Review: Popeyes Spice Packed Wings (New/Limited Time Only)

Chicken wings are quite the thing, and have been for many years now.  Entire restaurants have been created focusing on the little bastards.

We aren’t going to give you a history lesson on wings (or buffalo wings), because if you are on our site reading our articles, you know what a wing is.  Wings are Herman’s favorite Fewd Snob food.  For Denny, they are a close second after pizza.  What’s not to love?  You get wings and drummettes either heavily spiced, or drenched in a sauce.  They are messy, taste great, and you eat a ton of them.  Perfect for all Fewd Snobs.

We learned of Popeyes new wings, and there was no trouble deciding what our next review would be.

But it’s not because we love wings!  No!  It is because we are providing a service to you!  Or something.  You don’t believe that, do you??

Popeyes doesn’t have a lot of detail on these new wings on its website.  There probably isn’t much need; they are spicy wings.  There you have it.

Off to Popeyes…

You already saw the box above.  And the bag was nothing to write home about, so we didn’t take any pictures.  On to the wings!

IMG_20160107_145101974The wings, as you can see, do not have a sauce on them.  They are fried, and the spices are in the batter.  Interesting concept.  KFC used to do wings like this.

Each order comes with six wings (three wings and three drummettes)

The wings also come with a packet of the new Spicy Pepper Ranch Sauce.  It fits right in to the nifty package.  Pretty kewl, huh?  Yes, we just said kewl.  Need more beer…

IMG_20160107_145131105_HDRTake a closer look above.  You can see some of the spices fried right into the chicken.  Awesome.

IMG_20160107_145245735A wing.

IMG_20160107_145219361And a drummette.

IMG_20160107_145536767Above, we have an expertly dissected drummette.  The procedure was performed by Herman.  Because he is a scientist, if you will recall.  You can see spices on the chicken itself in this shot.

Let’s get this out of the way.  These are “wings,” but they are different than what you get at Buffalo Wild Wings, for example.  These are more like “fried chicken wings,” if that makes sense.  They are similar to the regular fried chicken at Popeyes.  This is the main difference between regular wings.  These are breaded, are not covered in sauce, and so on.  OK.  Long explanation.  Enough.

So how are they, you ask?

They’re good.  Amazing review, isn’t it?

The breading is crispy.  It has a lot of flavor.  They are very spicy.  It is a spicy that builds.  By the time you get through the six, you will feel the heat.

The wings are a decent size.  There isn’t too much breading, but there is plenty.  It is a perfect balance.

We like the fact that Popeyes gives an equal amount of wings and drummettes.  Most places don’t bother.  You get what you get.

Overall, these are petty damn good breaded-style wings.

Now, on to the sauce.

Popeyes is touting the new Spicy Pepper Ranch Sauce.  Each order of wings comes with a package of the sauce.

IMG_20160107_145324144Let’s take a look inside, shall we?

IMG_20160107_145447891You can see the spices in the sauce.

The sauce is very good.  There is plenty of Ranch flavor in the sauce, but there is also some heat.  Yet, the sauce will not blow your face apart.  It adds a different spiciness to the wings, which compliments them well.  The Ranch flavor gives the cooling effect to the heat of the wings.  Overall, it is a unique sauce that goes perfectly with the wings.

In terms of value, a package of six wings with sauce goes for $3.99.  You can’t beat that deal.  Wings are expensive, which is ridiculous really.  They are such a popular thing now though, places can get away with the insane prices.  Basically, you are paying .66 cents per wing.  And you get sauce.  You can’t beat this deal.  Remember though, this is a temporary menu item.

We agree these are good wings at a good value, but we do need to give some individual thoughts on this one.

Herman’s Thoughts:  So right off the bat, I want to mention that I am a HUGE fan of wings. They are indeed one of my favorite fewds. If I go to a bar to eat, 90% of the time, I either get wings or nachos. What can I say? I am a simpleton. So with that, I will consider myself an expert on the matter. My first impression of these is that they are indeed not your typical buffalo wing. They are not coated in sauce and they are breaded. Also, the style in which they are cooked is much closer to the way fried chicken is made. I would even go so far as to say that these are most likely cooked in a pressure cooker. The Colonel would be proud! So if I am such a fan of buffalo wings, why do I like these so much? Well, while I do usually prefer buffalo wings, I like to have a fried chicken wing every now and then. The breading is awesome and frankly, fried chicken wings are usually cooked better. I cannot stand when I get an undercooked wing. They are rubbery and nasty. Since these are fried like fried chicken, they are tender and juicy. So yes, I would add these to my regular list of good wings. Not enough places make them this way and I would consider them a treat while you can get them.

Denny’s Thoughts:  Unlike Herman, I am not a wing expert.  In fact, I think wings are overrated.  I like them, but they have become too popular for their own good.  They are tiny little shits.  Meh.  For the price of wings at a place like Buffalo Wild Wings, I can go get a bucket of chicken at KFC.  What is so great about gnawing on bones at a premium price?  If wings were priced like wings used to be, then I’m ok with it.  Enter Popeyes Spice Packed Wings.  These are priced reasonably.  Plus, they have a great flavor.  And they are NOT drenched in sauce, which I prefer.  Again, unlike Herman, I would rather have a breaded wing than one that is just covered in sauce.  These satisfy my wing craving perfectly.  And they don’t break the bank.  Perfect.

Get these while they last.

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