Review: Samuel Adams Octoberfest Beer

It is that time of year, again.  Fall is approaching, and it is already time for Oktoberfest stuff.  Somehow this is the case, despite it only being September.  This is kind of like Christmas stuff being out already.  In September.  Or something.

Recall our review of the Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte.  Same thing here.  It is a little early.  Whatever.

If you don’t know what Oktoberfest is, go here.  We are not giving history lessons, people.  If you would like to pay for one though, feel free to let us know in the comments below.

Naturally, there are American versions of Oktoberfest.  Everywhere.  The main point of these celebrations is Oktoberfest beers.

Indeed, they are everywhere nowadays.  It seems like every beer maker has one.  Perhaps no other one is as famous in America, though, than Samuel Adams’ Octoberfest (note the American spelling, people!)

Sam Adams Octoberfest has become ridiculously popular.  According to the company, it is the #1 selling Octoberfest beer in the U.S.  It is brewed in Boston (or is it one of Sam Adams’ other locations?  Don’t know.  Meh.)  And it is shipped everywhere.

Enough of the history already.  If you drink beer, you already know this stuff is everywhere.  Although it isn’t new, we didn’t have a food and booze site last October (or September, or whatever!)  So, on to our official review…

…well it is almost time for the review.  Check out what the label says about the beer:

IMG_20150918_151234881-2OK.  Alright.  “…notes of caramel…” gets a little too snooty for us.  But, sure.  Let’s get to the review…

We could spend time talking about the pour, the aromas, the head (HO HO!), and other shit, but we won’t.  Wrong site, guy.

Sam Adams Octoberfest, simply put, is a pretty damn good beer.  It is a medium-bodied beer.  It isn’t too heavy, but it certainly is NOT a light beer by any means.  It has a medium-to-full flavor.  The initial taste is malty, and then a little bit of hops kick in.  It is slightly sweet, but not so much that it overwhelms.  It is smooth.  There really isn’t any bite at all.

Overall, it certainly has a taste of a craft beer.  This isn’t an American “get drunk” beer by any stretch of the imagination.  But it isn’t a super-pretentious, pissy craft beer either.

The alcohol content per bottle is 5.3%.  Not bad!

IMG_20150918_151915981Herman’s Thoughts:  I’ve been drinking Sam Adams beers since I was old enough to drink (and possibly sooner, but you didn’t hear that from me).  I can say I am a big fan of just about all of their beers.  But, when it comes to Octoberfest, (as Donald Trump would say) I am a HUUUGE fan.  I actually look forward to this time of year a lot just because of the availability of Octoberfest.  I’m also not alone in this.  I used to work at a liquor store and we would sell the shit of out this stuff.  I can remember another liquor store that said they had a guy come in and buy an entire pallet of the stuff, just so he could have it year round.  Frankly I think Sam Adams should just go for it and make the stuff available year round.  Who cares what month it is.  If the day ends in “Y”, I’m fine with drinking it!

Denny’s Thoughts:  I guess I am just not that big of a craft beer guy.  For a time, I would never drink a craft beer.  Then, I kind of got into them.  I blame Herman for that.  As I have gotten older, I really just prefer a cheap, regular American brew.  Sam Adams Octoberfest has that “craft beer” taste.  I can only take so much.  As we said in the main review, it is good.  There is no question about that.  But, I can usually only drink one of these in a sitting.  Sometimes, I even have trouble getting through an entire one.  The flavor just nags on me after a while.  That said, I do like it.  It probably is my favorite Oktoberfest beer.  OK, back to Miller Lite for me.

Sam Adams Octoberfest is sold in six packs and twelve packs.  It isn’t cheap, but no beer like this is.

Overall, the Fewd Snobs like it.  Now, go buy a pallet, you people.


  1. gary g

    This beer is not the same as the last few years I have had it ,it don’t have the refreshing hints of pumpkin anymore. It sucks for 2021.
    had to throw it out. change it back to old recipe or people wont buy it anymore. you screwed up a good thing!

    1. Your Name

      It’s not supposed to taste like pumpkin, its a Märzenbier for crying out loud! I’ve been drinking this stuff every year for as long as I can remember and even brewing clone recipes. Tastes like the same Oktoberfestbier they have always served, and am sure glad it is a German styled amber lager that does not taste like pumpkin.

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