissing off the doctor isn’t good. He’ll poison you.

So we ordered, and…

IMG_20160426_114940685The difference between Subway’s regular turkey and this turkey is apparent right away. It is much thicker. And it has the “roasted” looking edge. We don’t know if it is really roasted, or if it is fake.

The six inch comes with two slices of turkey. How impressive.

IMG_20160426_114820577Above is a look at the turkey. It does appear to have a more “real” consistency than Subway’s regular turkey. After all, this is just like how the Pilgrims had it! Subway’s website actually does have a Pilgrim on it for this turkey. Yeah, we can’t believe it either. We’re not even drunk.


IMG_20160426_115019462You get a real idea of the meat (HO HO!) in the picture above.

Let’s get this out of the way…the suggested toppings were a good blend for this sandwich. We actually liked the spinach in place of lettuce. Yes, this kind of goes against what Fewd Snobs stands for. But meh. It tasted good.

The bread is typical Subway. You like it or you don’t.

The real point here is the turkey. This turkey is oven roasted, and it tastes like it. No mesquite or smoked flavors here. There may be some kind of seasoning on the edges, but there isn’t much flavor to it. It is tender and juicy, so that is certainly a plus. The texture is indeed like real carved roasted turkey. The thicker cut does give the effect of there being more meat on the sandwich.

We only have one bitch with the turkey. The edges are gristly. There was fat and gristle on the edge of both slices of turkey. You can see it in one of the pics above.

Sometimes, fat and gristle can be good. That wasn’t the case here. It was rubbery and chewy. Yuck. Gross. Not pleasant. If every slice has this, that is a huge disadvantage.

Other than that, the turkey itself is pretty good.

Here are the prices in our area:
Carved Turkey: $4.99 for a six inch/$7.99 for the twelve inch
Carved Turkey & Bacon: $5.49 for a six inch/$8.99 for the twelve inch

The regular turkey sandwich runs $4.79 for the six inch and $7.49 for the twelve inch.

It is probably worth coughing up the extra change for the carved turkey. There is probably more meat, and it is a little more exciting than the plain turkey we suppose.

But in terms of value, we don’t think it is worth the money. In fact, we don’t think most of the sandwiches at Subway are worth the money! 8 bucks for just a turkey sandwich is stupid. Especially at a place like Subway. It isn’t good. Look, when Subway had $5 Footlongs, that was one thing. At least you could eat on the relatively cheap. At $8-9, you gotta be shitting us.

Let’s face it, kids…Subway can’t be Panera. Sure, Panera is trendy, and not really our thing. But at least it is pretty good. Panera’s bread is great, and even we can’t deny that. Subway’s bread pretty much just sucks. You can dress it up, put fancier turkey on it, and make it antibiotic free but it is still Subway. And Subway sucks.

The Pilgrims wouldn’t bother with this. You shouldn’t either.


  1. Nancy Medina

    In Conway AR you only get 2 slices, the commercial shows 3 slices and the picture in the store shows 3 slices, they ay they go by wt.

    1. SisterSledge

      Same in Phoenix, Arizona, only two slices of carved roasted pressed turkey, not the real turkey breast you would carve from the bird itself.

  2. Dre

    What the hell is that nasty looking red shit they squirt on it? I love turkey but I will never eat that sandwich. Looks very disgusting

  3. Kimberly Eichman

    I had a foot long to share. 4 slices of carved turkey. Commercial shows 5 slices. 😢 The cranberry/ mustard sauce/spread is excellent. I would eat it again but only because I had a coupon for $6 for a foot long. I would not pay the $8.


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