Review: Not Your Father’s Root Beer

Day drinking.  It is an essential part of Fewd Snob life.  And why?  Because we have a duty to our readers to bring you the latest in booze, you see?? It isn’t that we want to drink while normal people are working.  No!  It is because we have a DUTY!

And now for our latest day drinking booze excursion, we bring to you a review of Not Your Father’s Root Beer.

Yes, you read it right.  Here we have root beer beer.  No, we did not mistype.  It is beer, but it tastes like root beer.

Herman has been aware of this brew for a while now.  Denny had no idea.  Evidently, this stuff has become a new trend.  Despite it being a trend lately, we think it fits Fewd Snobs.  Beer.  Root beer.  Two things that the Snobs love.  Put them together, and you essentially have root beer that gets you messed up.  OK.  Sign us up, trendy or not!  Plus, it tastes like root beer.  This isn’t some “…peach beer with floral aromas.”  It fits us, and it is perfect for us to review.

Not Your Father’s Root Beer is brewed in Wisconsin.  It has 5.9% alcohol by volume!  This is a pretty serious brew, but again, it tastes like root beer!  The label says, “Ale with the taste of spices.”  OK.  Tastes like root beer.  But more on that later.

IMG_20150804_170600704-1Because this stuff is so popular, liquor stores are having a hard time keeping it in stock.  We called a bunch of liquor stores, and nobody had it.  Finally, we found some.  Nice.

OK, get ready.  We could only find this stuff warm.  So, in order to do our review, we had to chill it down fast.  Check this out.  The greatest invention ever!  The Fewd Snobs’ “Ice Your Beer Now” PITCHER!

IMG_20150804_163541236We are pretty advanced!

So we grabbed a cold one out of our advanced cooling device pitcher thingy…

IMG_20150804_163330372…and we were ready to go on our root beer adventure!

To get right to the heart of the matter, this beer is good.  That is all.  See ‘ya next week…

At first, we thought this beer was great.  It tastes just like root beer.  There is a nice vanilla flavor, also.  There is absolutely no question that root beer is the flavor here, people.  There is a hint of alcohol in the aftertaste.  Herman isn’t sure that you would even notice it if you didn’t know that this was booze.  Denny thinks it builds.  More on that later.

It does have a strong, full flavor.  This certainly isn’t “light” beer.  We think that you can’t drink many of these at one time.  Even if you don’t get stuffed drinking them, the sweetness might get to you eventually.  But at 5.9%, you don’t have to drink as many to get relaxed.

Denny and Herman agree that the point of this beer is to kick back and have a couple, and really enjoy the taste.  This isn’t a “get drunk” beer.  And it isn’t being positioned as such.

OK, now for the next aspect.  Take a look at the bottom of the six pack container:

IMG_20150804_163441676This part loses us a little bit.  “We like to think of it as a dark spiced ale with vanilla and honey notes.”  A little pretentious for a ROOT BEER flavored beer, don’t you think?  We do.  This part isn’t cool with us at all.

Herman’s Thoughts:  As Denny mentioned, I’ve been aware of this beer for a little while now. I first spotted it in a small watering hole in a college town. I tried a sample. My first reaction was that this shit is awesome! And I still think it’s awesome. But, it does seem a little trendy to me. After hearing about it and trying it, I have heard a lot of people asking for it by name. These people seem to be centered around the hipster crowd more than anything else. It kind of reminds me of when Fireball first came out. Everyone loved it at first, then it kind of tapered off. I don’t want to see that happen to this beer. I think it is worthy of sticking around. Can I drink more than one at a time? Probably not. But I do find myself enjoying it when I do.

Denny’s Thoughts:  You all know by now that I HATE trendy stuff.  Pisses me off like none other.  But that said, root beer flavored beer gets a pass from me.  So I can look past the trendy crap, despite the label in the pic above being pukeworthy.  I mean, it’s ROOT BEER beer, you people!  Don’t be so figgin’ pretentious.  All that said, the first half of my test beer was awesome.  I enjoyed the hell out of it.  It was truly great.  Then, something happened in my second half.  By almost the end of the beer, I couldn’t finish it.  I felt like I just ate a plate of sweet rolls.  I was stuffed.  The beer is simply too heavy.  And it is too sweet.  It’s just too much.  Plus, we mentioned the hint of alcohol flavor earlier.  It builds, in my opinion.  By the second half of the brew, my throat was burning.  I could see maybe having one, but that’s it.  I doubt I would get it again.  And this sucks, because I wanted to like it.

Finally, we must talk about the cost.  In our area, a six pack of this stuff goes for about 11 bucks.  Read it again.  A SIX PACK costs 11 BUCKS.  Look, they can position this as a craft beer all they want, and it is.  OK.  And it has a higher alcohol content than regular beer.  OK.  But still, the price is too high.  It isn’t worth the sticker price, people.

Denny’s Solution:  Go buy a root beer somewhere for a buck, and drink a shot of whiskey with it.  Done!

The bottom line is, Herman likes it.  Denny isn’t thrilled with it.  You’ve been advised.  Do what you will.


  1. Kristen

    You have to drink this as a dessert beer. Or as a root beer float. Its awesome like that!

    1. Fewd Snobs (Post author)

      Thanks for the thoughts, Kristen. We agree, this stuff would be great in a float. Must try!

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