Review: Popeyes Rip’n Chick’n with Habanero Ranch Dipping Sauce

Another week, and the Fewd Snobs are back in action.  Get your beers ready, people, because here we go…

The Fewd Snobs needed something for lunch today, so we started checking out all the sites for new stuff.  We came across Popeyes, and found our answer.  The Fewd Snobs love fried chicken (almost as much as pizza, and beer.  No, wait, nothing tops beer!).  We haven’t had a chance to review anything from Popeyes yet.  So, here we are…

Popeye’s Rip’n Chick’n is back for a limited time only.  It has made the menu before, but we never tried it.

What makes the Rip’n Chick’n different this time around is that it comes with the new habanero ranch dipping sauce.

We have never tried either of these items, so we decided to review both.

Spicy fried chicken plus habanero sauce…what could go wrong??!  Coming soon…Pepto Bismol review!

Off to Popeyes…

IMG_20150804_125907817…return with a box.  A cool box.  Or is that a spicy box.  HA HA, we’ll be here all week!  Don’t forget to tip your waitress!  Ok, back to the point…

IMG_20150804_130011392Popeyes’ featured deal is what you see in the box above.  You get the Rip’n Chick’n, regular size fries, a buscuit, and the new hananero ranch dipping sauce for $3.99.

IMG_20150804_130252126The first thing to notice, and you WILL notice, is the odd shape of the chicken itself.  Trying to explain this is tough.  It is called Rip’n Chick’n because you are supposed to rip the pieces of chicken apart from the main part holding it together, and then dip the pieces in sauce.  There are six individually battered pieces of chicken, so to speak.  They join up to a main piece, and they are all connected.  Essentially, we think this is a chicken breast that is partially cut into six sections, battered, and fried.  These are not just chicken tenders.  Yes, we realize this explanation was awkward.  This is not an easy job, people!

IMG_20150804_130332256 Popeyes marinates the chicken first, and then it is battered.  You can see the spicy marinade on the chicken in the above pic.

The chicken was moist, tender, and flavorful.  The chicken has a relatively strong spicy flavor.  The heat builds, and it lingers.  The batter isn’t terribly spicy; the chicken has the spice on it.  It is similar to Popeyes’ spicy chicken, but maybe even a little spicier.  In fact, the lady that took our order said that it is spicier than the standard spicy chicken.

We should also note that it may not look like that much chicken in the pic, but it is.  There is plenty of chicken in the box.  Another thing we noticed is that the chicken in our pic actually looks similar to the pic on Popeyes’ website.  How often does the food you actually get look anything like the ads?  It doesn’t.  Ever.

Overall, the chicken well exceeds expectations.

Now, on to the sauce…

IMG_20150804_130059276The habanero ranch sauce is new, and is really the featured part of bringing the Rip’n Chick’n back.

IMG_20150804_130154702The sauce is creamy, but not terribly thick.  You can clearly see spices in it.  We can see small chunks of pepper, too.  The sauce has a strong smell that will hit you as soon as you open it.  It hit us.  We even spilled our beer.  Dammit!

We slammed right in and dunked the chicken hardcore (this whole sentence is just wrong!)  Both of us put a LOT of sauce on our first bite.  And both of us got hit HARD by that first bite!  This sauce has some major heat!  It doesn’t build; it hits right away.  Both of us went scrambling for something to drink (besides beer!)  Herman went for milk.  Denny went for water (yeah yeah, it doesn’t help.  He knows!)  We both put way too much sauce on the first bite.  But we aren’t complaining; we just didn’t expect it to be that hot, despite being habanero-based.

We have tried other supposed “habanero” sauces, and they weren’t that hot.  This sauce has kick!  When it is combined with the already spicy chicken, all you can say is, “Holy shit, my mouth is on fire!”  Insert your own joke here (HO HO!)

Overall, the sauce has a nice, full flavor.  It is clearly ranch-based, but the kick takes over the ranch flavor.  There is flavor, not just heat.  Mixed with the chicken, it is a perfect combination.

On to the sides…

The biscuit is good, as always.  Popeyes’ biscuits have a nice, buttery flavor and consistency.  You don’t need to add anything to them.

The fries.  Oh, the fries.  Popeyes calls them “Cajun fries,” and that fits.  There is a nice spiciness to them.  But they are soggy.  Always.  If Popeyes could get them crispy, they would be perfect.  Still though, they aren’t bad.  They compliment the whole package nicely (what did we just say??  HO HO!)

Finally, this whole meal is 4 bucks.  It doesn’t come with a drink.  A drink adds significant cost.  Not buying the drink makes this a hell of a deal.  There is a lot of food here for 4 bucks.  We think this deal can’t be beat.  We each had an order, and were plenty full when done.  It is perfect for lunch.

Overall, we are definitely fans of the Rip’n Chick’n and the new habanero sauce.  This deal will be around until the end of August.  Go get some now.


  1. Paula

    I LOVE POPEYES! Unfortunately the closest one to me is about an hour drive. Laugh if you want but sometimes we jump in the car and go for a “ride” just cuz i’m cravin it! Love those cajun mashed potatoes and gravy. Hubs loves the spicy so maybe i can talk him into a road trip! Thanks for the awesome reviews…i’m really enjoying them!

    1. Fewd Snobs (Post author)

      We don’t laugh about traveling for food, Paula! We have been known to do it, too! The closest Whataburger to us is about 2.5 hours away. For a long time, we had no Dunkin’ Donuts, either! We get it! Thank you for the comments, and thank you for the kind words about the site. We are glad you are enjoying the reviews, and hope you will check out the site often!!

    2. G

      Rippin chicken was not very good. The chicken is very spicy but not advertised as such. The chicken on tv looks big ( looks like it has an extra 10 lbs on tv ) very hot. Can’t get past the burn to get the flavor. One shot deal for me

  2. Lena Anderson

    To hot went back an caught attitude from them that’s the second time they have been rude

  3. bob

    this rippin chicken is terrible. and where is that they sell it for 4 bucks. in my neck of the woods its 5 and they omitted the dips. what I got looked like fried chicken foot not a ripped breast. terrible

  4. Roy G. Biv

    The rip’n chick’n was FAR TOO SPICY, esp. since it was NOT advertised as such. With other chicken we have had at Popeye’s, we were given a choice of spicy or not. Would never have ordered this if we knew it was going to be too hot for our tastes. They should adjust their advertising campaign to let prospective buyer’s know.


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