Review: Subway $5 Soup & Mini Sub Combo (Limited Time Only)

Denny was walking into Walmart one day (yes yes, Walmart.  Ugh.) and passed by the Subway in the store.  He saw a sign for Subway’s $5 Soup & Mini Sub Combo.  You see where this is going.

Being the researchers that we are, we tried to look into this new deal to give you, our precious readers, the inside story.  We came up with absolutely nothing.

There is nothing on Subway’s site, Facebook page, Twitter, or anything about this deal.  Nothing.  Zip.  Nada.

We figure that Wichita must be a test market for this thing.  This happens a lot.  Because Wichita is such a destination.  We must be a bunch of fat bastards, because fast food places like to use us for tests.  Great.  Now we are test monkeys.  Dammit.

After a lot more research, Herman did find ONE Subway in Arkansas that has this deal on its Facebook page.  They have it for $4.  Now we’re pissed.  Why do we pay $1 more??  Anyway…

Now, we would email Subway to find out what the hell is going on here.  If you will recall, we emailed them about the Gouda Club that was in our area, and we got a bullshit answer.  So we aren’t going to bother.

Subway had soup for a while some time ago.  Then, it seems that the soup disappeared.  We figure it was too much for the typical “sandwich artist” at Subway to heat the pre-made soup, dish it out, and make sandwiches.  Sorry Subway employees.  We are pretty sure you aren’t all idiots.  Just most.  Feel free to bitch at us in the comments below.

We checked out other Subways in our area, and they all have this sign in the window:

IMG_20160112_131745670_HDRThe sign says “limited time only.”  So, there you have it.  We will see if this rolls nationwide, and for how long.

The soup choices at our location are broccoli cheese (this is the one in the picture above) and chicken noodle.  The sandwich choices are black forest ham, turkey breast, Veggie Delite, and tuna.

Now, keep in mind that the sandwich is a “mini sub.”  What the hell is that?? More on that later.

We ordered the broccoli cheese soup and a ham sandwich.  Herman got lettuce, tomato, and mayo on the sandwich.  He’s adventurous.  Or not.

IMG_20160112_133440731They put it all in the bag above.  As a result, our ham sandwich was cooking since it was sitting on top of the soup.  OK then.

We are going to talk about the sandwich first.  There really isn’t anything to review here.  It is a typical Subway ham sandwich.  The point worth discussing is the fact that it is a “mini sub.”  Check it out…

IMG_20160112_133629163A mini ham sandwich.  Isn’t it cute?

Let’s zoom out so you really get an idea here…

IMG_20160112_133647380The sandwich came in the little paper slip you see there.  Looks like the package they use for the cookies.  This really is a mini sub.

OK.  We HATE to do this.  But we decided to measure this for you so that you know exactly what you’re getting here, people.  Remember, we are scientists.

IMG_20160112_133735123We’re dealing with 4 inches here, you people.  4 inches.  Hardly enough to satisfy (yes, we realize what we just said.  Meh.)  Mini sub indeed.

We should also mention that when we ordered the sandwich, the guy behind the counter did not pull a loaf of bread out and cut it.  The bread was pre-cut into the 4 inch piece.  Interesting.  Or not.  You get the idea.

IMG_20160112_134015496Above, we give you the mini sub cut expertly in half by Herman.

Again, there isn’t anything to review here.  Just a typical Subway ham sandwich.  The ham has a good flavor.  It would be nice if there was more of it.  Typical Subway, people.  There is NEVER enough meat on a Subway sandwich.  But that is always the case.  The bread was really good on our test sandwich.  It actually had a little crunch to it.  We got lucky.  For once.

Now on to the soup.

We mentioned that Subway had soup once upon a time.  Neither of us ever tried it when they had it back then.  New experiences, you people.

IMG_20160112_133807356The cup (or bowl) of soup is a decent size.  We can’t complain about that.  What we can complain about is that THEY DIDN’T FILL THE DAMN CUP ALL THE WAY.  There is absolutely no reason not to fill it up.  This is just cheapness on Subway’s part.  We’re pretty sure that if the Subway employee did fill it up all the way, he/she would get fired.  Screw you, Subway corporate cheap punks.

The soup comes with two packages of Keebler Club crackers.  Good call on this one.  No generic crackers.  It is a nice touch to have those badass Club crackers with the soup.

IMG_20160112_133845908Above, you can see that there are nice sized pieces of broccoli in the soup, along with carrots.  Nice.

This is worth mentioning.  The soup was HOT.  Even after we got it home, took pictures, and tested it.  It was still HOT.  We loved that.  Too often, soup isn’t hot anymore.  All because some asshole will spill it on himself or herself, and then sue.  Soup is supposed to burn your mouth off when it is served.  If you want it cooler, wait.  Or put ice in it.  Whatever.  We want HOT soup, and we got it.  Big points to Subway here.

The flavor of the soup was very good.  We both liked it.  There was a nice cheese flavor.  There was plenty of broccoli.  The soup was quite creamy (HO HO!).  This was a surprise to us.  The texture was great.  The flavor was nice all the way around.  It was seasoned well.  It wasn’t overly salty, although there was a bit of a salty flavor.  It wasn’t too much, though.

Much to our surprise, this soup did not taste like a heavily processed, right out of the can soup.  Surely, it is not made fresh in the store.  This, despite Subway’s tag line of “Eat Fresh.”  Give us a break.  This is the place where all of the veggies are shipped in bags to each store.  There is nothing fresh going on at Subway.  So surely the soup comes in bags and is just heated in the store.  But it doesn’t necessarily taste that way.  We can honestly say that the soup was very good.

Panera Bread is a little too pissy for our tastes.  But we figure that Subway is trying to appeal to the Panera crowd here.  Denny has had the broccolli cheese soup at Panera (The Only One is a fan).  He thinks the soup at Subway isn’t as good as Panera, but it isn’t far behind.  The soup was WAY better than we expected for Subway.

Let’s face it…the thing that sets this combo apart is the soup.  And it is good.  Period.

In terms of value, you already know this thing goes for $5 bucks in our area.  We think this might be a little high.  We know food is expensive these days.  But damn.  The soup is a decent portion.  But the sandwich is tiny.  And there is no drink included.  Is that worth five bucks?  We don’t think so.

It also pisses Herman off that this is being sold at the one Arkansas store for $4.  Even though it is only a buck difference, 4 bucks seems more appropriate for what you get.

It also pissed us off when Herman found this:

So, at SOME point a while back, Subway had soup, a 21oz drink, AND a SIX INCH SUB, ANY sub of your choice, for $6.  So what’s up with the tiny taste test sub and no drink for a buck less?

Maybe we are too picky.  But this is what we do.  We are detectives, remember.  And we think this isn’t worth the money.

Another option is to add the soup to any regular sandwich for $2.50.  We aren’t sure that the soup is worth $2.50, but it may be a better option.

The food was good.  The soup was good.  Subway had us there.  But, for a typical guy, this will barely be enough for lunch.  We think Subway needs to rethink the price before rolling this one out nationwide.

You decide, people.  Leave us your thought below.


  1. NICO


    If you gave it a four inch mark, it was generous. The point is, Scrubway wants to distance itself from that freakshow Jared, and will do anything to accomplish that mission. It’s now gone so far as to try to be Panera, without the healthy/organic labels and the massive breadbowls full of enough carbs to put you into a coma.

    I say it’s a poor mans compromise all the way around, and if I want to be charged US 17.50 for a bread bowl coma, don’t you dare entice me to eat fresh, and pay for soggy bread, no meat, and Panera’s yesterday’s soup tureen watered down left overs!


  2. Charlotte L Owens

    This is halarious, I didn’t want to stop reading it!

  3. Your mom

    This is pure ignorance lmaooo I worked at subway for 4 years and we do cut our veggies you dumb fuck lmao soup wasn’t filled because the little c shaped thing in the bowl is where you’re supposed to stop filling. lmao y’all are just a bunch of hating ass fat fucks that can’t afford fast food

  4. Logan Paul

    What an annoying read. I could not get the image out of my head that you are a self-enitled, nagging brat. Anything and everything to complain about. You ma’am, are a B!+@#

  5. Justin

    I don’t know how I came across this, but I have a couple suggestions.

    A) Who on Earth prefers a cold ham sandwich to a hot ham sandwich?

    B) You can’t really talk down on Subway or it’s workers if you’re in the group of people that think Panera is “fancy.” It’s just as fast food as Subway, lol.

    C) As far as the detective work goes — a cup of soup was less than $3, and a 6-inch sub was a bit more than $3 — there is your $6-ish dollar combo right there


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