Review: McDonald’s Mozzarella Sticks (New)

The Fewd Snobs are back from Thanksgiving break, as we call it.  It was an extended beer break.  And turkey, too.

So, we decided to kick off our return with something completely different than Thanksgiving food, or Christmas food, or anything holiday related.  What did we come up with??  Yeah yeah, the heading already gave it away.

Herman read about McDonald’s introducing mozzarella sticks somewhere.  We thought it was supposed to be next year, though.  Much to our surprise, Herman was in McDonald’s for breakfast one day and he saw them on the menu.  OK.  Cool. The really strange part is that they are not yet on McDonald’s website.  Odd.  Either way, they are at our McDonald’s.

Mozzarella sticks are perfect for Fewd Snobs.  What’s not to love?  Melty cheese wrapped up in a batter (or breadcrumbs) and fried.  Perfection.

We always say that we love McDonald’s.  And we aren’t apologetic, either.  Screw the health freaks.  If you are concerned about healthy, leave now.  You are in the wrong place.  We love the fatty, greasy, unhealthy stuff McDonald’s is serving up.  Needless to say, we had high hopes when we were driving into McDonald’s to pick some of these suckers up.

Side note:  McDonald’s has redone its “dollar menu.”  Sadly, the dollar menu is no more.  It has been replaced with the “McPick 2” menu.  Basically, you pick 2 items for 2 bucks.  It is still kind of a dollar menu, but you have to pick 2 items.  Whatever.  The new mozzarella sticks are part of the new McPick 2 menu.

We were greeted by a sign featuring the menu changes when we walked into our McDonald’s:


So we ordered up 4 packages of the new sticks (HO HO!)

IMG_20151203_114738730Pretty boxes.

Each package of mozz sticks comes with a package of marinara sauce.  Kewlness.  That’s right…we just typed the word ‘kewlness.’

So we opened the box, and here is what we saw:

IMG_20151203_114900652There you have it.

Note that these are small mozz sticks.  They are much smaller than what you get elsewhere.

Take a closer look…

IMG_20151203_114922020They look pretty nice.  A little browning, but not much.  There is a little cheese poking out (HO HO!)  Overall, they looked appealing.

IMG_20151203_115000081Herman very masterfully pulled the stick (ok, we’re not even going to say anything here!) and you can see the cheese pulled apart nicely.

Denny Note:  I have to give Herman credit for the pic above.  That is a great shot.  He managed to get the cheese to pull apart like it does in ads, and take a great picture.  This guy deserves a raise!

Unfortunately, good looks is the best part of these mozz sticks.

We were able to get the one stick to pull apart, but that’s where it stopped.  None of the others did that.  The cheese was already getting hard (again, we’re not even gonna say anything!)  The cheese sticks were not hot enough to sustain melty cheese.  Then again, this is a problem with all cheese sticks.  They must be FRESH.  We don’t think these were that fresh.  We ordered four packages, and they were out in about 30 seconds.  But, this is McDonald’s after all.  We won’t bitch too much here.

As we were taste testing these, we made a discovery…

Denny Note:  I tasted the first stick, and I knew something wasn’t right.  I could NOT figure out what it was.  It was starting to piss me off.  Then, Herman spoke up with a revelation…

These mozz sticks are baked, not fried!

Yes, it appears that the new McDonald’s mozzarella sticks are baked!!  We don’t know this for sure, because there is no literature on it from McDonald’s.  But they HAVE to be baked.  They are simply not crunchy.  There is a little bit of crispness to them, but not much.  It is almost as if they are toasted.  There is no significant crunch like you would expect.

This is the primary problem here, folks.  Mozzarella sticks are supposed to be FRIED.  Even Arby’s fries them!!!  There is only ONE TIME that a mozzarella stick can be eaten baked…when you buy the frozen ones from the grocery store and bake them at home.  That’s it.  Why go to McDonald’s for baked mozz sticks???

IMG_20151203_115230590Further proof that they are not fried is the image above.  That is the box after the mozz sticks are gone.  No grease=baked.  Failing.

The flavor of the sticks isn’t bad at all.  The cheese is good.  It has a nice mozzarella flavor.  It doesn’t taste fake, or taste like cardboard.  The breading flavor was also good.  There is a seasoning on them, and it has a nice taste.

The bottom line is this…these mozz sticks have a good flavor, but they are BAKED.  And that is a major fail.

As we mentioned, each package of three sticks comes with a package of marinara sauce.

IMG_20151203_115022349_HDRThe marinara sauce is a typical marinara sauce that you get at a fast food place.  It isn’t spectacular, but it isn’t bad either.  It is NOT served hot, obviously.  Herman thinks it has a strange color; he thinks it looks kind of brown.  Denny thinks that Herman’s vision is screwed up from too much drinking.

In terms of value, these are not a very good deal.  You get three small sticks for a buck.  Just get a McChicken.  You get much more fewd for the same price.

Take a pass, people.  McDonald’s is great, and we love ’em.  But they missed the mark here.


  1. wabbitt

    I work at a McDonald’s, and they are indeed baked. McDonald’s tried these probably ten years ago, and if they stayed in the vats for even a second past the timer going off – the entire run would explode and you’d have a vat full of cheese and a basket of empty sticks. I expected the same thing until right before we got them and found out they’d be baked.

    Honestly, they’re pretty good compared to some of the crap we sell. But they’re a lousy value when I can go down the street to a pizza place and get more, bigger sticks for about the same amount of money. The sauce is good on the nuggets, though.

    1. Fewd Snobs (Post author)

      Thanks for confirming what we thought, wabbitt!

      What you are saying certainly makes sense. We have had that happen when we fry them. One second too long, and they explode. For your sake, we are glad they are baked.

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