Review: Keebler Jif Peanut Butter Cookies (New)

We were trying to decide what to review today, and we realized we needed to do something different.  Enough with the hamburgers, pizza, and stuff like that.  We need to broaden our horizons.  Why?  To give our readers a wide variety of perspectives, of course!

OK.  The real reason that we decided to review cookies is because we were at the store, saw these, and wanted to eat some.  So we made a review out of it.

To be fair though, we do think that we need some goodies on the site such as cookies and desserts.  So, this was a good opportunity.  We are convincing ourselves at this point as much as our readers.  So we will move on…

As we said, the Fewd Snobs were in the grocery store looking for cool stuff (we do this WAY too much!), and we came across the new Keebler Jif Peanut Butter Cookies.  Anything new always catches our eyes.  Plus, we love Jif peanut butter.  What could go wrong?

Before we start the actual review…

IMG_20160121_144520982…that was on the side of the package.  So many things to make us immature slugs laugh.  So many.  Terrible.

Alright, enough.  Back to it…

IMG_20160121_144706746It didn’t take us long to rip into the package.  Would it take you long?  We didn’t think so.

IMG_20160121_144734410Take a good look, people.  Chocolate with peanuts.  What’s not to love?

IMG_20160121_144844968And there you have it.  Fudge with peanut butter around it, chunks of peanuts, and a chocolate covering.  Yummay.

The cookies have a heavy chocolate flavor.  Not exactly a big surprise, since the base is fudge and they are covered in chocolate!  It took a detective to report this one!  We are detectives, as you know.

There is a slight peanut butter flavor to the cookies.  The peanuts are much more dominant than the peanut butter, though.  Yes, there is a difference.

The flavor combination is good, and it is pretty much what you would expect with cookies like these.

We like them, but we do have one complaint.  There isn’t enough peanut butter.  For a cookie that has the Jif name on the package, we would have expected to really taste the peanut butter.  But we barely taste it!  In fact, the cookies are inconsistent.  Some have more peanut butter than others.  The ones that have less just have a VERY small coating of peanut butter around the fudge.  It is almost undetectable.  We get the peanuts themselves, and the chocolate.  But we taste very little peanut butter.  We found this very disappointing.

Take a look at our pics, and then look at the pic on the package.  There is WAY more peanut butter on the package picture.  And yeah yeah yeah, we know; the real thing never looks like the official pictures.  But seriously, people.  Seriously.

A package of these suckers cost us $2.50.  That seems like a reasonable price.  So, we are ok on the value.

But the peanut butter just isn’t there.  Come on now, Keebler.  You put Jif’s name on the package!  If we were Jif, we would be pissed.  Cookie eaters will barely taste the peanut butter, and that’s pretty nutty (you see what we did there??) considering the peanut butter brand name is on the damn package.

These are still good cookies, though.  We munched on quite a few.  They would be great with coffee or milk.  But we think the Jif name shouldn’t be on the package.

You kinda missed the mark here, Keebler.  Try again.