Review: Hot Pockets Snack Bites – Hickory Ham & Cheddar (New)

Hot Pockets.  What can we really say?  There are tons of varieties available.  People eat them for lunch.  People eat them for breakfast now.  People also eat them after drinking.  Hot Pockets are also a favorite gas station fewd!

We came across these in the store.  They are new.  There are several flavors available including Cheesy Beef Nacho, Four Cheese Pizza, Pepperoni Pizza, and Hickory Ham & Cheddar.  A quick look at Hot Pocket’s Website revealed that there are also Breakfast Bites available.  Herman about went goofy when he saw the Ham & Cheddar, so that’s why we are reviewing this one.  Herman likes ham.

The package proudly proclaims that these suckers microwave in just over 1 minute.  Microwaving appears to be the preferred method on the bag, so that’s how we cooked them.

IMG_20150428_224349176The innards exploded a little, but that may be because we overcooked them.  The package says to cook four at a time, and we did two.  The timing is a little tough to gauge when doing less than four.  We then tried cooking four.  We did 45 seconds, turned them a little, and did another 20 seconds.  They came out perfect.  Only a little filling exploded, but they were still cooked all the way through.  You will need to experiment with times depending on your microwave.

A big draw to these is that they cook a lot faster than regular Hot Pockets.  Cuz we want to eat right now!  Another draw is that you don’t have to worry about the middle still being frozen, while the edges are burning hot enough to take your face off.

The crust is your typical Hot Pocket crust.  It is flaky, and a little chewy.

IMG_20150428_224729141On to the filling.  The supposed best part of a Hot Pocket.  The flavor of the ham and cheddar is the same as a regular Hot Pocket.  The cheese sauce has a sharp cheddar taste.  The ham is strong enough to taste the hickory flavor.  And there is enough ham to actually taste it.  The overall flavor is good.

This brings us to the one problem.  There just isn’t enough filling.  Regular Hot Pockets are bursting with filling when you bite into them.  Also, think of pizza rolls.  The filling bursts out and burns your face with every bite.  These absolutely don’t.  The crust is the dominant flavor because there just isn’t much filling.  And whatever you do, DO NOT overcook them.  There won’t be anything in the crust except dried crusty bits of what was once ham and cheddar.  This might not be such a problem if they actually enough filling in them.

There are about 32 bites in a bag.  We paid 6 bucks for it.  To us, they aren’t worth the price.  It is a bag of crust.  Buying regular Hot Pockets remains the way to go.

We would not get these again.  Just stick with the regular ones.


  1. Josef Hannum

    I was shocked to find Snack Bites are mostly hollow inside. The pastry is very rounded on the top, like a tall house roof, but the filling is only about 1/4 inch thick on the bottom. The inside of Snack Bites are 80% empty! I’ve seen other products in my life that have some air in them, but I’ve never seen anything this bad.

  2. tooley samin

    Same experience, the filling was almost nonexistent, even without busting while cooking. Disappointment…

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