Review: Pizza Hut Jim Beam Devil’s Cut Spicy Bourbon BBQ Wings (New/Limited Time Only)

No, that isn’t a spaceship you see in the picture.  That is the new way Pizza Hut is packaging its wings.

Yeah, we don’t get it either.

Pizza Hut’s wing division, known as WingStreet, has introduced new wing sauces and flavors.  The main featured one is the Jim Beam Devil’s Cut Spicy Bourbon BBQ.  Other new sauces include Hawaiian Teriyaki and Spicy Garlic.  Also new are Ranch and Cajun Style dry rubs.  Pizza Hut is also pushing adding the dry rubs to the french fries.


The Beam sauce is the one featured in the ads.  So, that’s the one we decided to review.

Herman is a huge wing fan.  Denny, not so much.  Denny thinks they are overpriced and overrated.  Both of the guys are Jim Beam fans, though.  So naturally, Herman jumped at the chance to review this.

For those not familiar with Jim Beam Devil’s Cut bourbon, Beam’s website describes it as, “…a premium bourbon with depth and complexity that comes from liquid extracted from inside the barrel wood.”  It is also 90 proof.

According to Pizza Hut, this new sauce, “…won first place in creative BBQ at the National Buffalo Wing Festival in Buffalo, NY during product testing.”

Pizza Hut is tying this in to college basketball playoffs.  The idea is that you can have wings delivered to your door without missing any of the action.  Oh my.

This is where it gets weird.

Right off the site, “With the help of Martinizing Delivers and its affiliated brands 1-800-DRYCLEAN and Pressed 4 Time, select WingStreet deliveries on Thursday, March 17 will come with a custom laundry bag that can be redeemed for free dry cleaning for one pair of pants through the end of the playoffs.”


Pizza Hut is promoting this whole thing like this…

IMG_20160324_150548462That’s right.  Wings delivered, and no pants are required.

So let’s get this straight, shall we?  I can get wings and get my pants dry cleaned, all while never leaving my house so I don’t have to miss any college basketball!  WOW!

Pizza Hut is getting stranger and stranger every day.  Look, we liked getting screwed up on booze and not knowing what’s going on.  But this is ridiculous.

Back to the wings…

We ordered 8 wings at our test Pizza Hut/WingStreet.  15 minutes later, we picked up our spaceship.

IMG_20160324_150100310It flew all around the room, and landed on the counter.  Either that, or we were drunk again and seeing shit.  Not sure which.

We talked to the spaceship, and it opened…

IMG_20160324_150227175And there you have it.

We have to tell you this.  When we picked these up, the woman working at Pizza Hut told us that nobody likes these!  The customers don’t like them, and the workers don’t either!  She also gave us an extra cup of Ranch in case we needed it because the wings are so strong!

Not a good sign, people.

The order of 8 wings included 3 drumettes and 5 wings.

An explosion of smell hit us as the spaceship opened.  E.T. would have died if he had flown along in this thing.  Seriously, the smell is strong.  It smells like bourbon, straight up.  Yes, yes, we know…they are made with bourbon!  But, damn.  It smells like somebody poured a shot all over the wings and didn’t bother to cook them.

IMG_20160324_150352162We haven’t had Pizza Hut WingStreet wings in a while.  Because traditionally, they sucked.  The last time we had them, they were very small and pretty pathetic.

This time, the wings were a much better size.  They seemed bigger.  They are closer to a regular wing joint.

The chicken itself was tender.  It was not chewy or rubbery.  It was juicy.  As we said, the size was good.  The chicken was excellent.

But this isn’t really about the chicken, is it?

The flavor of the sauce is certainly unique.  The first flavor that hits is sweet.  Then, there is a lingering spicy flavor.  There is a bit of bourbon flavor, but only a bit.  It doesn’t taste like it smells.

The BBQ flavor is sweet.  It has a heavy molasses flavor.  The combination of the BBQ and the bourbon creates a flavor that is simply too sweet.

The heat is just right.  It is there, and it lingers.  But it doesn’t blow your face off like a hot buffalo sauce would.

Overall, the sauce is overpowering.  The BBQ and bourbon together just creates a combination that isn’t good.  It would probably be ok if it just had the BBQ flavor (although the BBQ is too sweet).  But with the bourbon, it is just too much.

And that hurts us to say, because we love Jim Beam.  Although, to be fair, we have never tried the Devil’s Cut version of Beam.

We would not order this sauce again.  Ever.

An order of 8 wings set us back $6.99 in our area.  Compared to other wing places, this is a good value.  As we said, the chicken itself was well-portioned and very good.  7 bucks for 8 wings is a good deal.

But the damn sauce!

Sorry, Pizza Hut.  Even with the offer to wash our pants, we won’t be getting these again.


  1. Justin

    I likened the smell to the dregs of a bottle of bourbon discovered after New Year’s Eve party after clawing to concioussness from behind the bushes in the front lawn. Gag worthy smell flavor not much better.

    1. Fewd Snobs (Post author)

      Couldn’t have said it better myself. HO HO!

  2. Joshua

    I worked at Pizza Hut for about 6 months until very recently. I can confirm the wings are bigger now. They changed a lot of things about the wings. I’d say they are now on par with any of the major wing places for quality, and better in size, flavors, and price. A bit of a secret I think. Just for example places like Wing Street and Wing Zone are dead set on how many flavor choices you have. Pizza Hut has no regulation on way or the other. Though out of convenience only one flavor is listed, but if say you order 8 and want 4 garlic parmesan and 4 buffalo, you can ask them to do it that way, no corporate barrier anyway. They might be lazy or jerks or forget though, no promises.

    As for these wings in particular:
    The bourbon smell was way too strong. That was an unpopular flavor. The cool thing about the wings (I’m a huge wing lover btw) is they have like 10 flavors now when Pizza Hut used to have like 4. I don’t know if that info is getting out. But I ate them all the damn time when I worked there. lol.

  3. Randy

    To expensive, better wings cheaper out there

  4. Butch & Stacy

    We love the Jim Beam Devils Cut Wings. My boyfriend and I would eat them every weekend if we could. They are the BEST wings we have ever eate . Good job Pizza Hut!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Christian H

    I also LOVED the flavor of these wings — my Pizza Hut doesn’t have them anymore 🙁 We are definitely in the minority on this one.

  6. Ben

    I’ll go back to pizza Hut when they bring back sweet chili wings.

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