Review: Red Baron Brick Oven Sausage Supreme Pizza (New)

The Fewd Snobs decided to check out new stuff in the frozen food aisle today, and we came across the new line of Brick Oven pizzas from Red Baron.

Red Baron has long been a Fewd Snob favorite.  In fact, we used to eat the regular ones all the time.  So, we thought it would be pretty cool to try the new line of pizzas from one of our favorite companies.

Denny’s Full Disclosure:  I think that brick oven pizzas are the most fru fru way to make a pizza.  It isn’t supposed to be cooked in a damn brick oven, or over an open flame.  What the hell is this??  Pizza is supposed to be baked in a good old fashioned standard pizza oven!!  That said, because it is Red Baron, I decided to give it a try.

Check out the full line of Brick Oven pizzas here.  There are many flavors, as you will see.  We decided to try the Sausage Supreme pizza.

The Sausage Supreme intrigued us, regardless of the brick oven stuff.  In our area, it is difficult to find a sausage pizza.  We have never really heard of a sausage supreme pie.  The Red Baron site describes it as, “…high quality toppings like hand-pinched sausage with fennel, hearty green pepper slices, diced onions, robust sauce, and bubbly, crispy crust.”  The package says it has sausage, peppers, and onions.  This is a combination we HAD to try.

Quick note:  It seems that the Brick Oven pizza replaced the Red Baron Fire Baked line of pizzas.  Some people on the interwebs are pissed.  Some people are never happy.  Newsflash, people…fire baked and brick oven pizzas are the same thing.

The decision was made.  The pizza would be today’s review.  We put down our beer to get to it.  Right there in the grocery store, we put down our beer (don’t ask!)

IMG_20150727_135641590You can see that the pizza has plenty of sausage and peppers.  There’s quite a bit of onion, too.  Note that we rearranged the sausage a little to cover the whole pizza, but we can’t complain about that.  It is a frozen pizza, after all.

IMG_20150727_135650080Raw toppings look yummy.  Or something.

IMG_20150727_135732871You can see the irregularity of the crust shape.  Looks like a brick oven pizza to us.  Mmk.

The directions say to cook the pizza at 400 degrees for up to about 19 minutes.  That seemed pretty accurate to us.

Although, here is where we ran into a problem.  There doesn’t seem to be enough cheese on the pizza.  The crust cooked first, and it was done.  The cheese was still white as a ghost.  As you know by now (you have been reading our site, haven’t you???!!), we like our pizzas to be a nice, golden brown.  We left it in a little longer, but it wasn’t working.  The cheese was pretty much telling us to go screw ourselves.  It wasn’t getting brown.  The crust was continuing to cook, though.

So, we pulled Herman’s magic trick that we use on all of our frozen pizzas.  We put the broiler on.  We only gave it a few minutes under the heated up broiler.  This usually finishes the top of a pizza quickly, without killing the entire thing.

Well, our trick didn’t work on this pizza.  The crust burned.  We caught it in time before it was inedible, but the middle still wasn’t  completely golden.  We don’t think there is enough cheese to really make it golden brown.  Still, we had some.  This is the best we were gonna get.

In any case, our finished pizza…

IMG_20150727_143132408_HDRNow that it looks a little more appealing than the raw pics, note the nice amount of toppings.

IMG_20150727_143132408_HDR2And the crust…

IMG_20150727_143143148_HDRSo, we cut into the pizza because we were now hungry.  This pizza looked pretty damn good!

One more pic to give you an idea of the crust’s thickness (HO HO!)…

IMG_20150727_143321876Here’s where we got a little worried.  The pizza was very difficult to cut.  You can see in the pic that it isn’t that thick.  But, it was tough.

So we dug in.

Let’s start with the good, shall we??  Or, the mostly good…

The toppings are good.  There is plenty of sausage, peppers, and onion, and the flavor comes through.  Each flavor is distinctive.  As we mentioned, Red Baron’s site says there is fennel in the sausage.  We didn’t taste any fennel at all.  But whatever.  That’s not worth complaining about.  The pizza could have used more cheese, but again, this is a common problem and it isn’t worth bitching about.  Overall, we liked the toppings.

Now, on to the bad…

The crust sucks.  It is the worst part about this pizza.  It is not inedible, but it didn’t cook evenly, is hard to cut, chewy, and reminded us of cardboard.  Seriously, it is like chewing on a piece of cardboard.  It is tough, if that makes sense.  We wonder if there is something on the crust.  That could be why it burned.  Denny didn’t think it even had a good flavor.  Blech.

Herman’s Thoughts:  I have had some brick oven style pizzas before at a local restaurant.  I can say that they are decent, but not my favorite kind of pizza.  I also don’t really think they have a place in the frozen pizza section necessarily.  The ones I’ve tried had what I can only describe as a “shell” on the outside of the crust.  The dough would bubble up, like the Red Baron one claims, and it would form pockets of air.  The shell was also pretty thin and had a good crunch to it.  The inside of the dough was also still airy.

The Red Baron pizza really did not achieve any of this, in my opinion.  The crust was like their old crust, just tougher and chewier.  While it was not inedible, I really didn’t like it very much.  I don’t even care that it didn’t have the same attributes as an authentic brick oven pizza.  I just didn’t think it was that good, so I will not be trying any of the other ones.

I will end my thoughts on one good note.  The toppings were great.  I’m not a huge fan of pepperoni.  It adds a ton of grease to a pizza.  The combination of the sausage (LOTS of sausage, HO HO!) with the peppers and onions is something you don’t see very often.  So if Red Baron is listening, put these toppings on a regular crust and I’m sold.

Denny’s Thoughts:  I already mentioned, I am not a fan of fru fru pizza.  That said, I love Red Baron.  So, I wanted to like this pizza.  But I didn’t.  Just not good.  And that is because of the crust.  It ruins the pizza.  But I agree with Herman that the toppings were great.  I also agree with him that if Red Baron would make Sausage Supreme pizzas on the traditional crust, we would be buying these all the time.

Overall, we won’t be buying these again.  And we won’t be trying the other varieties of the Brick Oven pizzas.

Sorry, Red Baron.  We tried.


  1. Billy

    If you’re from Kansas you probably wouldn’t know a good pizza even if you tasted one. No offense, but you’re not in an area known for great pizza like NY, so why bother reviewing it when you don’t have proper pizza to compare it to? I tried the pepperoni and it tasted decent for what it was (a frozen pizza) I didn’t find any of the issues like you did. I cooked it for 20 minutes and it was easy to cut, cooked nicely, and the crust wasn’t like cardboard (only the edges were a bit hard. I could probably cook a little less and remedy that problem)

    1. Fewd Snobs (Post author)

      Well, Billy, actually we WOULD know a good pizza. Do you think we have never left Kansas? There are these magical things called cars and planes. These mysterious devices have transported us to places like New York and Chicago. And in these far away lands, we have tried pizza. So, guy, we know what real pizza tastes like. We DO have something to compare the Red Baron pizza to, genius. But thanks for your comment, anyway. All thoughts are welcome here. Even stupid ones.

  2. Brian

    Yeah Fewd Snobs, how DARE you review a pizza with your incredibly inferior taste buds. Personally, I question the legality of anyone from Kansas buying a pizza. Everyone knows pizza can only be sold in the states of New York and Illinois.

    While the review was enjoyable and thoroughly explained, it was automatically discredited due to your geographic location. You all should be ashamed of yourself. I have no idea how you sleep at night.

  3. Ruth

    I bought a couple Brick Oven Meat Trio Pizza at Safeway and both Pizzas were the very worst of the frozen pizza groups.
    I don’t recall Red Baron tasting like this.
    I noticed that the Schwan food company has their symbol on the package. I don’t know if they package the pizza or not but somethings changed with Red Baron Pizza.
    Both our pizzas tasted like Cardboard. Never again will I buy this brand. I don’t really buy frozen anymore but decided to get some just for old time sake taste.
    Not at all like they use to taste.
    Back to my local deliveries.

  4. joe guy

    you overcooked it. crust would have been softer if cooked at 350 for 20 mins. I find red baron and tombstone both come out better this way.

  5. Suzanne

    I agree with this article and then some. This has to be the worst frozen pizza I’ve ever tasted before.

    The pizza was rubbery, if I wasn’t careful I would have lost a tooth because of the crust.

    If you’re going to make a frozenpizza, go with Tombstone.

  6. river valentine

    Please just go and pay the extra dollar for a true wood oven or coal fired pizza with honest ingredients before you critique my review. I was hoping….really hoping I did not have to call, wait, pick up and warm my pizza but I’m Italian and actually never had sausage that has no flavor. I tried and I failed miserably. The mozzarella cheese? was there cheese on it? It looked like it had cheese but no flavor whatsoever. I did taste the peppers and for as many as there were, it was like maybe sometimes I tasted them. Cardboard dough without that mildly salty natural texture of real pizza dough. This was incredibly bad.

  7. Sarah

    I love the brick oven line myself. I however cook mine at 425 for 17 to 18 mins. I never follow frozen food instructions. Tyson chicken nuggest 425 for 18 min flip them half way through you get crispy chicken nuggets all the way through.


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