Review: MaMa Rosa’s Mini Deep Dish Pizzas

By now, it is no secret that the Fewd Snobs are huge pizza fans.  We love ALL kinds of pizza, and review different kinds for you.  Yes, it is a burden for us to have to eat so many different kinds of pizza to give you, our beloved readers, accurate findings on them.  Despite it being such a burden, we have a duty to you.  So we will press on…

MaMa Rosa’s pizza is different than other brands.  According to the website, MaMa Rosa’s pizzas are, …”the country’s No.1 selling refrigerated pizza brand.”  Refrigerated pizza.  NOT frozen.

MaMa Rosa’s has a variety of different pizzas available, but we are focusing on the Mini Deep Dish pizzas.  The two types available in our area are combo pizza (sausage and pepperoni), and pepperoni.

Herman first had the MaMa Rosa’s Mini Deep Dish pizzas years ago when he was in college.  He would get them at Walmart.  He found them in the lunchmeat and bacon section of the store.  They fit perfectly in the fridge in his dorm.  He lived off of these.  Herman introduced Denny to them.  And here we are.

The really cool thing about these little bad boys is that they can be cooked in the microwave or the oven.  And they don’t take long.  They aren’t frozen, remember?  They take about 8-10 minutes in the oven, and about 2 minutes in the microwave!  This is perfect for the hungry Fewd Snob who refuses to wait.  MUST EAT NOW!  The pic below shows the pizzas cooked in the oven.

IMG_20150520_014324496The first thing to notice is the toppings.  The combo pizza is sausage and pepperoni.  The pepperoni is…wait for it…pepperoni!  The pepperoni are little diced cubes, as opposed to slices.  The sausage are small crumbles, not large chunks.  This stands to reason, since they are mini pizzas and all.  The toppings are pretty evenly distributed.  Our test combo pizza was a little light on the one edge, but we aren’t complaining.  The extra cheese that is there was fine with us.  The are plenty of toppings, and the flavors are there.  There is plenty of sauce.  There isn’t too much.  It’s just right.  The same goes for the cheese.  The two pizzas are identical except for the obvious…there is a mix of sausage and pepperoni on the combo, and just pepperoni on the other.  The pepperoni pizza has TONS of pepperoni.

What truly makes MaMa Rosa’s mini pizzas stand out from the crowd is the crust.  This crust is NOT like a frozen pizza.  The crust is described as deep dish, and we think that is accurate.  When baked in the oven, the crust is very cripsy.  There is a nice crunch to it.  The crust right under the toppings has some nice chewiness to it, but it isn’t doughy or raw.  The crust has a VERY distinctive texture and taste.  It is certainly much thicker than regular frozen pizzas.

In terms of flavor, the toppings are excellent.  The sausage has a nice flavor.  It is peppery.  It is certainly distinctive.  The sausage doesn’t get lost in the mix.  The pepperoni has a nice, strong flavor.  There is some zip here.  Even though these are little cubed pieces, there is strong flavor here.  The sauce is perfect.  And we don’t take this lightly.  The sauce isn’t sweet, but it isn’t too acidic.  It isn’t too thick or too thin.  It truly is right in the middle where it should be.  There is enough that the flavor and consistency is there, but there isn’t so much to where the crust is swimming in sauce.  The crust has a nice, even bread flavor to it.  The combination of crunch and chewiness brings out the flavor even more.  When baked, it almost has a toasted consistency and flavor.  When all of this is combined, you have one hell of a little pizza on your hands.

IMG_20150520_020147889 We will gladly eat the pizzas microwaved or in the oven.  If you have the time, we would bake them in the oven.  The cheese will get golden brown (look above people!), and the crust will turn a nice golden color too.  When microwaved, the pizzas don’t get either of those.  But they are still remarkably good.  The crust is more chewy when microwaved.  But if you only have 2 minutes, you don’t want to wait for the oven to heat up, or you don’t want to heat up the house, microwaving is a great option.  The pizza is STILL good this way…in 2 minutes!!!

Finally, the price is a great feature.  These are sold (in our stores) in a 4-pack.  We picked them up on sale.  They were 2 for 6 bucks.  For us, that was 8 little pizzas for 6 bucks.  That is a hell of a deal.  And again, these are really good.  This isn’t junk you eat just to sustain, and think it sucks the entire time.  These are a great value for a great pizza.  And in terms of the filling factor, for a snack, 2 will fill you up.  For a meal, eat 4.  A meal for 3 bucks sounds good to us.  And we are “snobs,” so…

Go to the store and buy these.  Now.  Don’t know where to buy them?  Check out this on the Mama Rosa’s website.

Now that you know, get some of these.  Highly recommended, and Fewd Snob approved.


  1. Marie Eckl

    I am handicapped by ms. The mini pizzas are perfect for me. I miss them!! Can I order them?

  2. Grasiela Martinez

    When will you start selling your pizzas again in the HEB stores?


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