Review: Seagram’s Sweet Tea Flavored Vodka

Time for a Fewd Snob favorite…day drinking!  We simply HAVE to day drink in order to bring you our latest review, you see?!?!

It’s basically summer.  At our location, it is over 100 degrees today.  In deathly hot weather, what are we to do?  Drink water?  Hell no.  Gatorade?  Nah!  We need something cool and refreshing.  We need something that will quench our thirst, or something.  And get us screwed up.  Time to sip on some Seagram’s Sweet Tea Vodka!

IMG_20150625_155100036Now, right off the bat we can hear some people saying, “Flavored vodka is for girls!”

Blow us.

Look, this isn’t pear, peach, or vanilla cake flavored vodka.  It’s SWEET TEA!  It is like drinking a glass of iced tea on a hot day, people!  It is THE exception to flavored vodkas!  So, we don’t even want to hear it!

Now, back to the point.  It is hot out.  It is daytime.  We need to sip on something refreshing.

IMG_20150625_155428373_HDRThis stuff is made from five times distilled Seagram’s vodka.  The bottle suggests to, “Serve chilled straight up, on the rocks, with a splash of ginger ale, or mixed with lemonade.”  The bottle also says, “Drink Responsibly.”  We will do none of these.

For our drink, we filled the glass with ice, filled up the glass a little over half with the vodka, and rounded it out with water.  You can certainly drink this stuff any way you want to.  We cut it with a little water because it weakens it enough to truly taste like sweet tea.  It tastes a little concentrated without adding water.  Mix it with water, and and it truly tastes like tea.  You’ll be quenching your thirst, and getting screwed up in no time!  Perfect!

This vodka really does taste like sweet tea.  There is just a slight kick to it that hits at the end.  That’s pretty much all there is to say.  We realize this isn’t much of a review.  In case we haven’t already made it clear, the real point was to drink while we are supposed to be working!

There are several brands of tea flavored vodka out there.  Most of them run about $20 for a 750ml bottle.  And they are all pretty much the same.  Seagram’s was about $15.50.  So it costs a little less, and is damn good.  We’re sold.

We highly recommend this stuff.  And yes, we will accept donations from Seagram’s for saying so!  Because we need to buy another bottle now, and then pay for the classes for our little alcohol problem.

Just be careful.  This vodka can be dangerous.  It goes down like a nice, cool glass of tea.  Before you know it, you’ll have most of the bottle gone (like we do now!!) and you will be falling off the chair.  We’re not complaining.  But we warned you.

Buy this now.


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  1. PJ

    Found this on a whim at the state store. Bought a bottle for our neighbor (who just turned 60). Decided to go back for our own bottle. The person at the state store warned that although it is very good…be careful. It does have a kick!!! Well, I can say with great certainty that she was correct. It does not feel like you are drinking anything other than ice tea, and believe me, it goes down easily. Smooooth!!! It’s a tasty,and a refreshing change from kick-you-ass rum and coke, whiskey or any other spirit that I have tried I highly recommend, and you won’t be disappointed.


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